Give me a love like never before -1D fanfic-

riley moves from florida to england. she doesnt want to go through the whole new girl thing. but what happens when she meets a boy? nothing really starts off good with him, but when she needs someone the most, a boy named louis comes and helps. what will she do if she falls for 2 boys? who would she choose? all she wants is friends. will on stay by her side the whole time? you'll have to find out;D


18. shit.

**Riley's POV**

lou left a couple hours later. things were awkward. damn me and my big mouth. thats all i was i guess. a fling. nothing more. i heard my phone ringing. not bothering to look at who it was i answered. "hello?" "riley. can we please talk?" sighing. "yeah.. where?" "at the coffee shop on the corner" "ok. see you then" i took my hair down, hiding the spots on my neck. walking out the door and onto the street. looking around me, the same trees as last time. i just cant stop thinking about it. im so dumb.

approaching the coffee shop the smell of coffee beans was getting stronger. pushing the door open, i look around. where was he. "riley" i turn around. "hey harry" i said with a slight smile. "i got you some tea, if thats ok" "you didnt have to" i said with a slight frown.  he gave me a look like seriously-i-do-what-i-want. he nodded his head toward a table outside. i followed him, biting my lip. what if louis never really liked me. dont think like that riley, you have something else to be thinking about. and thats talking to harry.

he set the drinks down, turned to me and pulled out my chair. "thanks" i said. he sat across from me and had a sad smile "riley im sorry-" "harry-" "i didnt mean anything-" "harry-" "its just. i dont know how to explain how i acted-" "harry-" "i understand if you never want to talk to me again-" "HARRY!" he stopped. "harry. calm down. i forgive you. i understand why you freaked out." i looked into his eyes.  "but you shouldnt forgive me.."  "but i want to harry. ive missed yaa! that and we kinda need to work on our project." his eyes widened. "harry.. please tell me you didnt forget?!" he looked off into the distance. "oh heyy! you like that rock over there riles?" i rolled my eyes at him. we continued talking for the next hour or so. my phone was going off. good god my phone has been going off the hook since ive been in england.

i slid answer. "hello?" "why are you with harry?" "cause. we're talking. why lou? wait how do you know where im at?" "cause. i er. uhm., just wondering" "ok bu-" all i heard was dial tone. i looked at my phone confused.  "who was that?" i looked at harry and gave him a wierd look. "it was lou" harry tensed.  "everything ok?" i nodded "i think." chugging the last of my tea i burped a little. "well arent you a lady" harry said with a chuckle. "nothing but classy" i said with a laugh. he looked down at his phone, his face dropped. "well i have practice. bye love!" he stood up and gave me a huge bear hug "harry. cant. breathe."  he relectulanly let go. "bye har har!"

i saw him shake his head. great.. well now what. might as well go home. i walked down the street. walking by a dark allie. i heard something. looking down i saw a girl on the ground. she was laying on the ground twitching and shaking. i ran down as fast as i could, dropping to my knees once i reached her. i moved the hair out of her face. she was cold, sweating and pale white. i looked up and down the allie. "HELP!!" i shouted. shit shit shit. i moved the hair out of her face. putting her head on my lap, i held her there. her body was thrashing all over the place. "SOMEBODY HELP!!!" i screamed even louder.

i heard the thudding of feet echoing against the walls. the woman was thrashing even more. she screamed. i didnt know what to do. her body tensed. but then went limp. my mouth dropped open.  her eyes were blank and glassy. i heard someone shouting at me. but i didnt hear anything. someone was shaking me. i was pulled away. my body was now shaking, she's dead. she died in my arms. "HEY!" i toar my eyes off her lifeless body and looked at the person in front of me. she was shaking me, telling me to breathe to calm down. why couldnt i?! she pulled her phone out of her pocket and started yelling to someone on the phone.

i tried shaking my head, but my head kept going in the womans directin. the girl who shook me was now in front of the body, performing cpr. i was choking, choking on air and tears. this woman had a family, a life ahead of her and she died, in front of me. in my arms. "RILEY!?!?" i sat there. my legs hitting a dampness. looking down, there was blood. i was hyperventalating. "riley!?!??" i jumped away from the blood, trying to crawl. but someone stopped me. i was being restrained. i looked up, it was liam, he was in a uniform. "riley, calm down" i couldnt do it. i was crying hysterically. bringing my hands to my face, blood was on them. no. i was pulled into liams arms, he was carrying me. i closed my eyes. nothing but darkness. next thing i know im being shaken and liam was yelling my name. "riley?!"

i blinked and looked around. "oh my god. riley are you ok?" i couldnt find my voice, i didnt even know if i had one at this point. i nodded. he pulled a cup of water from behind him and haded it to me. my throat was dry and i felt off. "riley. what happened?" what does he mean-.. oh my god. "uh- i-" i couldnt get the words out "do you even know who that woman was?" i shook my head. "riley.. she was stabbed. it was a drug deal. and something happened." my heart was in my throat. "liam. what are you doing here?" i said quietly. "im an intern with the hospital. i go on some runs with them. but that isnt important right now." "i cant liam. not now."

looking around, i notice it was a plain white room, only a bed and 2 chairs. i was laying down on the bed, pulling the sheets up to my chin. i grabbed my knees and pulled them to my chest. "hey liam" i turned to the door opening. it was a girl with dark brown hair. she looked at me and gave a little smile. who was she. "liam i have to go. just wanted to check to see if she was ok.." "she's fine now, thank you for finding her and calling gemma." she nodded her head and walked back out. i lay my head on the pillow. "liam.. can i just rest. please" "of course. someone will be here when you wake up" i nodded my head faintly. letting the darkness overtake me. let me sleep off this horrible nightmare.

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