Torn Between Two {A One Direction Fanfic}

When Skylar Humphry, a nobody in highschool, decides she can no longer take her home life, she plans to flee. Once she is on her own, she comes in contact with a group of people that can change her life if she plays her cards right. While her decisions help her become the happiest she has ever been or will her strong feelings for not one, but two boys make her desperate to return to how things used to be?


1. The Start

"Move it!" a deep voice called as people shoved past me through the crowded hall way. "Watch where you're going, dip." I heard a familiar voice snap at me. I looked up to see Heather Walker ad her friends Kelsey, Jenna, and Sadie. She stared at me angrily as if I had just dumped her six hundred dollar purse into a puddle of mud. "Sorry." I whispered knowing that she went out of her way to bump into me. She was always trying to make my life miserable. "Damn right, you're sorry." Jenna, a tiny blonde with pale skin, piped up from behind Heather. Heather glared back at Jenna who had obviously stolen her comeback.     I began to turn around when Heather grabbed my arm. "You know, I have to be in class in about thirty seconds. And I am sure you do too." I sighed already annoyed by her actions. "I've already got detention after school so I dont have to worry. So where'd you get your clothes, Humphry? The dumpster?" she asked earning giggles from her gang. I glared at her. Red locks fell perfectly down her face and to her shoulders. I envied her flawless skin and perfect figure. I quickly yanked my arm from her grip and walked the opposite way knowing my lack of anger due to her comment was killing her.         I could hear the girls whisper as I made my way towards my class trying hard not to look like I was worried  about being late. The halls were already empty as the bell would be ringing any second. I waited until I was absolutely sure that they weren't looking before I picked up my speed and practically ran to my classroom. I grabbed the handle of the door, pulling it open and sliding in just as the tardy bell sounded. "Oh, Ms. Humphry! So glad you could join us!" Mr. Semp, a pudgy old man with round glasses and an old school fashion sense called to me sarcastically without turning around. I put my head down as I tried to make my way to my seat. "Ah, ah, ah." he called after me. I knew what was happening. "Mr. Semp I-" "You were in class when the bell rang, I know. But you know what my rules are. Now, were you in your seat Ms. Humphry?" he asked as I turned back around and he pulled a pad of detention slips from his desk drawer quickly filling it out with his scribbly handwriting. "No." I huffed taking the paper from him and moving to my seat.     It felt as if my classmates' stared burned into my skin. I put my head back down. I just wanted to avoid any eye contact at this moment. If I had any sense at all, I knew today was not going to end well.     The final bell rang at three o'clock signaling everyone to go home...except me. I gathered my belongings and quickly shoved them into my backpack before making my way to the classroom whos number was written on the slip. Quicker there, quicker out of there.     "Well look what the cat dragged in!" I heard Heather call out to me when I arrived. She stood in front of me with a crooked smile and a more croooked stance. I had completely forgotten she said she had detention as well. "Heather, why are you so obsessed with making my life hell?" I asked shoving past her to take an empty seat in the front of the room. She followed me and took the seat beside me. "It's hard not to when you just make it so easy." she snickered back. Before I could reply, the dean made her way to the front of the room.     "I don't want to hear a sound from any of you." she snapped. For a tiny and frail looking woman with short white hair and billions of tiny wrinkles, she had a pretty mean voice. "You all went against school rules one way or another," she boomed, "Some of you more than others. So for the next fourty-five minutes you will sit here with your mouths shut and I expect you to behave." I turned around in my seat to see how many other people sat in the room with us. About fifteen. "Excuse me!" Dean Williams shouted. I turned back around to see her hovering over me. I shrunk down in my seat."Are you looking for someone?" she asked with an irritated tone in her voice. I heard Heather chuckle and apparently so did Ms. Williams because her beady eyes shifted to Heather.     "Ms. Walker. Why am I not surprised to see you? So you think this is funny? Well it seems to me that you two are having such a blast, I guess you won't mind staying a whole hour." she said with false happiness. I watched Heather's face as she realized just what her cocky attitude got us into this time.     