Give me a love like never before -1D fanfic-

riley moves from florida to england. she doesnt want to go through the whole new girl thing. but what happens when she meets a boy? nothing really starts off good with him, but when she needs someone the most, a boy named louis comes and helps. what will she do if she falls for 2 boys? who would she choose? all she wants is friends. will on stay by her side the whole time? you'll have to find out;D


14. finally!

**Harry’s POV**

Why did I flip out?! I had no reason to. and that kiss. It didn’t seem right. I have been thinking about it all day. I didn’t know what to do so I just had lou tell her family things came up. The kiss was Like I was forcing her into it. I really like her, but I don’t know why? I stood where she left me, on the sidewalk. I didn’t move until my phone was going off. It was zayn.


“where are you maaaan? Are we still doing the practice?”

“uh. Er., yeah I guess. And im at the corner on bustin street.”

“almost there! But my mom is having me drop some food off”

“erm.. ok? Where?”

“the new girl’s.. riley?? Yeah I think that’s her name”

I froze. She’s not gonna wanna see me. hell if I was her I wouldn’t either.

“ok. See ya in a minute”

I hung up. I look down at my white v neck shirt where there are a few brown coffee spots splattered. i ran a hand through my hair. My anger always gets the best of me. I saw zayns car pull up. His window rolled down and he waved me in. I walked to the passenger door and sat down and buckled up.

“man whats on you shir-“

“don’t ask..” he put his hand up in defense and pulled off into the road. He pulled his phone out to check it.

“lou says its somewhere around here. But im not really good with directions..”

How would lou know where she lives? What happened to the ”bro code”?! after I saw them in the hall, I don’t even know how to explain my feelings.

“YO! Man!”

I turn my head to zayn.

“sorry. Spaced out”

“I think this is is?” I looked out the window. The house was a light blue with gray shutters. He jumped out of the car with the food in hand. He jumped up the porch steps. When I saw her open the door, she still had the coffee ruined shirt. Even from this distance you could see her biting her lip. I sighed and leant my head back on the the head rest. Im such a dumbass.  I looked down at my phone and started playing temple run. Might as well try and keep my mind off of everything. I was so focused on the game that zayn opened the door and made me die. “DUDE! YOU MADE ME DIE!”

He rolled his eyes and started the car, driving down the street, I lean forward and turn on the radio. Fast car by tracy chapman was playing. I leant back and tapped my fingers to the beat. When the song ended we pulled up to zayn’s house, and lou was standing outside with someone by him. I still haven’t talked to him. This is gonna be awkward. I opened the car door and climbed out. Lou was talking to whoever was by him, as we walked closer I could see it was liam. What the hell was he doing here? This is like a band practice! Well. Kinda 

“whats he doin here?” I said pointing at liam, I didn’t mean in a bad way so I smiled at him and waved.

Lou spoke up but didn’t look at me “ he can sing, so I thought it wouldn’t be that bad of an idea to bring him.”

I nodded my head and put my hands in my pockets. Well this should be fun. Awkward but fun.


**Riley’s POV**


After watching finding nemo, I looked at the empty food bowls and ice cream cartons around me. wow. Im a fatty.  I rubbed my now full stomach and sighed. I stood up and grabbed my laptop. I should probably get started on research for family trees. Atleast I would get some work done between me and harry. I clicked on the firefox symbol and typed google into the search bar. Googles home page popped up, so I typed in family tree research, Links to about 20 or so came up, I clicked on one that seemed promising. The page was dull and boring, but it was rated with 5 stars for being reliable. I looked up my last name. hundreds of people and links popping up. Great…

--3 hours of researching later—

My fingers were cramping and tensing up. I sighed and saved the webpage and closed my laptop. I ran my fingers through my hair, my nails getting tangled in the forming knots. I looked up at the clock. 11:30. Dang. I didn’t know time went by so fast. I yawned and stretched my arms out.  I scratched my head and looked around the living room. I grabbed all the dishes and piled them on a plate, walked to the kitchen and placed them in the dish washer. I walked back and collected all the garbage. Melted ice cream was dripping on my pinky finger. I went and put the lid up from the kitchen and tossed the cartons in. my pinky was getting sticky, I made a face at my hand and squirted some soap on my hands and ran warm water over them.

