Emerald Eyes *FIRST DRAFT*

A tale has long been told of the girl with emerald eyes. But this is more than just a story. Its a destiny...

Book 2 in the Chalson Chronicles. All rights reserved. Cover designed by Alicia Keyes.


19. Battle Clouds

It was the day of the Black Wing attack on Floek. Well, the apparent attack anyway. I'd been sitting in this damn pub, called the Moonlight Goose I think, with Meggie, Azelia and Alessio for almost four hours. Everyone had been at their attack posts since we reached the town the night before, under the cover of darkness. We'd meet Xanthe and Alessio on the outskirts, and to say she hadn't been pleased to see me was a understatment. We'd barely been together for two minutes before we got in a fight. My arm still killed from the punch she'd landed on it.


"What're you writing?" I looked down at Meggies notebook, taking in the elbarote swirls of her writing that made it almost unreadable.

"A new chapter for my book," she answered as her pen moved rapidly across the page. I tried to read it over her shoulder, but she turned the pages away from me and kept on writing. She always does that.

"Apparently, the troops are less than a hour away. At least, according to Alesssio," Azelia came in and plonked herself down on the empty seat infront of us. Something about her looked different.

"What happened to your hair?" I asked as it clicked in my brain. She always had hair that looked like a small golden waterfall, perfectly straight and brushed. Now it looked like she'd been pulled through a hedge. Or someone had run their hands through it.

"Oh, nothing," she blushed and hurriedly smoothed it down. I grinned.

"Is somthing going on with you and Alessio?"

"No, nothing is going on. No. Why?"


I raised my eyebrows and she sighed.

"He's kind of my boyfriend."

Both me and Meggie looked up wide-eyed at her now, making Azelia laugh slightly.

"How long have you been together?" I was more awake now than I had been the whole day.

"Since he and Xanthe came to Earth to bring us back. About 6 months."

"Do you like him?" Meggie set down her notepad and stared intently at the girl.

"Odiviously," Azelia laughed, "He's my boyfriend. And he's kinda great."

"It what way?" Both me and Azelia laughed hard at that, Meggies grey eyes sparkling mischeviously.

"In the boyfriend way," Azelia answered, swiping at the girl, "Why do you do that with everything to do with boys?"

"Because I'm a dirty minded child. Especially when it come to boys," Meggie grinned and sipped her drink. Right on cue, Alessio walked in and took the seat next to me. I saw him cast Azelia a longing look and I smiled.

"Why are you sitting next to Evelyn? Go sit next to your girlfriend for gods sake," Meggie said, earning herself a dirty look from Azelia.

"You know?" Alessio raised his eyebrows. I could pratically see him squirming in his seat

"Yes, we know. And, for a change, Meggies got a point," I smiled at him and gestured to the empty seat next to my friend. A foot connected hard with my lower leg, making me grimaced. I shot a dirty look at the writer next to me and she looked back at me with a innocent I-wouldn't-hurt-anyone look. Yeah right.


A few more hours passed by before we finally got word of the Black Wings. They'd entered the town on both sides, with a full military operation. My team was to hold the center of the town, the town square. Zeiros team was protecting the cementary of No Hope, whereas Xanthe was positioned over in the market. Apparently Jake was over with Dashiell and Fawn at Riah Docks. He still isn't very good at combat.

By the time we'd reached the square (with Azelia and Alessio holding hands the whole bloody way), some Black Wings had already breached the city boundaries and were heading our way. We all crowded around the statue of Pless that stood in the middle of the square and something strange happened. They all turned to me for orders.

"You're in charge, Evelyn. You've been fighting this war far longer than we have." Alessio explained, making small gestures with the hand that was draped over Azelias shoulder.

"Azelias been fighting for longer than I have."

"I've been a rebel for longer. This is my first battle of the official war."

I sighed. Why me?

"Fine. Meggie, guard the gates. If anyone gets close, turn them around or kill them. Alessio, patrol the peirmeter. Keep the Black Wings off our streets and make sure the civillians are safe. Azelia, you stay in here with me. We're going to hold the square," they all nodded at me and headed off to their positions. Alessio dropped a kiss on Azelias cheek before he left, making me turn away from them. At least she was happy. I busied myself with prepping my bow, taking my position at the top of a tree. Azelia hid behind some bushes, her daggers glinting in the sun.

We waited.

And waited.

And waited some more.

After what I knew had been hours, I jumped down and moved over to the girl.

"Where are they?"

"I've got no idea. We've been here for ages."

"Go ask Alessio if he's seen anything. And keep it professional will you?" I smiled cheekily at her, making her laugh. Azelia heading off to where her boyfriend was stationed and I sat back, watching the clouds.

They reminded me of my childhood. The days of laying on the grassy courtyard, watching the clouds flying above me and not having to worry about a war. The days when I hadn't even left the castle. The days when I didn't know about my stupid prophecy or how boys could be the biggest bastards ever. How I miss them.

"We've been played," Azelia shouted, running across the square towards me, "They're attacking Tadley right now!"

"Shit! Come on, lets get out of here," I shouted back and we both sprinted out of the square, soon joined by Alessio and Meggie. The town gate loomed into sight and we raced through it to join the other rebels. Rasco was pacing angerily in the middle of the group, with Jake, Zeirso and Xanthe standing around him. We all ran up to them, breathing heavily.

"Where have you lot been?" Rasco snapped, twirling a dagger nervously around in his hand.

"On the other side of the bloody town, Rasco. Cut us some slack," I panted. Zeirso passed me a cup of spai, and I drink thristly.

"We need to move out. Chalson won't hold for very long against the Black Wings."

"Chalson?" Azelia spoke up, "I though they were only attacking Tadley." Rasco grimaced.

"They're attacking the whole country. Opeh wants this war finished. And we're going to win it."

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