Ms. Williams disappeared to the back of the room as everyone except Heather dug through their bags for something to do. I pulled out one of my folders, one witha picture of my favorite band. "One Direction? Really?" Heather whispered from her seat. I glared at her before turning back to my things. "I don't get it," She continued, "Do you think you are going to meet them or something?"     "I don't know, Heather." I mumbled. "Why does he looks so irrelevent?" she asked pointing her finger at the boy with a mixture of brown and blonde hair on his head, "Isn't that Lewis?" "No, Heather. It is pronounced Louis. And that is Niall." I replied. "Hey! Is that voices I hear?" Ms. Williams snapped. Heather fell back into her original position as the dean walked over to us. She found my folder and picked it up observing all five boys on the front. "One Direction? What's that? It sounds like an airline." she said obviously reading the words on the folder. She held it at a slight distance so her eyes could adjust.     I sighed before standing to join her. I hated explaining to old people. "One Direction is a British-Irish boy band. That's Harry, Zayn, Niall, Louis, And Liam." I explained pointing out each boy as I said their name. Ms. Williams nodded seeming pretty pleased that I hadn't given her an attitude. "I like that one...he reminds me of...a puppy." she said pointing to one of the boys. I stood behind her and looked over her shoulder to see her finger placed on Liam's torso. "That's Liam. Everyone says that he is like a puppy." I told her watching her smile. "Freak!" someone in the back of the room called out earning laughter from everyone in the room besides Ms. Williams and I. "Hey!" the old woman shouted at the other teens, "You all can stay a whole hour. You darling, you can leave now if you would like to."     I heard grumbles wave over the room. I tried my hardest not to smile. "I...well...okay." I finally said grabbing my backpack then reaching for my folder. "So have you met the boys?" Ms. Williams asked moving the folder from my reach and walking me to the door. "I'd like to one day." I replied finally gripping my folder and pulling it from her hands. "I hope you do Miss..." "Humphry. Skylar Humphry." I piped in. "Skylar," she repeated, "I hope you meet them, Skylar." If anyone knew Ms. Williams they knew she wasn't one to call students by their first name. "Thanks, Ms. Williams. I will keep you posted." I chuckled before leaving the classroom.     As I approached the front of the school and walked outside, I reached in my pocket and pulled out my cell phone. My parents were too cheap to get me anything better than an old flip phone. I quickly opened it and punched in my mother's cell phone number and leaned against the wall by the door. It rang a few times before she finally picked up. "Skylar? Skylar! Where are you?" she exclaimed frantically. "Mom, it's me. I am still at school." I replied calmly. "Why did you miss the bus? Why didn't you call me? Or your dad?" She was shooting me way too many questions. "I got detention, Mom. Can you please just pick me up?" I pleaded just wanting to get off campus as soon as possible.     I heard my mom sigh as she calmed herself down. "Your father is in a meeting and I am at work. You are going to have to take the late bus." she explained. I pulled the phone off my face to see that it was only fifteen minutes past three. "Mom, the bus won't be here for fourty-five minutes!" I exclaimed impatiently. "I guess you should have thought about that before you got detention, Skylar. I have to go-bye." she said hanging up immediately after.      "Ugh!" I shouted sliding down so I sat on the concrete. I shoved my phone into my backpack. I could hear somebody's voice as it neared the door that I sat beside. The hot sun beat down on my face making me even more irritated. "And she just let me go!" the voice sounded as its owner opened the door and joined me outside. Heather. She saw me and a large grin grew over her face as she continued to speak to whoever was on the phone. "Yeah, yeah," she continued twirling her perfect hair in her fingers making me elf conscious about my own straight brown hair, "I'm right in front. Okay, see you in a minute!" She placed her phone in her pocket and walked over to me. "Well, being a kiss up isn't so hard after all, now is it?" she asked before squatting down in front of me.     "Can you just leave me alone for once, Heather?" I asked looking past her at the street. "I have to wait for the bus, hun. It looks like you're lucky to have my company until it gets here." Heather snickered. She would be riding the bus with me? I don't know how this day could get any worse. Our attention quickly moved over to the sound of voices coming from the side of the school. Heather's posse turned the corner making eye contact with us. "Hey bus buddies!" Heather called looking back at me to make sure I was horrified by the events of that moment. "Great." I huffed knowing exactly how the rest of my day was going to play out...

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