Emerald Eyes *FIRST DRAFT*

A tale has long been told of the girl with emerald eyes. But this is more than just a story. Its a destiny...

Book 2 in the Chalson Chronicles. All rights reserved. Cover designed by Alicia Keyes.


14. Golden Heartbreak

The next day was spent burying the dead rebels. I'd woken up next to Cassia in the house we shared and had woken him up with a kiss.

"I could get used to that," he'd smiled at me and slipped his arm around my waist. I'd kissed him again and thrown his shirt at him, pulling on my dress. We'd spent a bit more time together, just chatting and kissing in-front of the fire, until Fawn came to fetch us for the counting of the dead. We'd kissed one more time, innocently since Fawn was there, and we'd followed her out to the old camp. It was little more than a pile of burned tents and charred grass with dead bodies strewn across the ground. The death count had been over one hundred, all in all. All of the dead Black Wings were put in to boxes or bags and loaded on to carts headed for Death Canyon. Dashiell and his crew had come back from a voyage to Dairlk to conduct a service for the dead rebels. Just outside of the main camp was the final resting place of fifty-seven rebels. I'd sent out glassmen to tell their families that they had died. Rasco had kept a record of every person ever signed up for the movement and where they're parents lived, so it was easy enough. The rest of the day was spent tending to the wounded and beginning to rebuild the original camp. It wasn't that long before Rasco came awake. Me and Cassia were called to the infirmary immediately, but we paused outside the door.

"You go in first. I'll let you two talk and come in once you're done," he murmured. I kissed him gently and ran my fingers along his arm.

"Thanks." We kissed again and I disappeared inside. Rasco was sat up in his bed, his hair hanging limply in-front of his eyes. He fixed me with daggers as I perched myself on the bed next to him.

"How dare you, how bloody dare you bring me here! I told you that I never wanted to see you again," I stared back at him with the same amount of venom.

"Careful, Rasco. You've got no power here. I'm the one in charge around here, not you," his face burned the same color as his hair.

"What happened?"

"Your camp got attacked by Black Wing soldiers. Fifty-seven of your's are dead and the camp is nothing more than piles of ash."

"What am I doing here then?" his old spikiness was back.

"Me, Cassia and the kids are how your sorry little butt is still alive. Your army wasn't exactly very strong and brave in the face of battle." he sighed and gazed up at thew ceiling.

"You're better at this than I thought you'd be, Evelyn."

"I try."

"You are very trying." I smiled. Hearing the door creaking open, I turned and saw Cassia creeping in. Damn his telepathicness.

"Good to see you two talking again. How are you, Rasco?" he perched next to me and slipped his arm around me. Rasco rolled his eyes.

"Better before you came in and started being lovery than roses and pink things." I laughed and kissed Cassia on the lips. The room filled with sighs and we both grinned.

"We'll let you rest. Come on greeny," he pulled me up and led me out of the place towards the armory. He opened his mouth to speak, but before one word could pass his lips, Dashiell had come raced up to me.

"Opeh's calling for a meeting at Thorne Palace between you, Rasco, Cassia and her. What should I tell her messager?"

"We'll go. Ready your ship Dashiell. We can't keep the Queen waiting."


We left that same day. Me and Cassia were given what was probably Dashiells cabin, with Rasco on the other side of the Torguta. The last time I'd been on the water I hadn't been able to enjoy it, but now was different. The sea spray on my face was as refreshing as spai, the sunrise more  beautiful than I've ever seen it and giant, leaping fish swam alongside the boat. Dashiell spent the journey teaching me out the ocean world and the ship, even letting me steer it once. Everyones high spirits darkened as soon as we got our first glimpse of Thorne Palace and seeing it again made me feel like a hand was twisted my insides. It was a heavy reminder of what we were here for. When we reached the beach, Black Wings came swarming out and we all huddled together on the deck.

"Once we're inside and the beach is clear, take her out to water, Dashiell. Hide a boat in the rocks for us when we return." I glanced down at the beach and grimaced.Opeh's really not taking any chances.


"I don't trust Opeh. Why bring us here when she could've spoken to us through a messanger. There's something else, and I'm guessing it's not a good something else."

The crew nodded in agreement and my group of three jumped off the side to the beach. We were instantly surrounded and pushed up towards the blue beast. They led us down too many corridors and staircases to count, eventually leading us to a set of grand looking doors. Swinging open, they revealed a huge room full of gold. Opeh lazied on a gold throne at the end of the hall, a goblet in one hand and court lining the walls. I kept my eyes trained on the despicable being as we walked towards her without bowing.

"Cassia, Evelyn and Rasco. You got my message I see. I've called you here to discuss the disbandment of your little group."

We all exchanged looks.

"We will never disband. Not until you're dead and we've got a new ruler," I spoke up, fixing her with the angriest gaze I could muster. Opeh just laughed.

"That will never happen and you know it, stupid girl. My army is more advanced in every way, from technology to weapons."

It was Rascos turn to laugh.

"Except you're not. We've got the blue-prints for the world jumper, blew up the working one and have a far better trained army."

"That might be true, but we still have the world jumper. Cassia didn't destroy it like you think. He's never really been one of yours."

I could feel my mouth hanging open and I gazed at him. It was like I'd only just met him. A smaller throne was placed next to Opeh and Cassia settled in to it, smirking at me. One of the servants was holding another one, and my boyfriend looked at me expectedly. I shook my head and fixed him with a icy stare. If he thought we were still together, he was madder than I thought.

Come on, greeny

Don't call me that.

Fine. The beds here are brilliant you know.

Why don't you go share one with Opeh then?

But I thought...

I damn well know what you thought and I'm not the kind of girl to do that with her ex-boyfriend.

I didn't think you were telepathic.

Well, I obviously am now aren't ? Now get out my head and get out my head!

Complete shock and anger raged on his face. I turned my attention back to Opeh and stared her right in the eye.

"We'll beat you. It doesn't matter how many people we have or how much technology, but good will always prevail. You'll be dead before the year is done. Both of you will."

She sighed, Cassia looking a bit worried.

"Trust me honey, you'll be long dead before I am. Guards!"

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