Give me a love like never before -1D fanfic-

riley moves from florida to england. she doesnt want to go through the whole new girl thing. but what happens when she meets a boy? nothing really starts off good with him, but when she needs someone the most, a boy named louis comes and helps. what will she do if she falls for 2 boys? who would she choose? all she wants is friends. will on stay by her side the whole time? you'll have to find out;D


20. deciding.

**Riley's POV**

looking into his blue eyes, i saw worry. "im sorry if i was being rude." he said finally. we were still in the same position. i didnt say anything, i tried tearing my eyes away from his gaze, but it was impossible. he started to lean in, i wanted to kiss him. so bad. i put my hand on his chest stopping him. "i wasnt kidding when i said earlier. i dont want to be a fling." i pushed him away and made my way into my house. closing the door and locking it. soon banging was hitting my door. "come on riley! we need to talk!" i walked up to the door, "how do i know your not just gonna something i wanna hear so you can get me in the sack?" there was a little silence. "goodbye louis."

i walked up the dark staircase and into my room. ignoring louis constant banging. school tomorrow. ew. going into my closet i grabbed a pair of all time low booty shorts and a plain white v neck. climbing into bed i snuggled into the covers. my phone lighting up on the nightstand. i hadnt checked it yet. i grabbed it. 15 missed calls, 23 texts and 7 voicemails. all from louis. he was really worried. put my phone on the charger and threw the covers over my head. grunting i decided to take some sleep aid. walking on the cold hard wood floor and onto the even colder tile floor of the bathroom. i took one sleep aid and drank some water.

i heard the banging still. i crept down the stairs. "fine riley. if you can hear me, im not gonna leave. i unlocked the door and walked out. he was leaning against the side of the house, he looked up at me. "you can come in.. but we're not talking. you can sleep here." i walked back in the house, hearing the door close and the click of the lock i knew lou was in. i walked into the kitchen and poured me a glass of milk. chugging it i put it in the sink. "please. riley. i want to talk." i put my hand up to him. when i turned away from the sink, his body pressed against mine. i froze, "i guess i'll have to show you" he whispered huskily. i was being pushed up against the counter. feeling his hot breathe on my face, i didnt show any emotion.

he kissed my cheek, then my jaw. "louis." i said warning. "riley." he mimiked me. he continued to kiss down my neck. "louis. i dont want to get hurt." i said quietly. he stopped and took my face in his hands. "who said i would hurt you riley?" his voice was a whisper. i couldnt look him in the eyes. "i-" i couldnt say anything. "riley. i would never. i thought that with the whole break up you wouldnt want to rush things." i thought about his words. they made sense. "ok. but then why make out with me and lead me on?" i shot at him. he didnt say anything. "exactly lou." i looked down at the ground. "riley. i was drunk, i do stuff without thinking. honeslty i like kissing you. a lot actually." he chuckled a little at the end. my cheeks flamed. "i also like how your cheeks blush when i compliment you" i blushed even deeper. he lightly touched my cheeks. he put his finger under my chin, forcing me to look at him. "but most of all riley, i like you" i froze. i really like him too, but something was stopping me. he looked into my eyes, concentration clear on his face, as if hes trying to find a sign in my eyes. i pushed his hand away and looked at the ground. i bit my lip and i saw his hand slowly fall from the corner of my eye. "its late lou... i gonna sleep." i began to walk away. but he grabbed my wrist, turning me around. his eyes were pleading. "please riley. just think about it." i sighed. "like you said louis. its gonna be time. i wasnt thinking when i asked you about us. i was too caught up in the moment. im not gonna stop you from having the high school experiance." i walked out of his grip and up to my room, grabbing a blanket and a pillow, taking it downstairs and placed it on the couch.

"goodnight riley" i heard lou say as i walked upstairs. i threw myself on my bed, covering myself with the blankets and fell asleep.

i woke up screaming. i sat up in a cold sweat. the images from the scene staying in my mind. it was 4 in the morning. i sighed and tried falling asleep.