 When my hands felt smooth instead of sticky I dried my hands with a dish towel.  i sighed, nothing but an empty house.  i looked back up at the clock, 11:43.  I didn’t want to just around here, I didn’t care if it was dark. I looked down at my clothes and the coffee stain was still there. Running up the stairs I grabbed a pair of dark jeans and  red lifeguard sweatshirt. I grabbed a pair of converse and slipped the house key in my pocket. I walked outside, the wind blowing the cold air and enveloping around my body. I pulled my hood up and tightened the strings. Shoving my hands into the pockets. I don’t understand anyone right now. What if its not even people freaking out… what if its just me? I sighed and ran my hands over my face. i looked around me, I remember just down the street there was a park. I made my way over to it. And walked over the the swings.

 I drug my feet on the ground, the bark scuffing against my shoes. I pulled the swing to me and sat down, pumping my legs back and forth, I closed my eyes and let the wind hit my face. I heard the a team playing in the backround, I pulled my phone out, a picture of merrie light up the screen, I slid answer. “hello?” “riley, im so sorry!” “for what?” “I didn’t know he was gonna walk in” I didn’t say anything. “riles? I also need to tell you something.” “ok?? What is it merrie?” “I don’t know how im going to tell you.” “ok merrie you really starting to worry me…” “riles… we kissed…” “wait. You and who? The kid Derek you like?” “no.. riley me and alex kissed..” I froze. I didn’t say anything. I just hung up. I closed my eyes and took a deep breathe. I felt my whole body shaking. I didn’t care.

 I stopped swinging and just dropped to the ground. I hunched over and pulled my knees to my chest. Not making a sound, no tears. I don’t even know whats wrong with me? should I be sad? Mad? Pissed? Wanting to punch someone?

I sat at the park till the sun started to rise. The alarm on my phone going off. I reluctantly stood up and made my way back home. I shuffled my feet, not really wanting to get there fast. It took a good 20 minutes for me to get back, I saw a car sitting outside my house. lou’s. I kept my head  down and walked up my driveway. “what the hell? What happened to you?!” I turn around to him running up to me. I didn’t say anything. “riley?! You look like  absolute shit.” I frowned a little. I probably look like complete crap. “its ok. Just tired.” “have you been out all night?” I nodded my head. The look on his face looked disapproving. “what happened riley?” my breathing was getting harder.  I opened my mouth to say something but nothing came out. I probably looked like a drama queen to him.  My eyes were starting to sting. “riley, you know you can tell me anything..” I coughed awkwardly “no lou, you need to go to school.” He crossed his arms over his chest and remained standing. “really. So were you gonna be going to school then??” he said raising an eyebrow. “i- well.. er.. uhm” I stuttered. Before he could say anything I interrupted. “why are you here lou?..” “I came to pick you up” he replied giving a duh face. “you avoiding the question I asked though riley.. what happened?” I was hoping he would forget about that.  I looked in the distance, the sun was barely showing.

  Lou walked up to me, bent his knees a little so he could be at eye level with me. sincerity was clear in his eyes same as worry. Next thing I know his hand is reaching up to my face, wiping a tear that I didn’t know escaped. His eyes widened as I started to crumble to the ground. everything I’ve been holding in came out. His arms wrapped around me, holding me tight. “shh. Its ok love. Just get it all out” I cried, not caring how ridiculous I looked. My breathing started to become normal after about 13 minutes. I kept my head down, feeling embarrassed. I felt him rubbing circles on my back, I focused on that letting it calm me down.

He was there for me.. like a real friend. He didn’t say anything. I lifted my head and gave a nervous laugh. “sorry lou..” I grabbed my chin and tilted my face up. He kissed my forehead, his lips lingering on my skin, I closed my eyes enjoying the sensation. “riley..” I didn’t look at him. My cheeks were bright red. “riley.. love. Please look at me..” I slowly did. He had a small smile spread across his face. he took me head and pulled me up to my feet with him. “im here for you, I know I haven’t been acting like a good friend these past 2 days.. I wish I could tell you. But then again I don’t.” I was confused at what he said. “I’ve been wanting to do something for a really long time..” I tilted my head to the side and gave him a questioning look.

He took my face in his hands and smashed his lips into mine. I was surprised at first, but as his lips moved against mine, I felt myself slowly melting into him. I wrapped my arms around his neck and started messing the the ends of his hair. His arms wrapped around my waist, pulling me closer. he was scrunching the fabric of my hoodie up in his hands. We pulled away from eachother, both of us were breathing hard. Looking into his eyes, A smile spread across my face. a smile grew on his face too.  He leaned down again kissing me, but it wasn’t as urgent, but sweet. I smiled into the kiss. For those couple minutes, I didn’t have a worry in the world. alex who? looking into his blue orbs, there was happiness, lust. but something else. like sadness.



sorry i dont talk to you guys a lotD: i just get so focused on writing!! thank you guys for reading it! tell me what you guys think! give me ideas:)


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