I'm Here For You

A young girl named Lina meets a member from One Direction and they both fall instantly in love. But some misfortunes arise and turn it around.


1. The Concert

Hi, my names Lina. I'm 17 and in love with the band One Direction, they are all my idols.
So tonight I'm going to their concert with my bestfriend Maddi and my mom, Debbie. My mom is pretty cool, so I'm not worried about being embarrassed.

"Lina, almost ready?"
"I'm coming mom!"
"Well hurry up because Maddi is here, I'm sending her up!"
"Okay thanks mom!"

"Woah Lina! You look great!" I am not to big on dressing so I'm just wearing jean capris and my black One Direction top with all of their faces on it.
"Well thank you, you look pretty good yourself." Maddi was wearing light blue shirts, and a One Direction racer-back top.

We run downstairs and meet my mom at the frot door who is ready to get in the car. We hop in the car and drive to the stadium they're playing in. We arrive, and for being to 3,000 person to walk in, we are rewarded backstage passes! We get in and wait in line to get to our seats, we finally get there and the seats are amazing, not close enough to touch, but who cares we've got backstage passes!
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