Heading in one direction

A teenage girl that got kicked out of home, she has no father , she needs a place to stay. Sarah james got kicked out of her house and her auntie took her in but is Sarah ready to move into england , make new friends, maybe fall in love, more than once and expose her true secrets and what does the scar down her back mean? What is it from? Does it hurt? 


2. Ausie ausie ausie oi oi oi

"umm im from australia, sydney to be exact."

                   *Niall's pov *
Sarah is pretty cute and i love her smile but I think Harry  has a thing for her as well, I kinda relized when he said...
" so Sarah umm I was wondering that ahhmm if you didn't well you know have anyone to umm hang out with then umm maybe you could chill with me and the gang?"
"you and the gang?" she replied
"well yeah me umm Niall and Zayn."
"And Louis and Liam" I added
"oh umm okay then thanks" flirted Sarah while she twirled her hair around with her index finger.
It was so cute.

              *Zayn's pov* 
I swear Harry and Niall are going to get into a punch on over Sarah if I don't do something soon. So I decided to talk about carrots.
"Sarah do you like carrots?"

                     *Sarah pov*
"umm yeah" I replied akwardly.
I hope we get to school soon.

When we got to school Zayn walked me to the office.
"Sarah I think Harry likes you"
"umm yeah and Niall too, I kinda guessed that"
I looked up at a big women slouching over in a chair.
"How can I help you?" she asked me
"this is Sarah the new girl in year ten." Zayn awnserd for me.
The women handed me a timetable and apparently I had english first, in room twenty nine. The school was big and two stories high it had thirty seven class rooms and twelve store rooms.  
"Zayn" I heard harry calling
Then Harry took me to my first class, english.
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