Give me a love like never before -1D fanfic-

riley moves from florida to england. she doesnt want to go through the whole new girl thing. but what happens when she meets a boy? nothing really starts off good with him, but when she needs someone the most, a boy named louis comes and helps. what will she do if she falls for 2 boys? who would she choose? all she wants is friends. will on stay by her side the whole time? you'll have to find out;D


2. new and confused...

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**Riley's POV** 


it didnt even look like a high school, wait are they called high schools in England??? oh well. but it looked amazing. it was so big i couldnt help but be in awe. my phone went off




you need to go to the office and get your schedule xoxo mom



i locked my phone and started to walk down this stone path. i looked at the trees, the plants and other students talking to eachother. but i noticed that people had uniforms. uh oh... i stood out like a sore thumb. i walked by and this group of girls were whispering to eachother behind their hands. i stopped and looked and them and put my hand in front of my mouth, mimiking them " i hope you know, this doesnt make it any less obvious that your talking about me" a tall blonde haired girl looked at me and smirked "well well well. an american. how odd?"

i scoffed at her and continued walking. i thought people said that people in england were nicer... i was stomping around the campus, and having no clue as to where i was. i spun a circle trying to find someone so i can get some help.  i slapped my hands to my face and let out a frustrated groan. then someone coughed behind me. i looked around and finally turned around. a girl who looked around my age who had jet black hair and was a little bit taller than me was smiling. "uhhm. hi, you looked a little lost. would you like some help?" i smiled greatfully at her and nodded and bit my lip nervously. " my name is Jessie." she put her hand out and smiled. "im Riley" i took her hand. "so what are you looking for exactly?" "uhm. the office?" i said guessing. " you dont sound so sure of yourself" Jessie said with a laugh.  " im not really from here as you can tell from my accent hahah" she gave me a reassuring smiling and linked her arm through mine " well. i'll be helping you. we'll be partners in crime"

im starting to like this girl. we finally got to the office.  the office was nice and warm. i didnt bring a jacket. well seriously how could i when i was being shoved out my door? there was an older woman at the desk. she looked up at the bell on the door chimed. she plastered a smile on her face tha tshowed that she didnt like her job. she looked at my clothes and shook her head disapprovely.

 "hello im Riley Andrews. im new here" i said. the woman started typing away on her computer. " are you here for your schedule and uniform?" well no duh?!?!? "uh. yes ma'm" she walked off towards the back room. jessie coughed beside me, i totally forgot she was there. i looked at her and sucked in a breathe. right then the bell rang. she cursed under her breathe. " im sorry riley. i have first class to get to, i'll see you at lunch?" i nodded at her as she left. great. back to being alone. i started playing with my thumbs until the woman came back. she handed me my schedule and practically threw my uniform at me. "uhm. i was wondering if i could have a map of the school? cause it took me 20 minutes just to find the office." the woman looked at me like she was trying not to laugh. "sure. hold on"

i looked around the office, it was plain had olive colored walls with dim lights. the rug was a horrible dark brown. the woman came back with a map and handed it to me. i slowly walked back out into the hall. i looked around for a sign that said bathroom. after roaming for a good 10 minutes i finally found it. i ran into one of the stalls and quickly put on the uniform.  it was what everyone expected a uniform to look like.  purple and blue plaid skirt with knee high socks, short sleeve white button up shirt with an ugly black vest.

i threw my regular clothes into my bag and slipped my vans back on. i looked in the mirror and smilled. i dont look as bad as i imagined. i turned on my heel and walked back out. dragging my feet on the floor looking at my map trying to find my psycology class, its up on the 3rd floor. GOOD GOD! im going to hate this school more than i thought.  i ran up the stairs not giving myself the chance to get tired. i looked around, desprately trying to find the room. i swear to god this school is a friggin maze. i walk past one of the rooms and automatically stop.

throwing my hands in the air "YES!!!" i quickly dropped my hands... good. no one saw. i shuffled into to class. all eyes were on me. the teacher stopped mid sentence and smiled up at me. " well you must be the new student. im mrs. pinn. would you like to introduce yourself?" i looked around the room, gulping. i tried to find my voice. i coughed "uhhm... my name is Riley Andrews. im from america... obviously" there were a few scattered hellos. but there was one voice that caught my attention. "well well well..." my eyes widened.. i looked back up at the teacher. " well ms. andrews you can take the vacant seat in the left back corner of the room"

i manuevered my way through the desks. my face as red as a tomato. i sat down and lowered my head so my hair was blocking my face. mrs. pinn was rambling on about something. i dont really know what. i turned my head so i could look out the window and started to space out. until a piece of paper hit my on the side of the head.. it surprise me. i picked the paper off the ground and looked around the room to see who did it. no eyes met mine. i unfolded the crumpled paper. neatly written was.


"no one ever crosses me"  


i looked over at the tall blonde from earlier and she was looking at me smirking. she flipped her hair and laughed one of those horrible fake laughs... i really just want to stab her. dang. first day here and i already have a hater club..

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