Give me a love like never before -1D fanfic-

riley moves from florida to england. she doesnt want to go through the whole new girl thing. but what happens when she meets a boy? nothing really starts off good with him, but when she needs someone the most, a boy named louis comes and helps. what will she do if she falls for 2 boys? who would she choose? all she wants is friends. will on stay by her side the whole time? you'll have to find out;D


3. face to face

**Riley's POV**

4th class and it continues to drag on. i let out a low groan, i would have done it louder but that would be wierd.. just sayin. 4th class isnt as bad as 1st. atleast here im away from little miss barbie. i look up at the clock slowly, dreading to see how far along into class we were. i close my eyes and peaking through one... wow. only 20 minutes in, 34 more to go. i leaned my head on my hand and let my eyes drift a little. i was so focused on a crack in the wall that i didnt see someone come and sit by a desk by mine. when they coughed i jumped and put my hand over my heart. i put a piece of hair behind my ear so i can ninjally get a look at the person. it was boy. he has curly brown mess of hair, he had is head down on the desk,

wait. was he late or was i just that into spacing that i didnt notice anyone.. i looked up at the clock. YES 10 more minutes until lunch! mental happy dance in my head. right as i was about to mentally bust a move i feel a tap on my shoulder. i turn my head to the curly haired boy and raise an eyebrow. i clear my throat, "yess?"  he looks at me with a confused look. "oh. sorry i thought you were someone else..." i looked down. he also looked down avoiding even glancing at me. i shake my head and turn my head back to the teacher. "after we learn about mythology we'll start our partner project, so you better be thinking of partners. but first, i would like ms. andrews to come up here and introduce herself to everyone."

i froze at the sound of my name and tensed up. i slowly got up from my desk almost tripping over a bag in the process. people around the room stiffled their laughs. i reached the front and looked around the room. i looked at my shoes, which suddenly became very interesting. the teacher nudged me waiting for me to talk. i cleared my throat again i looked up and immediantly regretted it. i made eye contact with someone and i turned a beat red. 'uhhm.. my.. uhmm. my name is.... Ri-Riley And- Andrews. i ca-came from mi-miami Flor- r-r-ida"  right as the the teacher was gonna ask me something the bell rang,

i let out the breathe that i was holding in and ran to my desk to get my bag, keeping my head down. speed walking out the door i ran into the curly haired boy and fell onto the ground, i quickly got up and brushed off the dirt. he didnt even act like he ran into someone . no HEY YOU OK? YOU WANT SOME HELP? nope. just continued walking. i got out into the hall and walked to the locker i was assigned to, it was tiny compared to the ones at my old school. i grabbed my phone from my locker and i had a message.



hey heyy! i miss you already! can you call me when you get to lunch, im staying home sick and hella bored. love you babe!



babe, i'll try to call later cause i have to figure out my schedule/: sorry!



fine. whatever bye


i looked down at my phone, what the hell crawled up his ass?!? i jsut shoved my phone into my bag and slammed my locker shut. "whoa what did the locker do to you?" i looked up at jessie who was leaning on the lockers smiling at me. "well. you know. uhh,.. ..uhhhhm.. lets get food?" i was getting flustered. over nothing... "sure follow me" she smiled widely at me and grabbed my arm and pulled me to the lunch room. it was huge! there were so many tables and almost every single one of them were full. we went to a vacant table outside, the sun was starting to shine through some of the gray clouds, im used to lots of sunshine and muggy weather, here im just freezing all the time!

i pulled out my nuetalla and peanut butter sandwhich... mmmm. soo good! jessie was rambling on about something but she suddenly went quiet, i gave her a questioning look. her eyes were wide and her mouth was slightly open. i looked in the direction she was looking and i saw the curly haired boy sitting by himself. i looked back at jessie and snapped a finger in front of her face. she immediatly went back to normal and laughed nervously. "sorry about that.." i continued to chew my food and raised an eyebrow at her. she  shook her head and shrugged it off.

 "well jess i'll be back" im gonna go wash my hands. i got up to throw away my garbage and ran smack into the curly haired boy...again.. and like last time i fell on my ass.. i looked up and glared at him. " SERIOUSLY?!" he looked taken aback. "you did this to me earlier and then acted as if you didnt do anything!" he chuckled and turned to walk away , he looked over his shoulder "maybe you should watch were your going new girl" i was fuming, no sign of sympathy. i stood up and wiped off my skirt and legs. leaned to pick up my bag and i looked at jessie she looked surprised, shocked and confused.  my lips were in a straight line and i stomped off to the bathroom.

i went in and threw my bag on the ground. not remembering what i came in for. i ran my hands through my hair pushing my bangs outta my face, just dont let it get to you, i kept saying to myself. i walked out of the bathroom and out back to the table. i sat down and smiled at her. she raised an eyebrow at me. "do you have any idea who that was?!!?!?!" obviously he was well known. "uhhm a dick?" "thats harry styles!" "ok and im riley andrews... im not following you here..." she threw her hands up and groaned. "he the untouchable guy. hes hot and every girl wants him but he usually rejects them."    "ok???" i gave her a confused look.

she continued to talk to to me about how he was so hot and blah blah blah. my phone started playing falling in from lifehouse. i thought i told alex i couldnt talk?!?! i grabbed it and gave jessie and apologetic smile and walked out into the courtyard and answer my phone. 




"what the hell i thought you couldnt talk?!"


"alex then why are you calling if you know i cant?"


"just wanted to see.."


"well.." right then the bell rang "alex the bell rang. i have to go. we'll talk later.."


"fine, i just wanted to be supportive"



then he hung up... great...

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