Marie had just moved to London with her parents. She meets Niall Horan somewhat accidentally. It seemed to be love at first sight. But after a while, it fizzles. Was it meant to be?


3. Always Wanted To

Marie's POV:
I woke up to my mother yelling from downstairs "Marie! It's seven thirty!" oh no! I had been asleep for eight hours because of my late night crying session. I was so tired but I jumped up, and realized my hair and make-up were messed up. So I fixed it as fast as I could and ran downstairs and towards the door "later guys! I'll text you later" I yelled to my parents. "love you!" my mom yelled from the kitchen. "ugh, love you too mom." I said giggling. I jumped into my car, and drove to the arena. I saw a black car sitting by the entrance. I didn't know if it was Niall, so I didn't go over to it, until I saw him get out and stand by the door. I walked over to him. "Hi! You ready?" he asked. "yeah." I replied smiling. "I want to get to know you tonight." he said. "ok." I said, smiling again. He reached for my hand and I grabbed his as he helped me into the car. We drove to the theater, got out, and walked to the front doors. "two for The Vow" he told the man at the front. He paid, and we walked over to the concessions, and standing in line, Niall was wearing sunglasses, but I didn't say anything. He was probably just worried some fans would recognize him or something. I was fine with that, but it didn't work. A young girl ran up to him yelling "Are you Niall?! I love you!" ugh. He said "hey sweetie!" she hugged him and took a picture with him, and then ran off to her mother. "sorry about that." He said, taking off his sunglasses. "it's fine. It's sweet." I said. He smiled and walked up to the register. "two popcorns and two medium drinks. What to drink love?" he said. "Coke I guess." I said with a grin. "two cokes" he told the man. We waited, then when he gave it to us, Niall payed and we walked into the theater seating. We sat in the farthest back row. As I sat down, Niall handed me a bag of popcorn, and accidentally dropped his when letting go of mine. "shit. I'll go get another one hold on." he said. "no don't worry about. We can share." I said. He smiled and said "ok. Thanks. What I said earlier. About getting to know you? Tell me about yourself." he said, sitting down. "well, I just moved here yesterday." I told him. "yesterday?!" he asked suprised. "haha yeah. I forgot about the concert and I guess we just had really good timing haha." I said. "well thats cool. Tell me more" he said. "ok. I'm 16, my full name is Marie Sanford, my mother's name is Hannah. My Dad's is Samuel. I have a little brother on the way too. I'm obsessed with you and the boys." I said laughing. "Well then. I've always wanted to date a Directioner." he said with a smirk. Taking a bite of popcorn. "look it's starting." he said. Cutting off the fact that he really did just say that he always wanted to date a Directioner...
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