Give me a love like never before -1D fanfic-

riley moves from florida to england. she doesnt want to go through the whole new girl thing. but what happens when she meets a boy? nothing really starts off good with him, but when she needs someone the most, a boy named louis comes and helps. what will she do if she falls for 2 boys? who would she choose? all she wants is friends. will on stay by her side the whole time? you'll have to find out;D


6. making a new friend!

**Riley's POV**

the rest of the night was boring, tv, homework and sleeping. it was easier to get up this morning. one there wasnt a bunch of boxes in my way and i woke up to my favorite song ever! memories from David Guetta and kid cudi! it was on replay all morning. "All the crazy shit I did tonight Those would be the best memories I just wanna let it go for the night That would be the best therapy for me!!" I sang in the shower. shampooing my hair until it smelled like vanilla and brown sugar! i stepped out of the nice warm shower and wrapped a towel around my now freezing body.  i walked out into my room and plugged my phone into my speakers and played memories again. "BRRR!" i wrapped the towel tighter around me and walked into my closet.

i grabbed my uniform and slipped it on. god. its freezing! i grabbed a gray beanie and slipped on a pair of white ballet flats. i turned and look at the clock, 20 minutes until i have to leave. i ran back into th bathroom and started on my make up. i brushed powder on my face and placed masacara on my eyelashes. i rimmed my eyes with a little amount of black eyeliner. grabbed my tooth brush and thoroughly brushed my teeth. cause seriously. who like bad breathe? NOT THIS GIRL!  i ran my brush through my hair again and placed the beanie back on my head. i skipped into my room, grabbed my phone and book bag. jumping down the stairs, my feet hitting the floor with a thud, i half expected my mom to say something. but there was nothing but silence. i didnt see them last night either. i peered into the kitchen and on counter was a note and a granola bar. Riley, we had to leave early for work, so just walk to school. we are having dinner with my boss. so be ready by 6. love you xox MOM.

i groaned. WHY ARE THEY MAKING ME WALK SO MUCH!!!!! i threw the granola bar and house keys in my bag. plugged my headphones into my phone and played my boys like girls playlist. i walked out onto the porch locking the door and making my way towards school. i was humming along to the music, looking around. when louis dropped my off last night, i made sure to look at everything we went by so i wouldnt get lost again. a car pulled up to me and the window rolled down. "why is it everytime i see you, your walking?" lou had a smirk on his lips. i smiled "i dont know, maybe your just waiting for me to start walking to come up and talk to me" "you caught me.. and i thought i was being sneaky, but do you want a ride?" i laughed at him and nodded "thanks" i said with a wide smile. i sat down in the passenger seat, britney spears was playing quietly. i stifled a laugh. louis raised and eyebrow at me. "what?" "first taylor swift now britney spears?" he turned red and put the car in drive. i shook me head at him and plugged in my music. i started scrolling through my music until my phone was snatched outta my hands.

"HEY! YOUR DRIVING! KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE ROAD!" i just laughed at me and continued to go through "ah HA!" before i could say anything. barbie girl started playing. i grabbed my ipod and started scrolling through. he would choose this song. i found you found me from the fray and played it. "HEY!.... i was listening to that." i just stuck my tongue out at him. it doesnt seem like we just met yesterday. he pulled up to the school. grabbing my phone and stuffed it into my bag. i opened my door. and looked at louis, i didnt notice he had 2 coffees and was trying to carry 3 school books. i walked over and grabbed 2 books. "thanks, but i can carry it, their not mine." i opened my mouth to say something "well, well, well." i turned around. great... she had a sickly sweet smile on her face and strutted over to us. she kissed louis on the cheek. my mouth dropped. louis was the first to speak "do you guys know eachother?"  she smiled up at him "eh, we have some classes together." "well riley, this is my girlfriend Tanya, Tanya this is Riley" he obviously didnt notice the tention. "hey riley!" god.. i was gritting my teeth, but mirrored her sweet smile "hi.. tanya" she took one of the coffee's that louis was carrying. to think i actually had another friend.

