Emerald Eyes *FIRST DRAFT*

A tale has long been told of the girl with emerald eyes. But this is more than just a story. Its a destiny...

Book 2 in the Chalson Chronicles. All rights reserved. Cover designed by Alicia Keyes.


18. Things We Lost In The Fire

Over the next three days, I trained non stop with Jake and Meggie, refining them into lethal weapons. They were both taking to the training like Wizards to their Guilds, but they were nowhere near the top yet. That would take far, far longer.

After one session, we all went outside for a walk in Chilton Forest. It was pleasently cool outside, with the stars burning bright above us and the trees swaying in the gentle wind.

"What's it like? The other world?" I asked them, as we walked through the leaves. They both smiled slightly.

"It's different. Definitely different." Meggie answered, her eyes on the stars.

"Different how?"

"We don't see the stars at night. At least, not how you do. We see city lights and buildings the reach up towards the sky." She dove immediately in to her pocket and pulled out her notebook and pen. That was ending up in a story then.

"Earth is full of cold, grey buildings. We build up towards the heavens, cutting down anything that's in our way. You see this forest?" Jake gestured around at Chilton, "This would be a housing estate or a shopping center by now."

"A shopping center?"

"A giant building full of shops, cafes and resturants. Plus Meggies favourite, Waterstones, a massive book store."

I smiled.

"I should of gue-"

We'd just reached a clearing, and in the middle stood a lone figure. A figure I recongised all too well. Cassia.

"Evelyn?" Jake looked at me, clearly confused. I guess Zeriso hadn't told him about my ex.

"You two head back to the house. I'll meet you there."



We looked into each others eyes and he seemed to understand this meant. He took Meggies arm and they made their way back to the house. They didn't look back. I only looked forward. Cassia looked exactly the same as I remembered him, just older and with more scars. Is it bad that I wanted to kiss evey single one of them?

"What are you doing here?" I asked, my hand going to my dagger. It was in the old Cassias nature to do something like this. The new one isn't so safe. He seemed to notice my movement and the boy held out his hands comfortingly.

"I'm not here to hurt you, greeny. I just want to talk."

M stomach flipped. A overwhelmed desire to hold him and trace his lips with my fingers came over me, but I pushed it to the back of my mind and looked him in the eye.

"There's nothing to talk about. You're one of them. I'm their enemy. Story ended." I let out a hollow laugh.

"Neither is a good reason to dump me. We could make it work. We could be together again. That's what you want, isn't?"

The boy walked forward and took my hands in his. They were as perfect and warm as always.

"When you joined Opeh, you lost me for good. You're just one of the things I lost in the fire." I pulled my hands from his, determind not to let my heart win.

"Please, Evelyn. One more chance."

"How can I trust you, Cassia? You're a lier and a betrayer. Why should I give you a second chance?"

"Because you love me."

I searched his eyes, looking for any hint of his love for me. None. I might still love him, but I can't risk being hurt again. If Ilisten to my heart, that's exactly what would happen.

"I love a man called Cassia Berad. You are not that man."

"With that, I walked away. The night engulfed him for one final time as I made my way back to Vyne House. I couldn't help but look back for one last time before he'd been engulfed completely. He was in the arms of another girl. Before I knew it, I was running, the tears starting to stream. I didn't even notice that the Nightmare Man was watching from a distance. That he was smiling trumpihantly.

 When I reached the house, my friends were all grouped around the door, clearly waiting for me. They waited in vain. I barged past them all, ignoring their voices and ran upstairs to my bedroom. I flopped down on my, expecting the tears to fall harder than before. Except they didn't. They were gone, replaced by a burning rage in the pit of my stomach. I found myself questioning every single tear and thought I'd wasted on him over the past year. I found myself wondering if he had really been worth the trouble. I wondered right up untill the dreams took over, taking me away from the questions. Except for one.

What else would I lose in the fire?

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