The Girl Who Was Chosen

Lizbeth Chambers lives in a world where Speicials and humans co exist but are not quite at peace with each other. She is a normal teenager who stays under the radar. That is until she is chosen and given super powers. But that's not it. She's a extra special. She has spoken to the empress. The mother of all Specials. She was chosen to save the world from an upcoming war and dictatorship by the evil overlord Zack. A special who was possessed by a demon long ago. Lizbeth must bring peace and balance to the world while maintaining relationships and dealing with normal teenage problems. Can she do it?


2. Predictable

    So today started off like every other day. I woke up, had my breakfast and went to school. I made it there Late as always, received my usual detention and ignored everybody the entire day. I didn't have many friends, not that i needed any though, I was fine without them. 

I sat alone at lunch like usual. i slumped back into my seat with my arms crossed as I stared into space. I wondered what my life would be like if i was Claire Edwards. Claire was the queen bee of District 13 High. she was perky and blonde. she had a perfect body and she was captain of the cheer-leading squad. The perfect candidate for The Chosen. Nobody doubted the fact that Claire would be the next in line to be chosen by the empress. 

The rest of the day passed by painfully slow.  when the bell finally rang, i ran out of the hell hole of a school skipping my detention. i Was halfway home when i felt the fear creep upon my back. i didnt turn around, i just kept on walking and prayed that the person i sensed was following me wasnt a marker. i sped up my pace as did the person behind me. "Lizbeth!" they called. "lizbeth Chambers?" i stopped dead in my tracks and turned around to indeed see a marker. "oh shit" i groaned. "by the hand of our mother and all that is holy, you have been chosen." he chanted as he placed his thumb to my forehead. it sent a wave of painful tingles throughout my forehead. i felt as the swirl form as it masked my left eye. i didnt scream. i remained silent as the pain didnt hurt as i was told it would. The marker gave me a weird look as he removed his thumbs from the center of my forehead, "we must now bring you to the academy." he explained as he picked me up into his arms.

within seconds we were in the Special's Academy. The marker had placed me in front of the council for judgement. this is where the council of 5 decide whether or not you could handle the responsibility of having powers. he placed me on my feet and i stood before them. "so this is the one she chose?" the eldest looking one asked as he examined me. they sat high above each with their own podium. "yes" the marker replied. he stood erect with his hands behind his back. "and what of Isabel?" another asked. "the Empress makes no mistakes." the eldest snapped at him keeping his eyes locked on me. "this is nonsense! we cant Have two chosens!!" a third exclaimed. i sat on the floor as they argued with each other. i bit my nails nervously. for once in my entire life all i wanted to do was go home. 

"Lizbeth?" the eldest echoed as he turned to me. i stood up quickly and looked up to him. "yeah?" i asked. "by the holy spirit of the Empress and all that is holy, we grant you your power." he preached. Pain struck me immediately after his chant. i grasped my head in pain and fell to my knees screaming. Electrical waves of pain shocked through my entire body. my black swirl became more accented and turned purple. the pain was unbearable.  I blacked out.

I awoke to find a smiling blonde gorl standing above me. I sat up and looked around. i was now in a small dorm. the girl laughed. "lay down liz, you need to rest a bit..." she smiled


ok to tell you the truth i didnt like Lizbeth when i first saw her, not because she was a bitch or anything, i mean the girl was unconcious, but the only reason bein was that i was suppossed to be the chosen one, not her. the empress spoke to me directly saying it was ME who was going to lead the fight to freedom.  

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