Give me a love like never before -1D fanfic-

riley moves from florida to england. she doesnt want to go through the whole new girl thing. but what happens when she meets a boy? nothing really starts off good with him, but when she needs someone the most, a boy named louis comes and helps. what will she do if she falls for 2 boys? who would she choose? all she wants is friends. will on stay by her side the whole time? you'll have to find out;D


8. dinner time!

**Louis' POV**

as i walking to my car, zayn ran up to me all out of breathe. he got to me couldnt talk he was breathing so hard. i laughed at him, wooow this kid needs to work out more. "lou.. can i ask you a favor?" he tried giving me a puppy dog face. i crossed my arms over my chest and raised an eyebrow at him. "you know that puppy dog faces dont work on me zayn" his face dropped but he continued. "my dad is having these people come over.. and-" "let me guess. you dont want to be alone?" i questioned "EXACTLY!" "do i have to dress up?" "not really, just slacks and a v neck will work." "uh. fine, what time?" "come by around 7 ish. I OWE YOU LOU" he said has he was running to his car. i shook my head at him.

i climbed into my car and started it, i turned on mayday parade and drove out of the school parking lot. kids in love blasting through the car. i heard the sound of my phone going off. i looked at the caller id.. tanya. i hit ignore. and continued driving. my phone was going off. i must have hit ignore 6 times. when i finally i got to my house i answered. "hello?..." "baby im sorry! she was getting in between us!-" i cutt her off "no tanya. for the past month you've been acting like a snobby princess. and what you did to riley, she didnt deserve. its not her messing up our relationship. its you. im sorry tanya. but if you cant get along with any of my friends or you continue to harass riley.. its not gonna work.,." "i'll change lou! i promise.." "right now.. i want a break... im not choosing anything right now.. so bye." i hung up. i put my phone in my pocket and walked in my house, no one was home. wierd... i went upstairs to get ready. zayn owes me big time..


**RIley's POV**

after my shower i put on a bra and underwear set. i walked into my closet and looked for shirts. i found a simply green striped shirt thats sleeves cut off at the elbow, a gray skirt that ended mid thigh, a pair of white toms and a white cardigan. i skipped into the bathroom, and put my hair in a fish tail braid to the side.  i didnt bother with eyeline. i put a pale nude color on my eyes and rimmed my eyes with a golden brown and brushed mascara on.  "RILEY! TIME TO GO!" i sprayed some vanilla perfume on and walked downstairs. my parents were dressed up, like really dressed up. "uh... mom.. should i go change?" "sweetie we dont have time, we have to go! we're gonna be late!" she pushed out the door. i stumbled out to the car and got in.

we drove for a good 30 minutes. alex is probably gonna be mad.. GAH! riley dont think about him right now. just.. ignore it, he's just being dumb.. we pulled into the driveway. the house was a 2 story house, it was blue with a white door. i got out of the car and walked with my parents up to the door. my dad was fixing his hair, my mom was messing with her make up... "dont worry guys i'll knock" i smirked at them.  my mom huffed at me. well someone is touchy.. a woman with dark black answered with a wide smile. "hello! my name is patricia" she opened the door wider so we could walk in. "hello, im margie this is my husband will and my daughter riley." she pointed at me and i smiled politely and waved. there was a man, kinda tall same darkish hair. "hello mr. malik, thank you for letting me and my family come to your home" my father said extending his hand. "will, this is my family. well part of it.. the girls went out but you've met my wife and this is my son zayn"

i looked at zayn, and i've seen him in school. "zayn dont you have a guest coming?" his father questioned. "yes-" there was a knock on the door "and thats him now" patricia  guided us to the dining room. i i sat down on the side opposite of an empty chair. i heard a door close and the shuffling of feet getting closer. i kept my head down. twiddling with my thumbs. i heard someone take a seat across from me "riley?"

i looked up into a pair of gorgeous blueish gray eyes. "hey lou" i smiled. zayn looked between us. "you guys know eachother?" "uhm. yeah that whole situation with tanya was.. riley.."  my eyes widened when louis said that. i looked over at my mom, who obviously wasnt paying attention. good. i was able to cover up the slight cut on my cheek with make up, so she didnt suspect anything. i looked down at the food in front of me. it was a slice of chicken with a side of potatos. i slowly ate my food, trying not ot eat like an animal. cause the whole tanya thing, i didnt get to eat lunch. sooo i was starving. i looked up from my plate and lou was already done, smirking at me. my eyes widened, holy cow.. that boy was hungry. once i finished eating. my mom looked at me.

"well, their gonna be talking about business, what if you go and hang out with the boys?" i looked over to where lou and zayn were, but they must have left.i nodded and started wandering around the house. for such a simple house, it was confusing. i walked by the patio door and i heard someone shouted my name. i looked around the room and couldnt find them. i walked into what i thought was the living room and it was dark, still nothing. oh well. i just walked through the sliding glass door and walked out onto the porch

. i was looking up at the sky when i felt someone grab me from behind. "AHHH!!!!" a hand covered my mouth and i heard laughing. i licked the hand covering my mouth. "EW! riley.. really..." i turned and smirked at louis. "and thats why you dont put your hand over my mouth... wheres zayn?" "his mom sent him to the store to get desert. soo i just came out here to chill" i went out into the yard and sat on the grass. i heard louis walking up and sitting next to me. "you look cold?" i looked up to lou. "nope" popping the 'p'.  "you look nice by the way..." i blushed. "thanks, you dont look so bad yourself" "RILEY! ARE YOU OUT HERE?!" "yeah mom." "alex is calling my phone, he says he needs to talk to you." i tensed up. i slowly stood up and my mom handed me her phone. i walked back into the grass but away from lou so he didnt hear any of this.

"hello?" "WHY DONT YOU HAVE YOUR PHONE?!" his voice boomed through the phone making me flinch and pull the phone away from ear. "i left it at home, why?" "well im sorry i want to talk to my girlfriend!!" "dont you mean bitch...." i said quietly. he didnt say anything. "alex, whats wrong with you? why are you acting like this." he didnt answer. instead hung up. i turned around and lou was standing 3 feet away from me, with a worried look on his face. i put a smirk on my face, trying to lighten to mood "what eavesdropping??"  he smiled a little bit but the same look returned to his face. i rolled my eyes and started walking inside. "wait.. riley.. can i talk to you?" i turned around and lou was looking at me with his hands in his pockets.

"sure lou lou. you ok??" "im fine actually." he had a nervous laugh. he walked closer to me and moved some hair that fell out of the braid and lightly touched the cut. "lou, its honestly nothing, its just a little scratch... trust me i'll live" i smiled at him. "well, me and her are on a break. she shouldnt have dont that." i didnt say anything. just took a step back, the power of his gaze made me blush. i looked down at the ground. hopefully he didnt see how pink my face was. i look up and he's smirking. yup.. he saw it... "is that all you wanted to talk about mister tomlinson?" i said with a smirk. we he slung an arm over my shoulder and we started walking inside. "for now" he said with a smile. i blushed slightly. whats with me and blushing!?

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