Emerald Eyes *FIRST DRAFT*

A tale has long been told of the girl with emerald eyes. But this is more than just a story. Its a destiny...

Book 2 in the Chalson Chronicles. All rights reserved. Cover designed by Alicia Keyes.


16. Strawberry Sandwiches

To say the next year pasted in a flash was a understatement. We spent the whole time traipsing all around Chalson bringing in more and more rebels to fight for us, never once staying in the same town for more than a week. I didn't see Cassia or the others the whole time.


"Well done team. That's another battle won," Rasco shouted over the celebrationary cheers of our small rebel group. Since the recruitment drive had ended, Opeh had really stepped up the Black Wing attacks. There was one almost daily now, with growing ferciouty. This one had involved a small town attacking Vyne House. We'd captured it last month and it now housed a training camp for the new recruits.

I was sat at the edge of the group, polishing my bow and cleaning the arrows I'd retreived from dead Black Wings. Rasco walked over to me and sat down beside me.

"Now that one was a bit of a nightmare. Remind me to tell K to up the level on the shooting targets."

I just sat there and kept cleaning.

"You're thinking about Cassia again, aren't you?"

I nodded and he sighed a weary sigh.

"Evelyn, it's been over a year. Let the son of a bitch go and move on with your life."

"You know why I can't do that."

"Which is why feelings are crap. They cloud your judgement  and make you do stupid things."

"Tell me about it."

He sat forward and fixed me with a intent stare.

"Feelings are good sometimes though. As long as you don't let your heart win until you want it to."

"Thanks for the advice, Rasco"

I got up and walked back to the house, my bow bouncing against my shoulder and pulling on my hair. Moving my short hair away from the string, I vaulted up the steps and into my room. My bow was throwen on to the bed and I flopped down next to it. Pulling out my leather bound notebook, I picked up a pencil and began to sketch.


By the time I looked up again, it was already dark outside. My stomach growled hungirly and I ambled down to the kitchen to fetch myself some food. I was just about to walk back up the stairs, strawberry sandwich in one hand, when I heard it.

"When are you going to let us out of here? We belong out there fighting, not cooped up like a bunch of Black Wings."

"The Black Wings are the enemy people right?"

"Yeah, babe. Their the people that need to be killed."

"No one needs to be killed. Just because you lot don't agree doesn't mean you have to killed them."

"It bloody well does."

"He's right, Catt. If we didn't they would kill us."

I couldn't wait any longer. I burst through the door leading to the voices and was greeted by a four sets of eyes staring at me.

"Evelyn!" Azelia nearly knocked me over with her hug, her arms nearly crushing me. I hugged her back just as hard. Zeriso clapped me on the back and we all stood there together, grinning like mad people. It took the other two making several loud noises for us all to come back to our senses.

"Who's this?" the brown haired girl asked, eying me wearily. She was wearing a knee-high, green dress and a necklace of random junk hung around her neck. Brown eyes peered out from behind a heavy side fringe, surrounded by thick black lines. Over her shoulder there was a black bag and I could just see a pink notebook poking out of it. She's not from around here.

"Meggie, Jake, this is Evelyn. She's one of the rebels." Azelia said, smiling up at me through her now shoulder length hair. The boy, Jake, had shaggy blonde hair that fell infront of his eyes and a sleeveless shirt covered his scrawny torso. I shook both their hands and turned to the other two.

"You guys are going to have to start calling me by my title. It's Commander now."

They both raised their eyebrows and exchanged looks.

"But we thought-"

"I know. There was a small problem with him."

"Which was?" Even Zeriso was looking concerned now, a expression I'd never seen him have before.

"Turns out he hadn't completely switched sides," I winced interenally as I remember that moment, "But enough about this, what's it like on the other side of the world jumper?"

We all perched on the tables that littered the room and my friends started to tell their tale, with the occansional correction or name from the other two. Turns out Jake and Meggie were from the other world, known as Earth, and that Jake was Zeirsos boyfriend. When I heard this, I screamed quietly and hugged him hard. He had been quite suprised by this and had awkardly hugged me back, but it made sense to him when I said he'd never told me he was gay. We would of probably stayed up talking about everything and anything if Rasco hadn't come storming in.

"What is going on here, boy?" he snapped at Zeirso. The boy rolled his eyes and Jake took his hand.

"We got bored of being treated like captives. Evelyn was just keeping us company." he gestured to me with his free hand.

"Don't get me involved in this." I stood up to go, but Rasco pushed me back down.

"You are involved in this, Eve, and I'll get to you in a minute," they all raised their eyebrows at his nickname for me,"Who said you lot could have company? I haven't even cleared you lot for fight training yet."

"I know, but-"

"What do you mean you haven't cleared them for fight training?" I stood up next to Rasco, my arms folded.

"They still need to be questioned, examined and a whole lot of other stuff before they can even go outside."

"Well, they can do all that and still have fight training."

"Yes, but-"

"But what? If they don't have enough training, they'll die in the first Black Wing attack. We're at war, remember?"

He gritted his teeth and crossed his arms angrily.

"Fine. But you're training the newbies."


"Good," he turned to walk out and called to me over his shoulder, "We've had a tip off from Fawn. The Black Wings are going to attack Floek in one week. I expect Meggie and Jake to fighting in it."

I cringed and flopped down on a table. Azelia moved infront of me, her face a mask of shock and confusion.

"Wait... what?!"

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