Give me a love like never before -1D fanfic-

riley moves from florida to england. she doesnt want to go through the whole new girl thing. but what happens when she meets a boy? nothing really starts off good with him, but when she needs someone the most, a boy named louis comes and helps. what will she do if she falls for 2 boys? who would she choose? all she wants is friends. will on stay by her side the whole time? you'll have to find out;D


21. forgive and forget

**Louis' POV**

i didnt sleep at all last night. i couldnt stop thinking. i did screw with riley's emotions. at first it was just kind of a rebound thing, but these feelings wont go away. i like her. i walked into the classroom, freshly dress. taking my normal seat by riley, i noticed she was acting wierd. "you ok?" i asked. "yeah? why wouldnt i be." she seemed bugged.i felt eyes staring and burning holes through my side. sure enough tanya. she winked at me and licked her lips.

i rolled my eyes at her pathetic attempts. back when we were dating i would have found that hot, but her true colors were shown, and i could barely stand looking at her. when the bell rang, riley sprang from her seat and stalked off. i was hot on her heels but when i got outside the class, she was met by harry. i narrowed my eyes. when we talked this morning i said back off, and he simply said "no, im not going to, if she likes me, then she likes me and you have to deal with it. same as if she likes you i have to deal with it. she isnt property." after he said that i felt so guilty. cause thats exactly what i saw her as, but not anymore. if only she could trust me again.

im just gonna keep my distance, i dont want to bug her or make me seem desperate. i sighed as i saw her and harry joking around and laughing, that used to be us. but not anymore, cause im an asshole.

**Riley's POV**

"ORANGE YOU GLAD I DIDNT SAY BANANA?!?!?" harry shouted. i rolled my eyes but soon started laughing at him. "harry.. you do realize how old that is right?" he pouted "dont hate on classics woman!" "whatever you say little boy!" we were now walking out to his car to go have lunch off campus. i was being turned and pushed against the wall, harry had a mischievious look in his eyes. "run that by me again love?" my eyes widened at how close we were. but i smirked, regaining my confidence. "i said.. what ever you say... little....boy.." his face was priceless, but he soon returned to that mischievious look. his green eyes boring holes into mine.

i couldnt think straight. i was too confused by feelings. i felt like i was betraying lou, but yet i felt happy.. excited? my breathe quickened as harry's face went blank, like he was lost in his mind. i was finally able to speak "so. uhm. can we get food?" he shook his head like he was clearing it, "yeah lets go!" he held his arm out to me, i linked mine through his and walked over to his car, right as i was about to climb in my phone went off. it was liam calling me. "heeelllooooo?" i answered. "the new kid is here! can you meet up with him in the main office?" i sighed. but i remember i already said yes. "sure thing liam!" i closed the door, harry looked so confused. "i have to help the new kid. i totally forgot!" he groaned but followed me. i gave him an apologetic smile. "dont feel bad love, its fine!" he said reassuringly.

walking into the office, a swarm of nervousness overtook me. there was a boy who had his back to me, he was talking to the same lady that gave me my schedule. he was taller than me with bright blonde hair styled in a messy fohawk. i heard the woman say "welcome to the school mr. horan!" she wasnt so cheery when i came here. when he turned around i finally got a good look at him. he had piercing blue eyes and braces that blended with his white teeth. he smiled at me "so are you the new student im supposed to help?" i questioned. "riley?" he asked. i nodded and smiled. extending my hand "nice to meet you, well.. you already know my name" i said with a nervous smile. "nice to meet you too, im niall" his accent was different. "where did you come from?" i asked.

harry was standing awkwardly beside me, not really saying anything. "i came from mullinger, ireland" he said with a huge smile. "i came from Florida" i said with a little laugh. niall was about to say something but we turned out heard when we heard someone clear their throat. "oh sorry i forgot. this is harry! he can probably help you better than i can." they shook hands."so where is you 5th class?" i asked. he handed me his schedule. me and harry looked it over. "well it looks like we have the first 2 classes together" i said with a smile "and me and you have the last 3 classes together" harry said with a slight smile on his face. "well riley, can you show me to the lunch room. im starving!" he said with a bark of a laugh. i returned the smile "sure! follow us!" we walked him right up to the lunch line, his eyes widened as he saw all the food. i smirked. harry soon left me so he can get some food too. i waited for the boys to get their food so we could go and sit down.

tapping my foot, good lord these boys are taking forever. niall was done, his plate piled a good foot and a half of food. harry had 2 pieces of pizza and a soda. once they walked up we made our way out to a table outside. "RILEY!" i turned and saw jessie runnign up to us. her eyes widened when she saw harry was with me. "er. i urm. uhh-" i laughed at her. "you ok there jessie?" i questioned with a hint of teasing. harry was talking to niall, jessie sat across from me and right next to niall. she continued to stare in amazment at harry. "so riley, why are you in my music class?" harry asked. i stole one of his pizzas, his mouth opened and made an 'UH' noise. i took a big bite and put it back down. chewing the food and finally swallowed. "i was moved, so im now in your class as an assistant" i said with a wide smile. he pouted at his pizza like a sad puppy. "you-you stole some of my pizza" i smirked "dont act like a baby haz" his head snapped up, ooo just like this morning when i called him a little boy. i stuck my tongue out at him.

