Give me a love like never before -1D fanfic-

riley moves from florida to england. she doesnt want to go through the whole new girl thing. but what happens when she meets a boy? nothing really starts off good with him, but when she needs someone the most, a boy named louis comes and helps. what will she do if she falls for 2 boys? who would she choose? all she wants is friends. will on stay by her side the whole time? you'll have to find out;D


24. please be a dream..

**Riley's POV**

i felt someone shaking me, my eyes fluttered open and adjusted to teh scene around me. people standing up and grabbing stuff from the overhead compartments. stace smiled and waved goodbye. i sighed. and stood up, pulling at the hem of my dress. i walked off and into the actual airport. i pulled my phone out, sure enough texts from lou and harry. i ignored them and called my dad. "hello?!" he sounded worried and strained. "hey dad. im here" "oh baby girl. im waiting outside"

i ran out there, heels making noise as i attempted to sprint. i was probably a sight to people around, a girl in a skimpy dress runnign through the airport. as i was met by the cold wind, i saw my dad. i ran up to his open arms and hugged him tight. i was such a daddys girl. he ushered me into the taxi as we drove off to the hospital. "dad.. what happened.." "we were at an employee party, you mother went to go get wine and.. she was hit my a van and rolled over the gardrail.she hasnt woken up... i wanted you to see her one last time.."

i couldnt breathe. just no. i didnt say anything, i let it sink in. it never did. we pulled up to the er and i ran out the car, not bothering to wait for it to come to a complete stop. i ran to the front desk. before i could open my mouth my dad just grabbed me and pulled me towards her room. i was shaking so bad. we stopped in front of a room with a curtain around it. dad gestured for me to go in, i took a deep breathe as he held open the curtain to let me have alone time with her. she was badly hurt, bloody gauze wrapped around her head, cuts and bruises covering her face and body.

i couldnt help the sob that escaped my lips. she was so lost and helpless. i slowly made my way to her lifeless body and took her hand. "mom. please.. please dont leave me" tears flowed freely down my cheeks. "im sorry for all the times i didnt listen, for the times i made you mad, for the times where i was ungreatful, for the times i wasnt there. i love you mom. so much. i need you mom." god, dont let her die. i was sniffling non stop. squeezing her hand as if she will magically squeeze back.

it never happened. "honey. its time" thats all the time i got.... i leaned forward and kissed her forehead. i didnt want to say goodbye. "mom. im so sorry. i love you mommy" i dropped to my knees and held her as if my own life depended on it. my dad grabbed my waist and tried pulling me off, i grabbed the rails and held on tight. i was even more lost. lost in a huge world, my mom was always the normal thing. i sobbed, begging for her to live, begging for forgiveness, begging to die rather than her. i was finally ripped off her, i couldnt fight anymore. it was useless. i was useless.

i had to be pulled out of the room, so they could do it. i hadnt stopped crying. my dad didnt speak a word to me. he kept his distance. after a day in the er, me and my dad went to his hotel. walking in, i saw all of her stuff neatly packed. i walked over to it and grabbed a pair of sweats and shirt. i walked into teh bathroom and changed into them. holding the clothes close to my body, as if i was waiting to turn into her magically. i washed the make up off my face and walked out and flopped onto one of the beds. pulling my knees to my chest and fell asleep. i dreamt of nothing, what was there good to dream of.

i was just waking up, the sun beaming through the blinds and my dad on the phone. i sat up and scratched my head. "we're leaving in 10 min." i didnt say anything just stood up and washed my face. i had no other clothes so i put on a pair of my moms shorts and kept the shirt. it smelt like her. "how long was i asleep?" i mumbled quietly. "2 days.." i felt like i should have been surprised, but i was numb. i threw my dress into my moms bag and threw it over my shoulder and we made out way to the airport. this is just a dream. i thought to myself, i'll wake up and everything will be ok.

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