Emerald Eyes *FIRST DRAFT*

A tale has long been told of the girl with emerald eyes. But this is more than just a story. Its a destiny...

Book 2 in the Chalson Chronicles. All rights reserved. Cover designed by Alicia Keyes.


11. Portals

The journey to Benlat was about as uneventful as journeys go. Raven spent her time training the crew to fight, holding up her side of the bargain. I was either in my cabin or with Cassia the whole time. Riah was always outside and he reminded me too much of Guiver. Flashbacks to the dungeon came every time I closed my eyes. Cassia noticed eventually and began to spend the nights with me, giving us all the time in the world to talk. By the time we reached Benlat, I knew everything there was to know about my boyfriend. When we stepped off the boat, we all recieved a loud and emtional reception from everyone. Apart from Xanthe that is. She was just annoyed I'd made it back in one piece, according to Azelia. It wasn't until the ride back that we really got to speak again properly.

"Where's Zeirso?" I asked her, just as we entered the thickness of the forest.

"He's gone off to Death Canyon. The Black Wings have set up their headquarters there. For some reason, Rascos got his heart set on some piece of their tech and Zeirsos been sent to get the plans for it. No ones got any idea what it is. Not even Xanthe."

"What's up with Xanthe anyway? She's always so moody and half the camp fancies her but she doesn't do anything about it."

"There's been a rumor going around that she died in the Great Sickness after selling out her family to the old king for power. She went straight to the City Of The Eternal but managed to bargain her way out. Apparently, she had to kill someone to get out."

"Murder? But won't that send her back there when she dies again?"

"According to he rumor, she can only die in one way, but nobody knows what it is," she smiled at me ruefully and pulled her horse back on to the path. By the time we were back at camp, Azelia had told me everything that I'd missed over my week from hell. I was ready just to go back to the training center and sleep for the rest of the day, but Rasco called me in to his tent before I could even put my horse away. The camp was no different from last time, except for a few more little kids running around. Pushing open the flap of Rascos tent, I found myself being stared at by my friends and Xanthe. There was a large map of Chalson in the middle, surrounded by plush furniture and weapons.

"Sit." I perched on a chair next to Azelia. Zeirso placed a sheet of rolled up parchment on the map, limping a bit as he did so. Rasco unrolled it with care and held it up for us to see. There was a sketch of a hole on it, surrounded by scribbles and calculations. I threw him a confused look and he sighed.

"This is a plan for a portal. The Black Wings have discovered the existence of another world, running alongside ours. If this plan is correct, we'll be able to crossover to it. If this remained in their hands, we wouldn't stand a chance of getting rid of Opeh," he looked around at all of us with a excited look on his face, "But we can use it. We can get more fighters and better technology than they have. We could really win."

We all exchanged looks and turned back to him.

"What if it didn't work? And, even if it did, the other world might be too different to want to help us. No one knows what it's like over there," Azelia stared at him intently, waiting for him agree. A crestfallen look swept over is features and he put the design down.

"We've got to at least try though. If they won't help though, we can send the most vulnerable people over so they'll be safe. Any ideas on who should go over first?"

We all looked around, nodding in a silently agreement.

"Jago should go. He'll be a main target of the Black Wings, since Evelyn's his sister," it was Cassia who voiced our decision. Rasco raised a eyebrow and eyed me. I nodded, giving him the 'just do it' look.

"Fine. We don't the resources to build the portal here, but it's being built in Death Canyon. Evelyn, you'll take your brother there, get him through the portal and then break the thing to pieces. We can't risk them using it against us. You'll leave tomorrow morning."

"She's not going on her own! I'm going to," Azelia jumped up, her soft features suddenly scary. I stood next to her and mouthed a silent 'thank you'.

"If your going sis, I'm going to." Zeirso moved over to join us. I looked at Cassia, my eyes pleading.

Do you think that I'm letting you go without me greeny?

He stood next to me and slipped his hand through mine. Rasco sighed and glanced at Xanthe. Her eyes wandered over us and nodded at him.

"Ok. Go and start getting prepared. You'll be on your own from the moment you leave the camp," we made our way outside and turned to each other. The same look was on all of our faces. A look of terror and excitement.

"Me and Azelia will go and get some horses sorted. You two start getting the supplies."

They disappeared off in the direction of the sables and we, hand in hand, began to walk over to the supply tent. We grabbed a bag each when we got there and crammed them full of things we'll need. Maps, weapons, food, things like that.

"Do you know what weapon the other two use greeny?"

"Zeirso uses two swords and Azelia uses daggers, I think." I slipped beside him and grabbed up a bow and a quiver of arrows. The boy wrinkled his nose at this, but I pretended not to see it. He doesn't think much of my preferred weapon. Zeirso and Azelia appeared in the tent, laden with what seemed to be enough bowls of stew to feed the whole camp.

"We ran in to the elders," Zeirso grimaced and managed to place some on the bowls down. I smiled and took one of the bowls for myself.

"Good, I'm starving."

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