Give me a love like never before -1D fanfic-

riley moves from florida to england. she doesnt want to go through the whole new girl thing. but what happens when she meets a boy? nothing really starts off good with him, but when she needs someone the most, a boy named louis comes and helps. what will she do if she falls for 2 boys? who would she choose? all she wants is friends. will on stay by her side the whole time? you'll have to find out;D


4. soaked and met a hot stranger.

**Riley's POV**

the rest of the school day went by slowly, right as the last bell rang, my phone was going off. i looked at the caller id, it was my dad. "why hello there father" i said with a smile. "sweetie, i wont be able to pick you up after school." "what?... why?" i whined "just reasons" "but dad we live like 2 miles away from the school.. AND ITS STARTING TO RAIN!" "Riley, dont be difficult. i have to go. come up with something for dinner" "wait. wheres mom? isnt she home?" "shes at a meeting. BYE" "dad-" and he hung up. this day just sucks ass. i looked around the school to see if i could ask someone if the had an umbrella, but i didnt see anyone. i sighed and walked out the main doors, right when i stepped outside it was pouring rain. great.

i slung my bag over my shoulder and took a deep breathe. i walked down the stone path like this morning and made it to the front gates. no one was at school. i guess my stalling lasted a little longer than expected. i walked down the side walk kicking a little pebble into puddles. my hair was sticking to my face and my clothes clung to my body. i hunched my shoulders trying to come up with ways to keep warm. crossing my arms over my body. i stopped and looked around, i dont recognise any of these houses or streets. fuck...   sighed and closed my eyes so i could breathe and calm down. right when i opened my eyes a car zoomed past me, hitting a puddle and splashing me in the process. my  mouth opened in surprise and no sound coming out.

i heard brakes squealing and i turned to the car that went by. there was someone getting out with a blue jacket and their head was down.  i dropped my bag and tried to find my phone to see if it was soaked like the rest of the stuff in my bag and myself.  "oh my god im so sorry, didnt think i was that close to the sidewalk" i jumped at the sound of the mans voice. "its fine, you didnt know" i let out a little laugh. i finally looked up at the guy and tried my best to smile. he had brownish hair that was hid under his hood, he had blue eyes with a tint of gray and was nervously biting his lip. i didnt notice i was staring until he coughed and gave me a questioning look. "oh.. my bad" i let out an embarassed laugh. i threw all my books out of my bag and finally found my phone, it was soaked and it wouldnt turn on. "come on work!"

the guy was getting all my books and was about to put them in my bag "oh no, you dont have to do that for me" "well im pretty sure i ruined your phone and i got you soaked." i tried brush the hair that was stuck to my face out of my eyes. the guy stood up and held out his hand "hi, im louis" he said it with a smile, i stood up to and shook his hand, his hand was so much warmer than mine "im riley" i returned the smile. he requently let go of my hand, i shivered and slung my bag back over my shoulder. 'well, i have to find a payphone and go home"  louis raised an eyebrow at me. "what if i drive you home, i feel horrible! that and your shivering" i chuckled and started to bite my lower lip. i dont know this guy, he could be a killer for all i know. "and dont worry. im not gonna kill you and hide your body in the woods." he let out a low chuckle and smirked at me. "ok. but i have to warn you. i have no clue where i am right now and i dont really know the way to my house" "its fine, but here" he took off his jacket and draped it over my shoulders.

i put the hood and smiled up at him. he was really tall!. or wait. was i just short. hmmm... we walked over to his car. it wasnt flashing and it wasnt a piece of junk. i stepped into the passenger seat and was meeted with warmth, a sigh of relief left my lips. i heard louis laugh, i turned my head and looked at him with a questioning look on my face. "what are you laughing about" he looked up at me with a wide smile on his face. "your face just looked so happy and like that just made your life!" i laughed with him and clicked my seat belt on. he started his and car, taylor swift blasted through the car. louis quickly turned it off and his face went beat red. i let out a laugh and raised an eyebrow. "soo, i see someone listens to taylor swift" i gave him a knowing smirk.  his face grew a darker shade of red and kept his eyes on the road.

i left it alone and started messing with my clothes, they were starting to dry. my skirt was just damp and my shirt and vest were basically dry. i put the visor down and looked at my reflection. "good god. how can you even look at me without laughing?!? my hair is an afro and my mascara  is all down my face!" i patted down my hair and wiped off the smeared mascara. i cant believe i looked like this in front of a cute guy... COOL! i looked out the window and saw a familiar street. "i think thats it"  louis just kept driving. i turned to him and pointed back at the street. "that was it right there."  "well, im gonna buy you something to eat cause i still feel guilty" he gave me a toothy grin and looked back at the road. he pulled up to a little diner and put the car in park.

i slowly got out. now it was just barely sprinkling. cool mother nature, good to know you hate me! louis held the door open for me and i said a quiet thank you. we walked up to a booth and sat on opposite sides of the table. "so tell me riley, why were you walking home in the pouring rain?" i looked up at him and bit my lip. "well my dad had to stay at work, and same thing with my mom"  "i see we go to the same school" he said gesturing to my uniform with a little smirk. i looked over at his clothes, he had a white button up shirt that was tucked into black slacks.  "yeah..heh. im new here" i looked down at the table and continued to bite my lip. "i noticed that, i think i saw you in math and history, so where are you from??" i looked up at him and smiled "im from miami florida" "ah, so your not used to this kinda weather?" he said pointing outside. "not really, im used to mugginess"

the waitress walked up and smiled at louis, totally ignoring my presence. she had bright orange eye shadow and red lipstick and he hair was in a snooki bump..... seriously was she a part time clown?!? she gave louis a flirtaous smile "so what can i get you love?" "uhmm i'll take a coffee and a bowl of chicken noodle soup, what about you riley?" the waitress looked over at me, yup she just noticed me. 'uhm..can i get a hot chocolate and a grilled cheese sandwhich please?" she mumbled a yeah yeah at me and winked at louis. he didnt seem to notice. seriously she was practically raping him with her eyes.

we continued to talk and eat, he would ask questions about me and i would ask questions about him. he paid for the bill and we walked out to the car "thanks louis, but you know you really didnt have to. i mean, we just kinda met" he smiled brightly "love, i wanted to" i felt my cheeks get warm when he said love. i gave him directions to my house, he pulled up and parked. "thanks, for everything" "how can you thank me when i splashed you" he said with a chuckle. "yeah but giving me a ride and buying my dinner was sweet" i smiled at him and pulled the door handle. "well riley, i'll see you in class!"

i slowly got up from the car, smacked my head on the frame of the door "OW!!!" i put my hand on my head and my face squished together "riley, please try not to hurt yourself walking up to your house" he was laughing but quickly stopped when i tried glaring at him, i couldnt help but smile "no promises"  i stood up "WAIT- riley you almost forgot your phone!" i turned around grabbed my phone that was in his hands. "thanks, see you later i guess" i smiled at him. i walked up to my house. do i have another friend?????

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