Give me a love like never before -1D fanfic-

riley moves from florida to england. she doesnt want to go through the whole new girl thing. but what happens when she meets a boy? nothing really starts off good with him, but when she needs someone the most, a boy named louis comes and helps. what will she do if she falls for 2 boys? who would she choose? all she wants is friends. will on stay by her side the whole time? you'll have to find out;D


15. getting ready


**louis' POV**

it just felt so right, but harry was in the back of my mind when i pulled away. i know he was gonna be mad. but. these feelings just cant go away over night. i just wanted to try. i didnt she would repsond the way she did. but when she kissed back, words cant explain how happy i was. when i looked into her eyes. i felt a pain in my heart. harry was definately gonna be pissed, she noticed something her head cocked to the side but i quickly hid it with a smile that was aching to show.

she stepped out of my arms and looked down at herself. "well, lou im gonna change into something.. else. i feel like crap" she took my hand and led me into her house. i went and sat in the living room, looking at the wall, imagining what i was gonna say to harry. "whats making you think so hard over there?" i shook my head and looked over at riley, she was in atheltic pants, plain white t's shirt, hair up and her glasses were on. "i was spacing out" i said with a little smile.

she smiled back at me and slumped on the couch. "so you going to school?" i questioned. her head dropped and looked at the ground "no, i dont think i am. but you need to go. your not missing school because of me." she was avoiding telling me what was going on. "riley-" i started but she interupted. "louis. just go to school, come by afterwards or something" she had an unexplainable expression on her face. all i did was nod and stood up. i pulled her up and hugged her. she buried her head in my chest. i closed my eyes. what do i do now? kiss her? or.. i dont know.. i leaned back a little and kissed her cheek and then her forehead. she blushed, i smilked crookedly and lightly touched her cheek. "bye love, see you later" i walked towards the door, turning to see her waving at me. i smiled and made my way to my car, starting it up and driving to the school.pulling into my usual parking spot, my phone went off. text from harry



practice tonight bro!


i sighed. great.


**riley's POV**

i spent the rest of the day doing research. my fingers were cramped and sore. i have been so focused on this i havent eaten, my stomach growled well more like made the sound of someone dying. i got up and grabbed a pop tart and  going back to my research. my phone went off a couple times, the only time i answered was when my mom called. just checking up on me. i. have. no. life. well i could have gone to school. but. harry. my stomach kept making dying noises so i got up and looked for actual food. no luck. i huffed over to my wallet, slipping on a pair of blue vans and grabbing my phone.

i made my way to the store. please dont let harry be working. walking down the road cars were speeding by. dragging my feet on the concrete i heard my phone going off again. lou was calling. a smile spread across my face. "hellooooooo?" "hey!!" "whats uup?" " i was wondering if you wanted to start to weekend right and go partying?" hm. drinking. sounds. amazing. right. now. "yeah! what time? and is it like clubbing?" "i'll get you around 9 and yeah sorta!" "see you then lou lou!" "bye love" his voice was quiet. i put my phone back in my pocket and walked into the store. grabbing oven pizzas, milk, apples, and other stuff like that. walking up to the register i sighed in relief when i didnt see a curly head of hair. after scanning my items i paid the woman the money and walked outside.

 i dont have any club dresses. as i was walking down the sidewalk. i saw a dress store. i ran inside and started goign through the racks. i finally found a black one. it had some black sparkles on it. it was strapless. just gorgeous. it was in my size, not caring to try it on i paid for it and walked off. i looked at the time on my phone. it was now 6. i ran back home. i jumped in the shower and washed away the gross feeling on my skin. i shaved re shaved my legs soo they were silky smooth. going back into my room, putting a matching purple strapless bra and underwear set. i wasnt gonna put my dress on yet, i didnt want to get make up on it.

so i applied my foundation.  looking at myself in the mirror. i decided on a brown shadowed eye shadow. the base color being a golden brown and then rimming that would be a darker shade. i put a nude color lip on. i grabbed my eye lash curler and clipped it on my eye lashes. soon putting a layer of mascara on. grabbing my blow dryer, i put it on high and blew it through my hair. flipping my head. it looked like an afro. i sighed and ran a brush through it. parting it and putting my bangs in place. i grabbed my curling iron and did nice subtly beach waves. i smiled at myself in the mirror. brushing my teeth real fast and applying deoderent.

i walked over to my dress and pulled it on. i couldnt get the zipper up all the way. "RILEY!" i froze. "yeah lou?!" i screamed back. i ran over to my closet and hid. i tried desperatly to zip it up. i heard a chuckle. i turned and saw lou looking at me with an amused expression on his face. "come here love" "no i got it" i said stubbornly. he sighed and walked over to me, pushing my hands away from teh zipper and zipped me up. his hands lightly grazing my back sending tingles. i leaned down and grabbed a pair of heels. there were gray and simply, well except for them beign stilletos. i put them on and turned back to lou. "how do i look?" his smile widened "beautiful like usual" he winked. i blushed even more.

i sprayed some perfume i got from bath and body works called paris. yum! i did 2 sprays and walked back to louis. "ready to go?" "yeah! but i have to go get harry and zayn" he gave an apologetic smile when he saw my face drop a little when he said harry's name. "alright, but i get shot gun!" i said joking around. he took my hand in his. i blushed even more. i dont even know where we are with this. locking up the house, we left. hopefully this night is gonna be fun!... well it obviously is.. i mean there's gonna be booze!


thank you guys for reading! please comment and tell me how im doing:D thank you! xx


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