Give me a love like never before -1D fanfic-

riley moves from florida to england. she doesnt want to go through the whole new girl thing. but what happens when she meets a boy? nothing really starts off good with him, but when she needs someone the most, a boy named louis comes and helps. what will she do if she falls for 2 boys? who would she choose? all she wants is friends. will on stay by her side the whole time? you'll have to find out;D


9. single?

**Riley's POV**

me and lou walked in the house and patricia was right in front of us, i think we startled her cause she jumped when we walked in. "hey kids, zayn said there is an accident so he's gonna be taking longer. you guys are welcome to go into the game room if you want? lou you know where that is" she said with a polite smile. lou kept his arm around my shoulder as we walked down the hall and through a door that led to stairs going down. it was pitch black.\

i walked in front of lou, "lou.. if you scare me.. i will shoot you" i heard him chuckle behind me "what? is riley a scaredy cat?!?!?" he teased. i rolled my eyes even though he couldnt see. "is there a light switch somewhere louis?" i saw a dim light behind me, he pulled his phone out and i finally saw his face. he smiled "well, we could use this to find it"  i started to walk downt he stairs slowly.. i couldnt see them! i could barely see the floor from the light coming from lou's phone. when i thought a stepped on a stair.. i was wrong "AH!" i tumbled down the stairs and landed face first on the floor. "RILEY?! are you ok?" i rolled my eyes "just peachy.." i mumbled. "hold on, dont move."

i sat up on my knees, and rubbed my head, it hurt really bad. i felt a head ache coming on. i dusted off my hands and a blinding light came on "FOUND IT!" i covered my eyes with my hands, lou came over to me moved my hands and pulled me up. "you ok?" i nodded. he took my face in his hands and began to inspect, obviously not believing me. i rolled my eyes. "dont roll your eyes at me!" i smirked. 

his eyes met mine, again with the powerful gaze, i couldnt look away. i was waiting for him too. his eyes were a light blue, it reminded me of ice. but then i felt stinging on my leg. "ow.." i moved my face out of his hands and looked down at me knee, it was scratched and bleeding. i huffed and sat down on one of the love seats that were down here. i looked at it, not that bad. just a little blood. lou smirked at me and kneeled down infront of me "why do you always seem to get hurt when im around?" "i do not..." "uh huh.. miss clumsy.." i stuck my tongue out at him. i took my hair out of the braid and ran my hands through it. i stood up  "where are you going?" i looked over at lou who was sprawled on a chair. "gonna try and find the bathroom" he smirked at me "there's one down here."

i finally looked at the room around me. the wall were a light green and there was a plasma tv with a whole bunch of video game consoles and there were light orange couches and chairs scattered around the tv. "where would it be at??" i questioned. he pointed down a hall "the only door on the left" i walked down and into the bathroom. everything was white, good lord. this bathroom might make me blind!. i looked at my hair, it was like beach waves. my face was tinted pink from blushing. i sighed and ran my hands through my hair again. i opened a cabinet and found poroxide to clean the scratch and a batman bandaid. i smirked at the bandaid. i sat on the rim of the bath rub and started to clean the cut, i dried it off and slipped the bandaid over it.

i walked out of the bathroom, lou was is the same position he was when i went in and he was playing fruit ninja on his phone. i snuck up behind him "DONT MESS UP!" i yelled and grabbed his shoulders. "NO! DAMMIT DAMMIT!" he turned and glared at me.. "WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?!?" "cause.. thats what you get of making me go first and fall and hurt myself" i said pointing at my knee. "nice choice in bandaid"

i walked over to the tv and turned it on. grabbed the remote and went and sat on louis. "am i comfortable?" "quite. your soft and comfy" i said with a smile, still flipping through the channels. "that a fat joke?!" i turned around and looked at him "maybe it is.. maybe it isnt WHO KNOWS!" i turned my attention back to the tv. next thing i know.  im lying on my back on the ground and louis on top of me. he had a mischievious smile on his lips. i was frozen, like a deer caught in headlights. my breathing became faster. why though? i felt my face heating up. "so.. am i fat?" he said inching his face closer to mine.

"RILEY?!" i jumped at my mothers name and smacked my head into louis. "OW!" i rubbed my head and pushed lou off of me and sat up "yeah mom?!" she walked down the stairs and held her phone out. "honey he called again" i stood up and grabbed her phone... again. and put it to my ear. "yeah?" "we're done" i didnt know how to feel. i was shocked and sad. but i didnt want anyone to see that. "ok.." "ok thats all you can say?!" "i cant talk.. bye" and i hung up. i walked over to my mom and gave her phone back and forced a smile on my lips. "here mom." "sweety, there doing a lot of business talk, so i have no clue when we're gonna be home. its already 10" lou stood up "hi ma'am im louis tomlinson, i could drop off riley if she wants?" "oh hun, you sure?" "its no problem at all" he had a huge smile on his face."alright fine, love ya sweety" she gave me a hug. and walked back upstairs.  i turned and raised an eyebrow at louis."come on buddie!" he started pushing me up the stairs, i couldnt help but laugh at him. we walked out to his car, when he turned it on i was surprised to hear mayday parade instead of taylor swift or selena gomez.  still breathing was playing, i was humming along to the music. we pulled up to the grocery store "what are we doing here?" "i have to get something real fast and give something to someone" i got out of the car with him, we walked down the cookie aisle, he grabbed oreos and nutella. and walked up to a cash register.

"hey lou! oh hey riley!" i looked up at harry and smiled. he scanned the items and looked between me and lou. "here harry," lou handed him a cd and some money for the food. harry looked at me and pulled a wierd face when louis wasnt looking. i giggled in response and stopped when louis looked up at me "what?" "nothing" i said innocently. then louis looked down in his wallet, and i made a wierd face at harry, going cross eyed and sticking my tongue out, "HA!" i bit my lip to keep from laughing at harry. louis looked between us and raised an eyebrow. "you ready riley?" i nodded my head and smirked at harry "bye harry!" "bye riley, BYE BOOOOOOOOO" he screamed at louis. we walked out and into his car. "what was so funny back there??" "oh nothing.." he just shook his head at me and smiled.

on the way to my house was quiet, not an awkward silence but a comfortable one. he pulled into my drive way and got out to open my door. "my'lady" i blushed and got out. he walked me up the steps. "riley.. can i see your phone?" uhm, its up in my room, so you want to come in?" he smiled, i took that as a yes. i turned the handle and walked in. i ran upstairs and  grabbed my iphone and skipped down stairs. since my stairs were carpet. i slipped and slammed on my butt. am i really this clumsy?!?! i stood up and looked around, good lou didnt see it. i go to the bottom and saw him standing by the door leaning on the wall. i handed him my phone adn he began typing away. he had it for a good 3 minutes and finally gave it back. i had one message. he opened the door and smiled. "bye riley, see you in school" he winked then walked out. i checked my phone.

the amazing tomlinson whom i love;)-

night riley! :) hope you like the name i put me down as ;)

i smiled and walked up to my room. not bothering to change, i fell on my bed and fell asleep.

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