Give me a love like never before -1D fanfic-

riley moves from florida to england. she doesnt want to go through the whole new girl thing. but what happens when she meets a boy? nothing really starts off good with him, but when she needs someone the most, a boy named louis comes and helps. what will she do if she falls for 2 boys? who would she choose? all she wants is friends. will on stay by her side the whole time? you'll have to find out;D



**Riley's POV** louis continued to carry me to class. "LOUIS!" he turned, a boy with short brownish hair was walking up to us. "hey liam!" he raised an eyebrow at us. "whose this?" i stretched out my arm leaning over louis. "im riley, im new here" " "well im liam" he said offering his hand and smiled.  "so whats up liam?"  as louis and liam talked i started messing with louis' hair, braiding bunches all around his head. "see ya liam,  ready to get to class riles?" "YUP!" popping the 'p'. he carried me to class setting me down by my seat, he took the chair next to mine. he went to run a hand through his hair. "what the hell??" i stiffled a laugh and looked at the board. "really?... your horrible at braiding..." i turned to him and gasped "am not!"  he smirked but turned back to the teacher. after class, my stomach still kinda hurt. louis was walking beside me, he put his arm over my shoulder like he has been doing a lot. but then SHE walked by. glaring daggers in my direction. louis noticed me staring at her, and got my attention. "ignore her, she's mad that we're on break and im seen with a by far better person than her" "you do know that when you take a break, you go back.." "well thats not the issue right now. the issue is her bugging you." i shook my head "lou... i can handle this.." he turned me to face him and tilted my chin up, i looked into his eyes. they were a deep blue. he leaned forward and kissed my forehead. he left his lips on my skin for a bit longer, my skin tingling under his lips, and my face blushing a deep pink. he took his lips off but looked into my eyes.  "im not saying you cant handle it. im just saying im here. im sorry if it came out differently."  i smiled at him. before i even realized what i was doing, i kissed his cheek. he looked a little surprised too. hell me too! with alex, i wasnt so bold. but with lou, i dont know, i want to take chances. i smiled and continued to blush. he lightly touched my cheek. i held my breathe. i cant be doing this. i just got out of a relationship! he kept our eyes locked, why is this boy giving me these feelings?! i havent blushed this much in my whole life!!  i finally broke our staring competition. "hey riley, hey louis!" we both turned to harry. he stopped when he saw how me and lou were standing. looked a little too close to be friends. i stepped away and looked at the ground. "uhm riley, we have history next right?" i nodded. i looked at lou and smiled "bye lou lou" me and harry walked down the halls, he didnt even really seem ok. "harry... ar-are you ok?" no answer. "harry." nothing. i softly touched his arm and he snapped out of it "hm. wha?" "are-are you ok?" he didnt look me in the eyes "yeah, just thinking is all" i nodded, not wanting to press it. we walked into class, taking the seats in the back. "alright students, hope you guys have picked your partners! you'll have 2 weeks to finish this research project. its about family trees and similarities between your 2 familes. like eye color, just anything thats that same." i looked over at harry, he had 7 girls around his desk asking to be his partner. "im sorry, i already have a partner." great im alone.. "its riley, sorry girls" i looked up at him. he scooted his desk closer to mine and smiled. "i got your back" he said with a wink. i blushed. yeah i know im so innocent blah blah.. sorry that im not experienced! anyhoo.. "earth to riley!!" i blinked and looked at him. i gave him an apologetic smile "sorry.. what were you saying?" "just asking if you want to come to my house so we could do some research?" "sure" i said with a smile. "are you parents cool with it?" "oh uhm. they're on a business trip so im alone." "oh ok. well i have a practice right after school to 6. so that a good time to come over?" i nodded, i was about to tell him i dont have a car but the bell ringing cut me off. harry left way before me. when i walked out him and louis were talking. louis looked hurt and harry looked pissed. louis made eye contact with me and then said something to harry. they broke apart and neither one said anything to me. uhmm.. ok? i can make one day without anyones helps. i walked into my next class. "uhm riley?" i looked over at the teacher "yes ma'am?" "you've been switched out of this class. your now a teachers assistant in the music class." i nodded my head and thanked her for telling me. i walked around the school. where the hell was the music room.. i saw jessie walking out of the bathroom "JESSIE!" she looked over at me. "oh hey riley, whats up?" "where is the music room?" oh thats in the next building right across from the art room" i smiled at her greatfully and hugged her. "THANK YOU!" she patted my back "well bye riley! see you at lunch?" i nodded and made my way to the creative hall. i followed jessie's directions and walked into the classroom. someone was in the middle of singing. everyone in the class except the person looked over at me. my eyes met a pair chrystal blue ones, louis quickly averted his eyes. whoever was singing was good. they were singing over my head from the fray, i stopped at the door, not wanting to interupt. the person finished "very good liam, you may take your seat, oh. are you my new helper?" i nodded my head, avoiding making eye