The Girl Who Was Chosen

Lizbeth Chambers lives in a world where Speicials and humans co exist but are not quite at peace with each other. She is a normal teenager who stays under the radar. That is until she is chosen and given super powers. But that's not it. She's a extra special. She has spoken to the empress. The mother of all Specials. She was chosen to save the world from an upcoming war and dictatorship by the evil overlord Zack. A special who was possessed by a demon long ago. Lizbeth must bring peace and balance to the world while maintaining relationships and dealing with normal teenage problems. Can she do it?


1. My World

My name is Lizbeth, its not Elizabeth so please don't call me Elizabeth. My full name is Lizbeth Iris Chambers and i'm seventeen years old. I guess im okay looking. but im definetly nor pretty enough to be considered popular. i have untamed curly black hair and dark brown eyes. ive got a pale complexion and i consist of skin and bone.

my world is different from your world. you see. i live in the 13th district, what you call in your time, Rhode Island. in my world there are two kinds of people. there are everyday humans, like you and me, and then there are specials. Specials walk,talk, and look like us, but theyre completely different from us. they have powers and they whorship under the empress. specials are not born with powers, but are given them in their teen years. they are chosen by the empress who sends a marker out to find them and give them their powers.

i wouldnt say that us humans and Specials live together in peace, we sort of just co-exist. we dont see many specials walking around town because most specials live in the Acedemy located outside of the 13th district. its easy to spot out a stray special though, they are labled with a person swirl on their face. their swirl represents their power. there are people who could care less about specials, and then there are others who run around town at night after curfew, killing these strays.

most specials only have one or two powers. but then we have others with multiple powers. there are only two known to have more than two. they are portrayed with an extended swirl that trails along their bodies. these are called Extra Specials. The only permanete one to exist is Zack Zeholii. He's an evil extra special who has been possessed. he has Controlled america, now known as Zeholii, for over 5,000 years. the empress has been chosing a variety of extra specials during his imortal reign to defeat him, but all 24 have failed and been exhiled brutally by zach himself.

Teens in all 50 districts live in fear that it is them who will be next in line to be marked.  i pray everynight that its not me to be chosen.


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