Emerald Eyes *FIRST DRAFT*

A tale has long been told of the girl with emerald eyes. But this is more than just a story. Its a destiny...

Book 2 in the Chalson Chronicles. All rights reserved. Cover designed by Alicia Keyes.


17. That Peacock Over There

What have I got myself into? I stood behind a punching bag, holding it still while Jake pummeled it. Well, tried to. It wouldn't of moved even if I wasn't holding it, but he was still out of breathe. From what? He's done nothing so far and is acting like he's just attacked a vampire. I moved out of the way and sighed.

"No offence, Jake, but you're about as fit as those peacocks over there. Which, by the way, are dead and stuffed." he groaned, collasping on the floor.

"It's so hard though! And anyway, I never had to kill people back home, Evelyn." I rolled my eyes. Maybe I should tell him what Meggies training session had been like. That would spur him on.

"Meggie managed to beat the hell out of both me and Zeirso within five minutes."


"Yeah. Turns out she's pretty good at that kinda thing."

"Well, I'm not so can we just take a break? I'm suffering from video game withdrawal as it is."

I suddenly remembered back to something Zeirso had told me last night about these video games and smiled. Grabbing Jakes arm, I dragged him across to the armoury. He stood there, eyes slightly wide, as he took in the lethal weapons.

"Pick one." I said, gesturing to them. He did as he was told and selected a set of throwing knives. Moving over to one of the targets, he aimed and the knives went flying into the target one after the other. Bullseye every time.

After that, we spent the rest of the day training with the weapons. Jake was pretty good by the end, even beating me on the spears. Granted, I'm not very good with them, but I didn't tell him that. We were just starting to pack up when he noticed something.

"Did that peacock over there just move?"

"It's dead, genius. How could it move?"

He shrugged and went back to destringing the bows. I kept my eye half on it while I packed up the knives, just in case he had seen something. I was just putting back the last knife, when it moved its beak. It was soon dead again, just this time with a knife sticking out of its chest. Jakes eyes widen and we walked over to it, Jake putting his hand on its stomach.

"It was definitely alive. Good shot, Evelyn."

"Why was my shot needed though?" I asked, kneeling down next to it. On a impulse, I raised up its limp wing and pulled something out from between the feathers.

"What's this?" I held it up for Jake to see and he took it in his hand, examining it.

"It's a audio transmitter," he saw my confused expression and sighed, "It records things and sends the recordings back home every day. Simple tech on Earth."

He handed it back to me and we were just about to walk out when something bit at my leg. Hard. I yelped and we both whirled around, only to be faced by a fan of green and blue. Another damn peacock. It snapped at Jake while I werstled it down, my hands clamping around its neck. Jake helped me, holding its body down as I choked it. It finally was still and I pulled the recording device out from under its wing. We sat back, breathless. Sitting there staring at its dead body reminded me of the day this all started. The day I saw my parents dead. The day Jago was born. The day everything changed.

"You ok?" I shook myself and gave the boy a small smile.

"I'm fine. Let's get these to Rasco." I could tell that Jake didn't believe me but he didn't say anything about it the whole way to Rascos room. We knocked once and walked in, finding Rasco pouring over some attack plans. I threw the transmitter thing down on his parchment and he looked up, suprised.

"What's this?" he asked, holding it up and turning it around in his hand. Jake looked at me with a half scared, half pleading look. I sighed. He's obviously still scared of Rasco.

"Basically, the stuffed peacocks in the training room were alive with one of those audio transmitters under their wings. They record sounds and send the recordings back home. So we killed the peacocks, took the transmitters and came here to tell you."



By the time dinner came, me and my friends had turned over the whole of Vyne House for more not dead stuffed peacocks. Turns out they all were really alive and had the transmitters on them. Zeriso was limping from a few too many bites on the butt from them, Azelia was covered in scratches, Jake was attacking like he'd just run to the other end of Chalson and back and I was sporting ripped clothes and had several feathers sticking out of my hair.

"God, I hate peacocks," moaned Jake, flopping down on to a empty table. Zeriso winced as he sat down next to him.

"You can say that again, love," he cast the boy a sidewards glance and caught the michevious glint in Jakes eyes, "Don't actually though."

He sighed, "Fine."

Zeirso grinned as best he could and dropped a kiss on his boyfriends cheek.

"PDA much guys?" Meggie teased, chewing on a eotop. They both smiled at her and rolled their eyes. Azelia reached across the table and plucked a peacock feather out of my hair.

"You might aswell be a peacock Evelyn, you've got the feathers already." I rolled my eyes at her.

"At least I don't look like I've gone adventuring through Brutatis Forest."

"Why were the only 'stuffed' animals in this place peacocks anway?" Jake asked, pushing his dinner around his plate.

"Peacocks are the symbol of royalty around here. Only the rich can afford to have them, since they only live in Vamney, which is on the otherside on Planetary. You can't be someone with a peacock."

"What about other birds?" Meggie asked me.

"Any type really, but peacocks especially."

"I'll never be someone then," Meggie annoucened, sipping her cup of spai.

"Now I know what it's like to be stalked by a bloody bird."

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