Give me a love like never before -1D fanfic-

riley moves from florida to england. she doesnt want to go through the whole new girl thing. but what happens when she meets a boy? nothing really starts off good with him, but when she needs someone the most, a boy named louis comes and helps. what will she do if she falls for 2 boys? who would she choose? all she wants is friends. will on stay by her side the whole time? you'll have to find out;D


25. grief

**riley's POV**

the drive from the airport to our house was awkward and quiet. the cab driver tried to start a conversation with us but it was no use. he pulled up to our house, my dad having no money i paid the man, giving him $20. i walked up the stairs, feeling like im gonna fall asleep,i was a zombie and emotionless zombie. i pushed open the door and saw alex sitting on the couch watching tv. his eyes widened as he saw we were finally back he ran up. "where's Mrs. Andrews?" he asked, clearly confused. i felt my lip quiver, i ran upstairs throwing myself on my bed and cried, how could she be gone, she didnt deserve this?!  i curled up into a ball and tried to pull the pieces of me that were falling apart together.

i stayed in my room for a good 3 days. i didnt eat or drink, rarely ever getting up. i heard people coming to the house, never able to hear the voices. only muffled sounds. i didnt cry anymore, i just felt like dying. i heard the sound of someone walking upstairs. "honey. you need to get out of your room. we need to move on." i ignored my dad. "fine... someones here to see you" i continued to stare out the window. the rain running down te glass. "riley?" it was jessie. "riley. answer me.."  i only pulled my knees closer to my chest and buried my face to hide. "riley. come on.. please." i couldnt bring myself to speak.  "i know your sad.. i know. but-but you need to eat. you need to sleep." i couldnt look at her. "ok... i'll go.. but im not giving up riley." i heard her retreating footsteps and the sound of a doorknob clicking. left alone with silence.

a couple hours later, i heard a ding dong and more muffled sounds. i heard people walking upstairs. a knock on the door, i was still in the same postition. "riley?" i heard someone gasp from the doorway. i felt a dip in the bed and someone put the hand on my leg and rub it soothingly. a strong hand grabbing mine and pulling my towards them. i was cradled into his chest, him telling me calming words. and another hand rubbing my back. i looked up to see harry giving me a sad smile and with that i lost it.

i brought myself to him fully and cried. he rubbed my back and softly played with my hair, when i was little my mom would do that to me to calm me down. when i had nightmares, when i was mad or when i just wanted to be close to her. he pulled away "i'll get some tissues" i heard an awkward cough behind me. i jumped and turned to see louis. i quickly looked away. "riley... why didnt you just tell me, i would understand" i bit my lip to keep it from quivering. he took my hand in his and with his thumb rubbing the skin by my knuckle.  he tilted my chin so i was looking at him. "im sorry." was all he said.

i gave him a hug, wrapping my arms around his neck, he kissed my neck softly then my cheek. with his thumb he wiped away teh tears still left on my cheeks. "i feel gross" i managed to croak. lou chuckled at me. "go take a shower love, me and harry will be downstairs." i nodded and stood up, my legs turning to jello ad giving out on my, i fell to the ground and hit it with a grunt. i felt a pair of strong arms grip my underarms and pull me up. "thanks" i mumbled and continued to walk to my bathroom. i closed and locked the door behind me. turning to see the beast that i call myself in the mirror, i gasped.

my hair was wild, in clumps and piled on one side of my head, my make up all down my face and stained on my cheeks, my eyes red and glossy my under eyes swollen. my lip with cuts from biting my lip to bad and my body was tiny and pale white. i couldnt believe i let myself get this bad. i ignore the hideous thing in teh mirror and turned the hot water, jumping in and letting the scolding water wash away all my sorrows. scrubbing my hair and skin till i was sure i didnt smell like something died, brushing my teeth clean and doing it again for good measures. i climbed out and wiped the fog that was gathering on the mirror. my skin was now red from teh hot water and i looked more alive than dead. drying myself with a towel and marched to my closet, putting on a pair of sweats and a sweatshirt that was my moms. it smelt like her, i pulled it up to my nose and cherished it. no more crying riley, i told myself as i felt my eyes start to sting and water.

i kept my hair wet and down, not wanting to bother with it, same with make up. they seen me when i was a monster just a few minutes ago, im sure without make wont be that bad. i skipped downt eh stairs and stopped at the doorway in the living room. my dad was at work and the boys were watching tv. i walked into the kitchen and started to make some food, finding popcorn and doritos, getting a big bowl and mixed them. walking back into the living room and sitting in between thetwo boys. they both gave me sad encouraging smiles. i tried to return it but i just couldnt. "well you smell better" harry joked, i gasped and smacked him playfully. i heard louis chuckle beside me. "you guys are supposed to be nice to me, i was practically dead for 3 days.."  they both cuddled up to me adn gave me puppy dog eyes. "you guys are just doing that cause you want some of my snack" "thats more like niall actually" harry joked. "oh yeah.. hows he been with adjusting?" i asked eating a chip in the process.

"he's been good, introduced him to the boys they seem to get along well" he smiled. "SHIT!" lou exclaimed. "harry we have practice!" i was completely confused, and i didnt want to be alone. "we'll be back around 7" harry said getting up and walking out of the room and out the door. lou stopped in front of me, resting his hands on either side of my body and leaned in. he kissed my forehead and let his lips linger "we'll re-schedule the date babe" i grabbed the collar of his shirt and kissed him, he repsonded immediately, our lips moved briefly until we were interupted by the honking of a horn. i pushed him away and gave a smirk. "have fun lou" i said quietly.


sorry these past few chapters have been sad, i mean come on.. her mom just died. so mer!:p thank you guys for reading<3 xx

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