Give me a love like never before -1D fanfic-

riley moves from florida to england. she doesnt want to go through the whole new girl thing. but what happens when she meets a boy? nothing really starts off good with him, but when she needs someone the most, a boy named louis comes and helps. what will she do if she falls for 2 boys? who would she choose? all she wants is friends. will on stay by her side the whole time? you'll have to find out;D


10. yup definately single!

**Riley's POV**

THEY SAY SHE'S IN THE CLASS A TEAM STUCK IN HER DAYDREAMS. my phone was going off. i groggily sat up and answered my phone. "mmm...hello?.." "someone is tired" "louis why are you calling so early..."  "early? its like noon." i turned and looked at at my clock. "louis you little liar!!!!" it was 6 in the morning.. "louis i dont have to get up till 7.." "well, your going to get breakfast with me, soooo i wanted to wake you up early!" how could this kid have so much energy in the morning..."ugh. fine lou. what time are you gonna be here?" "20 minute! BYE!" ..

how am i going to get ready in 20 minutes. i ran into my bathroom, i took a shower yesterday. i'll be fine, i splashed cold water on my face and went to dry it off. i pulled my hair up into a sloppy bun and put some cover up on. not gonna try and impress anyone. put very little mascara on and slipped on my glasses. i usually wear contacts. but it takes too much time. i brushed my teeth and ran out into my closet. i grabbed long sleeve dark green shirt and a pair of black yoga pants and slipped on my tan toms. probably gonna get in trouble for not wearing my uniform but i really dont give a shit right now. i heard a horn honking, looked out my window louis was leaning against his car. i grabbed my phone and bag and skipped down the stairs.

i walked out the front door and slumped down the stairs. "someones tired" louis said with a smirk. "well, i wouldnt be as tired, but you know, this jerk called me and said to be ready in 20 minutes" i yawned at the end. he rolled his eyes at me"well the jerk is willing to buy you coffee and breakfast" i nudged him with my shoulder and climbed into his car. a few seconds later, louis was getting into the drivers seat. he opened his mouth to say something but was cut off. YOU FOUND ME YOU FOUND ME LYING ON THE FLOOR. i pulled out my phone, a text from my mom.



me and dad wont be home, the dinner last night was about a business trip, me and him will be gone for 2 weeks. money will be on the counter when you get home. love you sweetie<3


i looked up at louis "sorry bout that" i said sheepishly. "its alright love". "were you going to say something lou?" i questioned. i scrunched his face up in concentration. "erm. i forgot..." i laughed at him. "anyone ever tell you, that your special" " Oh ha ha.." he said rolling his eyes. i smirked and looked out the window. yawning every 3 minutes. "why are you so tired?"

after i fell asleep. alex kept calling me. i answered one of the calls. he was drunk. he continued to call and call. so my phone constantly ringing kept me up most of the night. " my phone kept going off" i said shrugging. he raised an eyebrow. "why was it ringing?" crap. not gonna deal with boy problems today. "just prank calls is all." i know he knows something is up, but im not gonna tell someone who i met just a couple days ago everything thats horrible in my life. honestly my life wasnt that bad. just frustrating. we pulled up to the same resturant he took me to when we first met.

i smiled as we walked in, he held the door open for me "why thank you good sir" i said smirking at him. "no problem m'lady" he said winking. i blushed and kept my head. he threw his arm over my shoulder. there were people in front of us, as we stood in line i ended up leaning into his arm.i rested my head on his shoulder. i know. i know. YOU BARELY KNOW HIM! blah blah blah. he's just really comfy... the waitress looked up at us, she was the same one from last time. still trashy as ever.  "riley, im gonna go use the loo" he kissed my head and walked to the bathroom. the lady was chewing her gum like a horse... she led me to a booth and gave me a dirty look then walked off. well someones not getting a tip.

i was looking through the menu when i heard lou sit across from me. "whatya gonna get love?" he knew how to make me blush. i pulled the menu higher so he couldnt see my face. "uh-uhm. i dont know yet. what do you reccomend?" he pulled my menu you down and closed it. "uhm. ok???" he smirked "i'll order" he said with a mischievious grin on his face. "louis.. it better be good or i just might kill you." he smiled " you wouldnt kill me" "only because i dont want to go to prison" i smirked. he rolled his eyes at me. 

