Give me a love like never before -1D fanfic-

riley moves from florida to england. she doesnt want to go through the whole new girl thing. but what happens when she meets a boy? nothing really starts off good with him, but when she needs someone the most, a boy named louis comes and helps. what will she do if she falls for 2 boys? who would she choose? all she wants is friends. will on stay by her side the whole time? you'll have to find out;D


19. dealing

**Riley's POV**

waking up was horrible. i didnt want to open my eyes, i also didnt want to keep them closed. i heard faint voices like they were whispering. "we need to wake her up.." "no she needs her rest right now, she's been through a lot ma'am" i recognised liam and my mothers voice. "im sure riley is gonna be fine"  that voice sounded so familiar. my throat got really dry and irritated. i started coughing. i felt someone rubbing my eyes were watering from my little coughing attack. i turned to my mom, she gave a small smile but soon pulled me into a hug. i sighed, missing her hug. "honey drink some water" i turned and a glass of water was being placed in my hand, i looked up into a pair of green eyes. i smiled.  bringing the cup to my lips and chugged it.

taking it down and handed it to harry "thank you" i said. he smiled and went to the sink to get more. "honey.. are you ok to be alone for a couple more days.." i froze. what the hell?! with what i just went through she is still going back to that stupid business trip. "uh. uhm-""Mrs. andrews i could watch over here, you know take her to and from school if that helps" i turned to harry and gave him a what-the-hell look."you know harry that sounds just darling!" i turned that look to my mother. she kissed me on the forehead "honey my flight is in 2 hours! so i have to go!" she gave me an apologetic look and gave me a quick hug. "dont worry mom.. im ok." i said to her sarcastically. she gave me a stern look but turned to the boys "goodbye boys. we'll be back in 2 weeks!"

i stood up, still in the clothes i was when i found.. the woman. blood stained on my shirt and pants. flashes of the scene came back. "i brought some of my sisters clothes" harry said to me. he handed me the plastic bag. i gladly took them. sprinting into the bathroom and threw the clothes off. this is her blood. why didnt i try and help her?! im so dumb. i just froze, couldnt do anything. my chest was heaving. i just slumped against the wall, in my bra and underwear just trying to breathe. after about a minute i could finally breathe. i pulled the bag over to me and looked inside. pulling out a bright pink hoodie that said london 2012, black skinny jeans and a pair of white high tops. i pulled the clothes on and looked in the mirror. my make all over the place.

i was a complete mess. i grabbed a small hand towel that was hanging up and got it wet with hot water. wiping it on my face and washing away all of the left over make up. looking at my neck and seeing the spots were almost gone. i kept my hair down though. just running my hands through it and patting it down. re opening the door and i saw it was only me and harry. "liam had to go" he said reading my mind. "i see the clothes work??" he questioned. "they do.. thank you harry" "my sister felt thats you would need it with everything you've gone through. she said you looked like a complete reck." i was confused.. "you sister?" i asked. "she's the one that found you." shaking my head. "can we.. not talk about that.. just please." "oh. im sorry!. i wont bring it up... but lets get you home" i didnt move, i just stood there looking at him. "what?" he asked. i dont know why. but i threw myself in his arms. he was surprised by my sudden attack but hugged me tighter.

i held onto him desperatly. not wanting to let go. we stood there for a good 5 minutes. he was whispering that is was gonna be ok and telling me to breathe. he gave me one last squeeze and leaned back to look at me, but i just buried my face in his shirt. he chuckled a little, making my head move with his chest. "we need to get something for you to eat, its been like a day in a half." his voice rumbled. i nodded my head and tore myself from him. we walked out of the room and down the hall of the hospital. i saw an older woman laying in a bed. she was so fraile. i stopped walking and looked at her, when she saw me.

a smile grew on my face and waved. she did the same thing. when the nurses stopped her so they could check something i walked towards her. "riley what are you doing?" i didnt say anything. i went over to her "hello" i said nicely. "hello love, what are you doing in here?" she questioned. "oh.. i erm. passed out apparently" i said with a little chuckle. "yeah and i saved her!" i turned to see harry walking over. i looked back at the woman "uhm. if you dont mind me asking, why are you in here?" he smiled faded a little. "cancer honey.." i saw the nurses coming. so i leaned forward and gave her a hug. "keep strong" was all i said. "love, whats your name?" she asked me when i pulled away. "im riley, and thats harry" i said gesturing towards the curly haired boy. "well im mary" she replied.