-1 hour later-

well this is impossible. i grumbled and threw he blankets off and jumped in the shower. washing my hair and body, scrubbing my teeth till there was no more morning breathe. stepping out i walked over to my closet and put my uniform on. i got a note in the mail the other day for not wearign my uniform the other day. COOL right?! i washed my face, tingles on my face. i put very little make up on, foundation and mascara. my eye lashes were full and long. my eyes popping. walking out into the living i see a sleeping body on the couch. i completely forgot about louis. i tiptoed into the kitchen, grabbing nutella and bread. i made toast with nutella.

i was gonna retreat back to my room until i heard the floor boards creaking. shit. i cant hide from him forever. "morning love' he said in his deep morning voice."morning lou" i said with a mouth full of food. he smirked at me. he's acting as if nothing happened yesterday. i shrugged it off. its probably the best thing to do.

i heard a knock at the door, who the hell would be at my house this early? walking to the door, i slowly opened it but soon attacked with a hug. curls were in my face. "ew! harry your hair is getting in my mouth!!" i said laughing. "thats what she said!" he said laughing. i rolled my eyes and replied "get your mind outta the gutter!" i mimicked him from last night. "is lou still here?" he asked. i slowly nodded. "yeaaaaah" "well im your taxi for the day! as promised to your mother!" he said with a wide smile. "yay! rolling into school in a... mini cooper? no no. trash can?" i said teasingly. "what did i say about making fun of my car?" he continued "i still owe you for doing it last night!" he had a mischievious smirk on his lips."like i said. ohhh im so scared!" i said faking fear.

he did the im watching you motion. but walked into the kitchen. "hey lou!" he said with a smile. "HARRYYY!" louis yelled. they started talking in hushed voices. i couldnt make anything they were saying out. looking at the time. "HARRY! WE'RE GONNA BE LATE!" i said. running upstairs i slipped on a pair of galaxy designed vans and grabbed my phone and bag. running back downstairs i slipped on the floor and landed on my butt. "OW! SHIT!!!" i screamed. i heard laughing. i glared at the boys standing in the doorway. "fine. IM WALKIN!" i said with a smirk. "oh no you dont!" i heard harry say. i was on the porch, harry walking out and then lou. i walked down then path and over to the mini cooper. i stifled laughter. harry pointed at me as warnign. i bit my bottom lip to keep from smiling. "i'll be at school later guys! i gotta change!" i waved lou goodbye, harry adn him gave a little secret message look.

we drove to the school, talking about random stuff. pulling up to the school, it seemed like forever since i've been here. climbing out of the car, i slung my bag over my shoulder. i pulled my hair into a pony tail. i walked with harry by my side. my eyes widened as i realized the marks on my neck were still visible. i quickly took down my hair and ruffled it up a little. harry gave me a wierd look, i returned it with a wide smile. "your an odd one" he said laughing. i playfully shoved him. "RILEY!?!?" i turned to see jessie run up to us. i smiled at her. "hey!" "where the hell have you been?!?" "sick?" i said unsure. "uh huh.. and im britney spears. whats the real reason?" "honestly i wasnt up to going to school.." i said with a hushed tone. the three of us walked to class.we walked with jessie until she left for her class, harry walked me to mine.

i waved and walked in. "well well well." i froze as i saw the witch. she was giving me a smirk. "why havent you been at school? hmm? to busy selling yourself you slag?" i let a breathe out through my nose. walking to my desk and sat down. half way through class, louis walked in. shuffling to his desk next to mine. i bit my lip and kept my eyes on my work. "you ok?" he asked. "yeah? why wouldnt i be?" i wouldnt think i sounded believable. the look on his face proved it. i sighed and continued with my work. the bell rang 20 minutes later, showign class was over. this is gonna be a long day...

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