Emerald Eyes *FIRST DRAFT*

A tale has long been told of the girl with emerald eyes. But this is more than just a story. Its a destiny...

Book 2 in the Chalson Chronicles. All rights reserved. Cover designed by Alicia Keyes.


2. Revalations

Rousing with a start, I hauled myself to her feet. Taking in the horrific scene again, I slowly staggered to the kitchen. Fixing myself some breakfast, I headed to the window. Seating myself on the window-seat I slipped off in to a daydream, munching on my food. I could of quite happily stayed like that for the whole day if a loud bang hadn't shattered her fantasy in to a million pieces. Something was wrong. Very wrong. I crept towards the noise, fear burning in my heart. The noise was coming from my parents old study. Creaking the door open just a fraction, I watched on as a scene of utter turmoil unfolded in front of me.

"Come on, you useless hunks of junk, the mistress needs the notebook. Snap to it!" snapped a man. He was a tall, spindly person who look more like a ghost than a man. Chalk coloured skin clung to his bones like grass to the ground and bloodshot eyes the colour of custard, filled with pure worry and evil, stared out of his stony face. Just looking at him would give even the most hardened horror film fan the shivers. The man set himself down in a cream armchair in the corner of the room, making his outline almost invisible. His men, if you could call them men, had been ransacking the room for the notebook but were now huddling round the mahogany desk. They were really giant scorpion, coated in heavy, amber coloured armour and a vast tail stuck out of their back. Hidden inside that tail was a powerful sting, powerful enough to kill a fully grown elephant, let alone a sixteen year old girl.

"Hurry up, you abomination's of nature, where's the mistress's notebook?"the man shouted.

"Well, you see Guiver..."croaked up one of the scorpions.

"Count Guiver to you you useless piece of tumble weed."Guiver cut in.

"Count Guiver, we have searched the whole room for the notebook and we are afraid to say it is not here."the scorpion croaked quietly.

Pushing himself up off the chair, Guiver began pacing up and down the room, a look of horror and anger on his featureless face.

"It could be possible the ancient prophecy has started to come true. Maybe the girl has already be born and raised but the boy with sapphire eyes has yet to be born. Maybe the woman was pregnant when we murdered the parents."continued the scorpion, growing more confident by the minute.

Guiver whipped round to face the creature, pointing a bow and arrow at its heart. Firing, it hit home, shattering the scorpion in to a thousand pieces.

"Now, if anyone else would like to suggest threat the girl with emerald eyes has been born and has found the ruby notebook,come forward now while I have my bow out."snarled Guiver.

No one came forward, but all secretly she been born with all their hearts.

"No one? Good,"he smiled maliciously,"Now go find that notebook and if you do find the girl, bring her to me."

Until this point, I hadn't realised that I'd forgotten to breath. Running up to my room, I began to cram my stuff in to a bag. Although I knew that Guiver and his scorpions were pure evil, I was kind of glad they had come. It answered many questions like why  I'd never gone to school;why I had green eyes instead of brown like everyone else and why my home was in the middle of nowhere and not marked on any maps. Yet it also raised other questions for me like why my parents had never told my;if I had a brother or not;why I was part of this prophecy thingy and why my parents had had the notebook Guiver wanted. I was going past her parents room, lost in my own thoughts, when I heard it. It sounded strangely like a baby crying. It was coming from my parents room.

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