Heading in one direction

A teenage girl that got kicked out of home, she has no father , she needs a place to stay. Sarah james got kicked out of her house and her auntie took her in but is Sarah ready to move into england , make new friends, maybe fall in love, more than once and expose her true secrets and what does the scar down her back mean? What is it from? Does it hurt? 


1. Nice to meet you

1.  Nice to meet you

I walked around my new bedroom one more time, it was full of unpacked boxes and bags of clothes, other than that there was a walk in closet, a double bed and an ensuite. But somthing was missing, probably my mum. I cant belive she kicked me out. 
"Sarah you should probably start unpacking your clothes and boxes of stuff" shouted my auntie from down stairs." dinner will be ready in half an hour so make sure you at least have your bed sheets on."
"yep okay" i replied just simply.
I liked my new house, it was massive because my auntie is'nt married and doesn't have any kids so she is rich.  
I decided to get my bed ready for after dinner then i unpacked some of my makeup into the draws but then dinner was ready so i stoped.

My alarm went off and i relized it was my first day of year ten at my new school. I hate new schools! i thought to myself but nobody really cared. 
I quickly got out of bed and took a shower, i didn't bother looking at the scar on my back incase i started to cry. I looked at the floor in the shower and relized the water was red, the colour of blood. My scar was bleeding again and it hurt. I ran out of the shower and coverd up the blood with my towl.
"ow shit that hurts" i screamed
"Sarah whats wrong" shouted my auntie
"oh nothing"
It really hurt and it was going through my towl, my auntie is going to kill me.
Tears started to roll down my cheeks and everytime a bit of air hit my scar i would wince. I thought about two years ago, how i got the scar , it was there forever and nothing could change that. I got another towl and quickly got dressed but when i went in my closet i couldnt find a bandage to wrap around my scar and blood was all over my bed.
I found one in the kitchen and wraped my scar then i got dressed and put on a bit of makeup but nothing major, just some mascara and eyeliner. 
"stupid stair" i mumbled under my breath when i triped on my way to the kitchen.
On my way to school i found 3 boys, one blonde with amazing blue eyes, one had brown curly hair and gorgeous green eyes and the last one had black hair with perfect brown eyes.
The One with brown curly hair threw a chip at me and said
"hey im Harry . Are you that new chick in year ten?"
I just nodded and they introduced them selfs 
" im Niall"
"and im Zayn"
"well hi, im Sarah " i replied. 
We walked to school and we found out that Niall was in all my classes and harry was in my first class so atleast i knew three people.
" oii blondy where are you from?" asked Niall.
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