out of the corner of my eye i saw someone walking up, curly hair. seriously.... "HARRY!" louis screamed at the top of his lungs. "LOU!" harry said with the same excitement in his voice. i looked down at the ground, my hair hiding my face.i fixed my hat. "so harry, have you met riley?" "yeah i think so" i looked up and gave him a questioning look. he looked me in the eyes and smirked. "hello love!" "oh.. uh- hi" i managed to get out. his smile was gorgeous. we kept eye contact, the books soon fell out of my hands and onto my foot. "ow! shit..." i leaned down a grabbed them. "HEY! BE CAREFUL WITH MY BOOKS!" i looked up at tanya. so these are her books. i straightened up. i gave her, the books and started to walk off.

i heard footsteps behind me. someone grabbed my wrist, i didnt turn around. "i thought i said dont cross me. guess you dont take warnings very good." i turned and looked at tanya "your seriously stilling going on about yesterday? im sorry but you should be more subtle when talking about someone. now if you dont mind. let go of my wrist." instead of letting go, her grip tightened. and narrowed her eyes. "just cause louis is talking to you doesnt mean anything. now i have another reason to make your life here hell" she had a cat like smirk. "good luck with that" i gave her a smile and ripped my wrist out of her grip and walked off. i heard more footsteps behind me, is she really not going to give up!?

i turned around but slammed into a chest. i looked up into his green. he grabbed my upper arms to steady me. "dont want you to fall again" he smirked obviously remember last time her ran into me and i fell.  i turned around and started to walk away. "what was with that whole thing with tanya? you guys looked like you were going to kill eachother." he chuckled. i stopped walking and looked at him. "we have.... beef." "beef? like the meat?" "UH! issues in other words... really you've never heard the term beef?" "your american.... im not. kinda different here. " i raised and eyebrow." so tell me. yesterday your a total ass to me, today.. your being the complete opposite"


** Harry's POV**

i honestly had no idea, she was tapping her foot and arms crossed over her chest. "yesterday.. was an off day for me. and im sorry.." her face looked so much like.... hers... WAIT! dont think about it.. "sooo. you took it out on me?" "its more complicated than that.." i ran my hands through my hair. "HARRY! RILEY!" we turned to see lou speed walking to us. he had a wide smile on his face. "riley, i think me and you have first class together!!"

he had a huge smile on his face. she laughed "uhhm. i guess? i wasnt really looking at people in that room, wanted to keep a low profile on the first day" "i guess we'll figure it out" he nudged her shoulder, she bumped into a locker. her face cheeks went bright red. "hey lou, gotta get to class, see ya guys later!" i waved at them and walked off.  she was different. she didnt fall down at me feet like a lot of girls here. "HEY MAN!" i felt a slap on my back and turned to Zayn. "hey" i said with a smile. "Vas Happenin?" "going to class??? isnt that what people normally do at school?" he shoved me and walked into the class, me tailing behind him.


**Riley's POV**

me and louis we taking our time getting to class. "so you tanya, you guys seems cool with eachother!" he had a huge smile on his face, "eh.. i guess..."shit.. dont talk bad about his girlfriend. he raised an eyebrow. "i mean come on lou. we just met, sooooo kinda awkward." WOO! nice save. we walked throught the classroom door, i took the seat in the back, louis beside me.. and the she devil on his other side.. she didnt even look at me when  i walked in.. why did the fact that louis having a girlfriend make me sad... UH! i have alex... well.. i think? i should probably text him. i sneakily pulled my phone out and sent him a message.



Hey babe, sorry bout yesterday






i got lost walking home, had to unpack and i had homework.


there was no way i was telling him about louis picking me up.



yeah well. i dont wanna talk. bye



seriously. i just moved... and your gonna be a dick about things, talk to me when your ready.


i shoved my phone back in my pocket. my lips in a thin line. a piece of paper thrown on my desk. i looked at lou and tilted my head. he just pointed at the paper. i opened it.


you look pissed. why?


i wrote back


nothing, just stuff from back home


and tossed it back at him.

i looked up at the board. not really paying attention to what the teacher was talking about. the paper was thrown back on my desk.


you wanna talk about it?


i looked into his blue eyes. they started to go gray and his eyebrows furrowed. i just shook my head. his face dropped a little and he gave me an understanding nod. i looked over his shoulder and tanya was death glaring me. i quickly turned my attention back to the teacher. hopefully this day gets better...


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