the waitress showed up, "what can i get you loooove?" she said directing it towards him, i would like 2 coffees and 2 house specials" he looked at her giving her a dazzling smile. she winked at him and walked off. "your such a flirt" i said laughing. "AM  NOT! trust me, you'll know when im flirting" he winked "oh is this you flirting lou lou?" "he shrugged "maybe it is, maybe it isnt.  WHO KNOWS!?" i shook my head at him. i felt my phone go off. i pulled it out "well isnt someone little miss popular today" i rolled my eyes at him "pfft. hardly." my phone kept buzzing, i pulled it out. alex was calling. im done with this. "would you excuse me for a second?" he nodded but raised an eyebrow.

  i walked by the front door, where louis wouldnt be able to hear. "hello..." "i want you back" seriously... "alex.. just no.. i dont know how to feel right now. i went through i lot with you when i still lived back there. but when i move, you become this controlling person. i dont even know you anymore. when you called while i was at school. you knew i couldnt talk. but you called. and you were testing me? what boyfriend would do that?" i breathed. there was silence. "call me a bitch all you want alex. but we both knew this wasnt gonna work." i felt tears brimming my eyes. i hate how i have to do this. i really like him.. "riley? are you ok?" i turned to see lou standing behind me. i kept the phone to my ear. i faintly nodded, looking down. "well riley... your gonna regret this.. i hate you." and alex hung up.

i sucked in a breathe and pulled the phone away from my ear. "riley. whats wrong?" i just kept looking at the ground, until i felt hands pull me into a warm embrace. i sighed and hugged louis' waist, burying my face in his shirt. a couple tears escaped, i quickly wiped them away so he wouldnt see them. "can we just go back to the booth. im starving" i said with a smile. just being hugged by him right now made me feel safer, made me feel like he was gonna be there for me. he kept an arm over my shoulder and we walked to the booth.

when i sat down i went and sat by lou, putting my head on his shoulder. "im sorry if im being annoying" i said quietly. he chuckled. why was he chuckling? "the only thing annoying is you trying to hide it from me. but i respect your privacy" i looked up and smiled. his eyes staring into mine. he smiled down at me. we were startled when the waitress came and slammed out food on the table. she bent over far enough when passing louis his food that her boobs were practically out of her shirt. i was taking a drink of my coffee and nearly choked on it. she glared at me and stalked off. "bitch" i mumbled under my breath.

i turned to see louis stuffing his face. when he looked at me, food was sticking out of his mouth. i poked his stomach "ya fatty" his eyes widened "umpfhhh, mmmmmm urfphmm" "louis.. i cant understand you.." he swallowed his food. "i said, you remember last time you called me fat!"  "yeah you pinned me to the ground and i smacked my head into yours" i said laughing, "pfft, just eat before i eat it." "like i said... fatty" i said taking a was macaroni but with eggs and bacon and sausage. definition of yummy right there.

i groaned and put my hands on my stomach. "too. much. foooooood" i said leaning on louis groaning. "well, come on, we gotta get to school"  stupid school... i sighed and heaved myself up. louis was leading my to the register where he paid.  louis was walking in front of me, i came up with an idea. i ran and jumped on louis' back. i surprised him but he held on to my legs as he gave me a piggy back ride to the car. "you knowww. you'd be less of a jerk because you woke me up this morning if when we got to school you gave me a piggy back ride to class" i said with a sweet smile.  he groaned "your unbelievable" he said with a smile on his face. "but isnt that a good thing?" i questioned with a smile. he turned his head to look at me.his face meer inches away from mine "its a wonderful thing" he dropped me, luckily i landed on my feet. he opened my door like a gentlemen and walked around to the drivers side.

i plugged in my phone and played shake me down by cage the elephant. i tapped my finger to the beat. when we pulled up, i opened my door and stood in front of the car and waited for louis. he sighed and turned around. i smiled and jumped on his back. he held onto my legs and i wrapped my arms around his neck.  louis scrunched up his neck. "what are you doin?"  he kept his neck like that "your nose is tickling my neck" i smiled with an evil grin on my face. i rubbed my nose lightly against his neck "eeeehhhh.. riley your being mean!!!" i smiled and stopped. "louis!!! wait... what the hell are you doing with riley?" harry was running up to us confusion clear on his face. i smirked "well this jerk right here woke me up waaaaayy too early. soo this is a part of payback" i layed my head against louis' and smiled. "riley? do i even want to know?" i turned around and jessie was right behind me with the same expression harry had. "hi jessie!" i waved at her with a huge smile on my face. oh today was gonna be fun!

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