contact. i thought i was done with this stuff on my first day. "well, riley is it?" i nodded "i have some papers for you to organize. its from all my classes so i'll have a student help you" i followed him to his office and set my stuff down. "so riley here you go, you can go into a practice room and i'll send the student in" i nodded and made my way to a practice room.  i started organizing them from class periods. i heard the door open and close, my eyes widened at who was standing in front of me. its was the... witch.. "well well well. what expecting louis? or harry?" i didnt say anything, i went back to organzing. i clenched my teeth. why would she have to be the one?! i swear this girl was in all my classes. "i hope you know.. they feel bad for you, ya know since you new. louis would tell me how annoying you were. harry is only giving you the time of day because he wants some action.. so have fun slut" she stood up and walked out. my eyes watering. through the window on the door, louis was standing there. looking at me. he was biting his lip. what did i do.. all of a sudden he acted as if he was avoiding me. i quickly wiped a tear that escaped and went back to organzing. i got up and went up to the teacher, "mr. smith. im done, but can i go and get some air? im not feeling so well." i felt my eyes watering even more. "sure riley, is everything ok?" "ye-yeah" i managed to choke out. i took one last look, louis was staring at me, with a look like he was debating something, tanya smirking. i finally saw harry, he was flirting with some girl. with that i bolted out of the class. i slumped against the wall and fell to the ground, bringing my knees to my chest. i knew now why im getting so worked up. im getting feelings for harry and louis. how can i say that?! tears fell down my face, but i dont know why. being overwhelmed? impulse? i dont know. i heard someone's shoes squeaking against the tile floors. i kept my head buried in my knees. the squeaking got louder until they were right next to me. "riley?" a husky voice said. "go away harry." "no. whats wrong? why are you even in this class?" wow. did you not hear mr. smith!?!?!? "im the new helper. now go." i felt my arms being pulled away from my face, and him pulling me to stand up. i didnt look away from the ground. his hand jerked my head up until i was looking at him. his head tilted towards mine. i dont know what to do... wait... right then his lips touched mine. i pulled back. "harry. dont. i just got out of a relationship-" "oh really? you looked like you perfectly fine when louis started doing it." my mouth dropped. "really harry, back to the guy from the first day." i wiped my eyes. "your being confusing you know that.. i thought you liked me, but i guess i was wrong." "harry, i just moved here. do you really expect me to throw myself at guys? cause sorry to disappoint you mister player... but im not like that.". why do i have feelings for him. i heard the class door open, liam stepped out. "harry you need to take you test" harry nodded and stalked off. what did i do?! i wiped my face, making sure i didnt look like a raccoon and walked back into the classroom. tanya smirk grew even more when she looked at me. i went and got my stuff and sat in a practice room.i put my head down on the plastic table in the middle of the room. i heard a click of a knob turning. is it just hate on riley day or something?! i felt someone touch my shoulder, i lifted my head and looked into a pair of blue eyes. "yeah louis.." "you look like you need someone.." i didnt say anything. he crouched down beside me so he was at eye level. i looked away, a burning sensation in my eyes. i felt the hand leave my shoulder, i head blinds closing and a door being locked. i looked up, louis was leaning against the door. i stood up "louis, what the hell are you doing?" he shrugged. "i dont want to play games right now.." "you can go when you tell me what tanya and harry said to you.." i cant tell him.. well maybe i can.. i bit lip, deciding on what to do. "tanya was just being dumb louis.. i'll just ignore her." "riley, i saw you wipe your eyes. what did she say." i took a deep breathe.. "she said.. she said. that you and harry felt bad for me and that was the only reason you guys talked to me and-" "and you believed her?!" "louis.. i wasnt done.. she also said that you would tell her i was annoying and stuff-" "riley-" "do you want to know the rest of not.." this boy was irking me... he didnt say anything. so i went on "and she said that harry, harry just saw me as a piece of ass." i heard him let out a loud breathe. "ok.. what did harry say?" "he didnt really.. say.. anything" "you looked upset, what did he do??" his eyebrow raised. i took a deep breathe "he-kissed me. i pulled away, told him i just got out of a relationship and he kinda flipped." louis didnt say anything. he just looked at me. "louis.. what did i do." i felt vunerable. "you didnt do anything" "then why did you not talk to me after when we were talking in the hall and harry walked up?" "if i could tell you.. i would. but i promised."i grabbed my stuff and walked towards the door. "can i go now.." "not yet." this boy was really REALLY irking me. "why." he looked at me. his eyes looked hurt. "harry. harry wanted me to tell you that he has a family thing he has to do, so you cant go over." all i did was nod. i went to unlock the door, but his hand grabbed my wrist. i looked up at him and he pulled my into a hug. i wrapped my arms around his waist and rested my head on his chest. he rubbed soothing circles on my back. i let out a breathe that i was holding in for what seemed like forever.


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