Give me a love like never before -1D fanfic-

riley moves from florida to england. she doesnt want to go through the whole new girl thing. but what happens when she meets a boy? nothing really starts off good with him, but when she needs someone the most, a boy named louis comes and helps. what will she do if she falls for 2 boys? who would she choose? all she wants is friends. will on stay by her side the whole time? you'll have to find out;D


23. ready to be unready.

**Riley's POV**

-exactly one week later!-

its been exactly one week. and man did it go slow. i was now at jessie's getting ready. well i was forced. it was 2 in the afternoon and i was now fully dress. "the date isnt till 6 woman!" "oh.. didnt know that" she said sheepishly. i laughed. he said to dress fancy, there was a resturant that he wanted to take me too. these butterflies wouldnt leave my stomach. the rest of the week, alex finally got the hint of to leave me alone. i went to go look at myself in the mirror, smiling at my appearance.

i was in a strapless red dress that ended mid thigh,my nails and earring matching the shade of red. sporting a pair of strap heels and a  simply black clutch. my hair was straightened and a small braid pulling my bangs out of my face. my make up kept to a minimum, long lashes with a light shade of pink on my eyelids and a nude colored lipstick. i looked gorgeous. i actually felt beautiful. i mean theres those days where you think you look ok, well those were some of my days, but i actually felt stunning. and that was different.

jessie was in her room messing on her laptop, i was in her bathroom doing finishing touches. "OH MY GOD! RILEY!!" her shouting made me jump, so i walked out, trying not to fall on my face. her expression looked horrified. "what?" i asked, she put my phone out to me. i didnt hear it go off, let alone her answer it. i grabbed it and put it up to my ear. "hello?" "riley its alex." "what alex..." "its your mom.." i froze. "wha-whatya mean.." i started pacing, freaking out. oh no. oh no. oh no. "there was an accident... your taking my ticket to go see them... i'll stay at your house and make sure everything is ok. you need to get here now."

i froze and dropped to the ground. jessie running over to me to make sure everything was ok. i couldnt speak. "meet me at the airport." i hung up and carefully stood up. "everything ok?" she asked in a worried tone. "i need a ride to the airport.." she nodded her head and grabbed her keys. i ran as fast as i could down her stairs and out to her car. she followed after and quickly started her car. revving her car we drove off. i couldnt stop fidgeting, oh my god. was she ok? what happened. i felt my heart sank to my knees. she squealed to a halt as we we pulled up to the airport.

i turned to her "thank you so much jess. you have no idea how much this means to me" she smiled "call me when you can ok girly?" i nodded and gave her a quicky hug and ran out into the building. my heels clicked against the tile floors. i stumbled in these stupid heels, i spotted alex by the ticket counter, tapping his foot. i came up, his face looked scared but when he saw he looked confused. "why are you all dressed up?" "i had a date to go to-" oh my gosh! LOU! "with who?" he asked. "can we just worry about my mom right now?" he handed me my ticket "im sorry riley.." he pulled me into a hug, he didnt try anything, strictly friends. i hugged him back. "bye alex. make sure everything is ok at my house.. please..."

he nodded and pushed my towards the scanners. i went through security and barely made it on my flight. i got weird looks from the people boarding, well im in a tight dress and getting on the plane to scottland. i finally found my seat, sitting next to girl about my age and an older woman. i was tapping my fingers, trying to keep myself occupied. "i like you dress" said the girl who looked the same age as me. "thanks" i said trying to put a smile on my face, on the inside i was freaking out. "why so dress up for riding the plane?" "oh-urm.. i was supposed to go on a date.. and something came up" she pulled out her laptop, getting ready to turn it on when we were actually in the air. i felt so bad. "oh my gosh, im so sorry." my face fell "i need to talk to him as soon as we land.." "what about once my laoptop is able to work you facebook him or something." "you would really let me?" i asked. "well yeah." she gave a genuine smile. "thank you"  feeling the plane shake, i squeezed the arm rests. i hate flying alone. closing my eyes i drowned out the potentionally scary noises coming from the plane. it settled and i peeled open my eyes. "im stace by the way" the girl next to me smiled. "im riley" she handed me her laptop. amazingly its already been 3 hours. past 6... logging onto facebook i checked to see if he was online. both him and harry were. i typed in the little message box.

me-lou, im so sorry. i meant to call. something came up

him- yeah..

me-please dont be mad. i really meant to call. im on a plane right now..

him- ok.. if you didnt want to go on a date with me. why not just say no in the first place.

my face fell as i read that.

me- you know i wanted to go on a date...

him-i have to go riley.

me-but louis please..

louis tomlinson has logged off. i sighed. he hated me..

i logged off and handed stace her laptop. "thanks" "no problem" she beamed. i leant my head against the seat and closed my eyes. nothing bad happens when you sleep.

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