Marie had just moved to London with her parents. She meets Niall Horan somewhat accidentally. It seemed to be love at first sight. But after a while, it fizzles. Was it meant to be?


2. Meet Me

Marie's POV:
I realized crying didn't help anything. It just made my eyes puffy. But I couldn't help but just burst out in tears every time I thought of Niall. I haven't gotten any calls since last night, but I'm not losing hope. Im just waiting. I walked out of my room and into the bathroom down the hall. I looked in the mirror and saw that my eyes were really puffy. So I chose to have a lazy day. I threw my hair into a messy bun, put on some make-up, some sweats, and walked downstairs to find my mom cooking breakfast. Her stomach was causing her to reach farther over the counters than before. So I helped her finish. I sat some plates on the table and then the food. We sat there eating and my phone buzzed. My heart dropped. I looked at it and it was a number I had never seen before. I walked out of the kitchen and answered. "hello?" I said. "hello. Marie?" said a beautiful Irish accent. "yes? Is this Niall?" I asked. "haha yeah." he sounded kind of nervous. I was too. "wow you just called me." I said. "haha yeah I did. I was wondering if you would want to- I don't know, go out sometime?" he said. I couldn't breathe again. Niall Horan just asked me out. I wanted to scream but I held it in and said "sure! I'd love to!" "great! A movie maybe?" he asked. "yeah sounds good!" "what kind? I think The Vow sounds really good..."  "sure!" "great! Meet me at the arena from last night at eight." "ok!" I said. "alright see you then!" he replied, hanging up. I guess my lazy day plans went down the drain. So I went and washed my face off and tried different things to try to get my eyes to not look so swollen. But it didn't help very much.  So I jumped in the shower, went back into my room, and picked out a cute sundress and flats to wear. I walked back in the bathroom and dried my hair. I brushed it out and straightened it, then putting a braid on the side to hold my bangs back. I fixed my make-up and walked back downstairs and looked at the clock. It was noon. I was in such a panic, I didn't realize I still had eight hours. So I just sat down and opened my laptop. I played games and watched some videos until I got bored and fell asleep. 
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