Once in a lifetime

Emily had a very complicated life. But ever since the One direction concert everything had changed. She had met Harry styles. And they had fallen in love. But it's not that easy. She has to go through obstacles accompanied my her best friend Taylor. And together they will get through it. After all, you only get to fall in love with Harry styles one in your lifetime.


1. The Surprise

My mom surprised me with VIP ONE FREAKING DIRECTION TICKETS for my 18 birthday! I took My best friend, more like my sister, Taylor, who was obsessed with zayn Malik. I LOVE harry styles. But sadly we both had boyfriends. My parents set me up with mine. He is an ugly rude, but proper, British jerk who always corrects me on everything. Taylor's?(tay for short) Well she likes her boyfriend, but she would dump him any day for Zayn. My mom reminded me,"no funny business!" I replied," I KNOW mom!!!!" "don't use that tone with me!" she said and hit me in the shoulder, hard.Taylor was about to say something but I cut her off before she said anything. If Taylor knew that my parents abused me she would call the cops, for my own good of corse but  didn't want them to go to jail. I still love them.  We jumped in my blue mustang and drove off. Tay lot asked." why did your mom hot you?" I nervously replied,"ummm... She's very strict." taylor just shrugged and I relaxed. Me and Taylor were screaming the one direction songs that played on my iPod. The hood was back and the wind was flowing through our hair. It felt great.
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