she was being wheeled away from us, so i waved at her which made a smile grow on her face. harry grabbed my wrist and towed me out. "do you know her or something?" he asked. i shook my head. "why did you go up and talk to her?" he asked. i opened my mouth, i honestly dont know why. "uhm.. i dont know.. i just kinda felt like i had to or something." he threw is arm over my shoulder and gave me quick squeeze. i looked up at him and he smiled a bright smile. "uhm. how did you get here?" i asked him. "my car" he said with a duh tone. i rolled my eyes at him. he took me to a mini cooper. i stifled a laugh. "dont make fun of my car... " he started pouting. it only made me laugh harder. "you'll pay for that riley" he said with a very serious edge. "ohh im shaking in my boots!" i said sarcatically. "you just know when it will happen" he had a playfully smirk on his face. i opened the door and climbed in, harry doing the same on the drivers side.

starting the car we drove off, he pulled up to a fast food resturant. "nice choice in food" i said with a laugh. "nothing but fancy!" he yelled as he ran up to the door. i followed, not really wanting to run. good god this kid had energy. how i'll never know. when i walked in, he was sitting at a booth. "i ordered you a chicken burger and fries and. and. and a milkshake" he smiled. "you said and three times.. you ok? do i need to give you a drug test?" i questioned. "oh HA HA! your hilarious." "ORDER 69!" i snorted loudly. "get your mind out of the gutter!" harry said. i raised an eyebrow at his back. i think i left my phone at the house. shit..putting the tray of food in front of me he dug in. i slowly ate my burger. i was thinking about the whole accident. i dont even know her name. "riley?...RILEY!" i jumped at the sound of my name. "yeah?" i questioned. he gestured to my food, i pulled my burger into little pieces. "sorry" i said with a nervous laugh. "you not hungry?"

i bit my lip. i felt horrible. "not after what happened... food. doesnt sound appealing. sorry harry! i was gonna tell you i wasnt hungry, but it was really sweet of you" i said with a small smile. he shrugged it off "dont be sorry riles, its fine." he finished his soda, i drank my milkshake though, it tasted amazing! "ready to go love?" i nodded my head and followed him out, he held the door open for me and the same with the car door. starting the car, i turned on the radio. some nights from fun was playing.i sang it at the top of my lungs. harry was laughing the whole time. harry changed it, he searched through his CD and played fast cars from tracy chapman. i hummed along to the tune, but he sang, it sounded amazing. i looked at him, my jaw on the floor. when it ended he looked at me "what?" "your an amazing singer!" he shrugged it off. wow. that was amazing! when we pulled up to my house there was another car in my drive way. what the hell? "why is lou here?? did you text him or something?" harry asked. "uhm. no. when i met

you at the coffee shop i left it at home." i climbed out of the car, and walked up the porch steps. lou was leaning against the banister. "THE HELL RILEY?!" he came running over to me. pulling into a hug. i was so confused. pulling away from him "why are you here louis?" he didnt answer he just pulled me to him and kissed me fiercly. i shook my head and pushed him away. "what are you doing lou?" he was glaring at harry who was now standing at the bottom of the stairs, his face blank. "what do you mean what am i doing?" he said to me. "you dont want a relationship obviously. so why kiss me?" i shot at him. he didnt say anything. "lou. you need to figure out what you want. i dont want to go through what i went through with my ex.. until then. we're friends." i kept my face serious.

i cant believe i was doing this. but i didnt need anything else on my plate. i took a deep breathe. "thank you harry-" i turned to him at the bottom of the stairs "thank you for taking me back home. and tell your sister.. i apprecite her for helping me, and tell her im sorry if i looked horrible and useless" "your welcome and will do riles. goodnight!" he smiled and walked off.

"what happened to you riley?" louis questioned. "why were you thanking him.." he continued "i ran into some trouble and his sister and liam practically saved me.. im going to bed lou. good night. see you at school tomorrow." i turned to walk in my house but i was soon pushed against the house, it didnt hurt but it surprised me. louis was just a few inches from my face. "you say i dont know what i want. but i was worried sick about you riley.. when you didnt answer my calls or messages. i thought the worst" shit..

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