"so niall, tell us about yourself?" i said ignoring the glare i was getting from harry, i bit my lip to keep from laughing. "well. im 19 and i like food." "thats it?" i said. "basically" he said with a nervous laugh. "dont worry. i like food too. i would marry it" i replied with huge smile. "oh i see how it is riles. I DIDNT WANNA MARRY YOU ANYWAYS!" harry faked being hurt. i rolled my eyes at him. jessie was STILL staring at him. she could be a grade A creeper. "sorry haz. but food understands me." i put a hand on his shoulder and played along. "i like you guys, your actaully fun" niall said with his mouth full of food. "awwh. well i cant take all the credit for being awesome-" i said but continued "oh wait yeah i can! IM FABULOUS!" i flipped my hair like a valley girl just to make it better. niall spit his food out cause he laughed. this kid would definately grow on me. i couldnt help but smile. i heard me name being yelled half way across the courtyard.

"RILEY! RILEY!" i turned to see louis running up to me. he came up, out of breathe. "you ok there?" "some-some-someone here-see-know-you-america" i cocked my head to the side but followed him. "i'll be back guys!" stopping in the lunch room, i saw who lou was talking about, even though they've never met. "hey riley." i froze, he walked up and kissed me on the forehead, i was frozen. "al-alex?" i stuttered. i bit my lip. "what-what the hell are you doing here?" i asked in a hushed tone. "well.. my mom surprised me with it.. she thinks we're still together... so.. when i thought i was going to visit my dad. i ended up. here." my face was blank.

i was so confused. "how long are you supposed to be here." i said through clenched teeth. "a week.. you parents said you dont have to go to school..." he tried looking at me, but i avoiding his gaze. louis was standing behind alex. he mouthed the words "you ok?" to me. i faintly nodded. "riley.. im sorry.. i was drunk when me and merrie kissed. i want you" i closed my eyes. trying to keep my breathing stable. i felt someone tilt my chin up and slam their lips onto mine. oh my gosh. i loved kissing him when we were dating. but right now it disgusted me and i waspissed. i pushed him off. "no." i gave him a glare and walked off. prick.

**Louis' POV**

seeing him kiss her just made me mad. when i saw her push him away and say no. i was relieved. she ran off, i followed her. screw keeping space. she needs someone right now. i ran after her. i stopped when i saw her leaning against a wall. her eyes were closed and she was breathing hard. i went up and stopped in front of her. "love?" i said quietly. she didnt open her eyes. "love? riley? open your eyes. look at me" her eyes fluttered open.

her eyes a mix between a blue and gray, gorgeous.. "calm down riley. breathe." i saw her let out a breathe.i put my hand out and started rubbing her arm, trying to calm her down. it worked because when she looked up to me. "why.." was the only thing she said. i pulled her into my arms. rubbing her back and i give her a kiss on top of her head. she relaxed into me and pulled me tighter. she looked up at me, her eyes becoming glossy. i leaned down and kissed her forehead lightly. i saw her cheeks go pink. i couldnt help myself.

i leaned down farther, her eyes widened but she stood on her tippy toes. i kissed her, putting all my feelings into the kiss. she wrapped her arms around my neck. i whisked her up, so she was a good foot and a half on the ground and continued to kiss her. she played with my hair making me smile. i pulled away, now having to look up at her. "im sorry lou. i was being.. a bitch" i chuckled. "seriously. riley. i was being an ass. i should be apologizing and-" i was cut off by her kissing me again. "i like it when you tell me to shut up" i mumbled against her lips.

she pulled away and her face was all pink. i smirked. "louis. can you put me down, i have a new kid to tend to" she said with a little laugh. i shook my head, i turned her so i was giving her a piggy back ride. she laughed at me, but rested her chin on my shoulder. she kissed me neck i tensed. "dont be mean riley." i said quietly. i heard her giggle.she kissed my neck again. "riley. i will drop you" i said playfully. but she stopped. i turned my head and saw her smiling at me. "riley. i want to ask you something." i said stopping and tried my best to look into her eyes. she cocked her head to the side. "and whats that?" "would you like to go on a date with me?" i said rushed. her smile widened. she nodded her head and kissed my cheek. "i would love to"

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