Give me a love like never before -1D fanfic-

riley moves from florida to england. she doesnt want to go through the whole new girl thing. but what happens when she meets a boy? nothing really starts off good with him, but when she needs someone the most, a boy named louis comes and helps. what will she do if she falls for 2 boys? who would she choose? all she wants is friends. will on stay by her side the whole time? you'll have to find out;D


16. party time!

**riley's POV**

we sat in the car, he took my hand in his, a smile spread across my face. but as soon as we pulled up to get harry and zayn, he let go to go grab them. lou was in a blue button up and a khakis. bright blue vans complimenting it the whole look. i started twiddling with my thumbs waiting. i wonder if things were gonna be wierd with harry.. WELL DUH! after that whole incident with the coffee, its bound to be awkard. i was startled but the light in the car turning on, lou climbed in the front, i soon heard the back doors open. i pulled down the visor and looked in the mirror. i saw zayn behind me smiling. i smiled back and waved. i flattened the frizz that was threatening to overtake my whole head. i sighed and closed it. my phone went off in my pocket. i didnt recognise the number the number it was a text.

you look fine.

thats all it said. i looked at my phone with a confused look. who was it? it was either zayn or harry. i shook my head and just continued to space out, looking out the window. the sound of black eyed peas i had the time of my life, playing throughout the car. i completely zoned out. the boys were talking. well atleast zayn and lou were.  someone waving their hand in front of my face i blinked and looked at lou, he smirked. "ready to go?" i nodded and smiled.  i unbuckled before i could open my door, lou was there holding it open like a gentlemen. harry and zayn already made their way in line, barely anyone there. so we were pretty close to the front of the line. "so this your first club?" i nodded. "back in florida you had to be 21" they all looked at me confused "thats the drinking limit there." their mouths dropped.

i rolled my eyes and continued to move as the line shuffled forward. i was tugging on the hem of my dress, feeling it slowly creep up. not wanting to flash anyone. i rubbed at my arms, the line stopping. the hell. seriously.. i felt a jacket being draped over my shoulders. i turned to see harry. i froze, slowly pulling it off. he stopped me. "just because me and you arent talking doesnt mean im gonna let you freeze to death." the look on his face was sad. i mumbled a thanks. and looked at the ground awkardly. we didnt say anything to eachother. i turned to him, he looked at me suprised "harry.. were you.. the one- one who texted me?" i questioned. his face tinted a barely noticable shade of pink and he nodded. i nodded my head slightly in acknowledgement.

we didnt talk a whole lot. i think lou sensed the awkwardness, cause he came over and put his arm over my shoulder, "you ready to get your drink on?" he said with a wide smile. "oh hell yeah!" i said mirroring his smile. harry winced and turned away. i felt bad, but i wasnt ready to talk to him. the boys were all carded. the guy got to me. i was looking around, "you can go in" i nodded and walked in, lou put an arm around my waist. the music was so loud, i couldnt hear anything, lou leaned into me yelling in my ear "that guy was checking you out!" i rolled my eyes and shook my head.

we went up to the bar, i zayn got us shots, downign mine i slammed in on the counter. lou got the next ones, it smelled wierd. i made a wierd face and waited for someone to go first. zayn did. he was coughing. "GOOD GOD THATS STRONG!" lou smirked to himself. i took a deep breathe and did mine. ive never had anything so strong. it was my turn to get shots, i walked up to the bar, people crowding it. i pushed up and waited. i felt someone grab my ass, i whiped around, i saw some guy with a huge drunken smirk on his face. "hey sexy" i glared at him and smacked him "fuck off." he stumbled and mumbled "bitch" at me.

the bartender looked at me "what can i get you?" "something really strong! like really strong!" i said with a smirk. he nodded and got to work. "how many?" i held up  fingers. the bartender looked a little older than me. not hot but also not ugly. he walked over and handed me the shots, i smiled and was about to hand him money "its on the house!" he said with a smile. i walked back to the boys and set the shots down. they all downed theirs but soon started coughing. i smirked and took mine. acting the same way. oh wow. "YOU TRYING TO KILL US?!?" louis yelled. i felt the booze rushing to my head. i wasnt drunk, but there was no way i was sober. "im tappin out" i said.

they rolled their eyes at me. the beat to we found love was playing, i smiled and grabbed lou, towing him to the dancefloor. we pushed our way through the crowd of people, we started dancing, making fun of people dancing around us. but soon dont wake me up was playing from chris brown. lou grabbed my hands putting the above our heads. he smiled at me, i couldnt help but return the smile, right as the beat was getting louder, it was flowing through my body, i felt myself leaning into him. he wrapped his arms around mywaist, pulling my closer to him. the chorus was about to play, lou leaned in and crashed his lips onto mine, he tasted like alcohol and mint. i pulled on his neck, deepening the kiss, my heart was racing, he began running his hands down my back, pulling me even closer, not even a breathe of air between us. i lightly bit his lip, earning a quiet groan from him. he licked my top lip. i smiled into our kiss.. hell it wasnt a kiss. i smiled into our make out kiss. i didnt care people were around us.

i just cared about this moment right here. we pulled away from eachother, both breathing heavy. i smirked at him. he grabbed my wrist and pulled me to this section closed off. we snuck past the security guard, in front of it. no one was around. couches and tables lined the room. the music just sounding like backround music. lou pulled me to him and began kissing me again. i dont know why i was acting like this?! blame it on the achohol. he peeled his lips off mine and took me with him to one of the couches. he sat down, having me stradle him. i smiled at him. his eyes so serious and determined. he leaned forward and kissed my neck, trailing up to right under my neck, i gasped. he smiled and lightly kissed there again. i bit my lip. he stopped and looked up at me. two can play this game. i leaned forward and kissed down his neck, at the base of his throat i felt him tense. i smirked and lightly licked his neck "dammit riley!" i smiled at him. i went back up to his lips, my body molding to his. i pulled away, a longing look spreading across his face. he rested his hands on my waist. i put my forehead on his and smiled at him. "riley, i need to tell you something.." oh no.. i tensed a little, waiting for him to tell me "you. are. an.amazing.kisser" i smirked and laid a sweet kiss on his lips. he smiled into the kiss. his lips could become my new drug

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