Give me a love like never before -1D fanfic-

riley moves from florida to england. she doesnt want to go through the whole new girl thing. but what happens when she meets a boy? nothing really starts off good with him, but when she needs someone the most, a boy named louis comes and helps. what will she do if she falls for 2 boys? who would she choose? all she wants is friends. will on stay by her side the whole time? you'll have to find out;D


7. cat fight and a dumb boyfriend

**Riley's POV**

the rest of class went by fast. louis had to leave class early  for some reason. right when the bell rang i stood up and shoved my binder back in my bag. tanya walked up to me. "what was in the note" i looked up at her and laughed. "why does it matter to you, its none of your business" "if its about louis it is my business" she growled at me. i rolled my eyes and walked off. i went to my locker where jessie was waiting for me. i smiled at her "hey jesse" "hey! so i see you have another enemy" she said with a laugh. i rolled my eyes at her. "what the she devil?" she laughed at the nickname i gave her. we started walking to class when i felt someone poke my side. i squeked and jumped. glaring at a smirking louis. "dont do that!!"

i felt another poke on my other side and did the same squek and jump like last time, except this it was jesse. i glared at her stuck my tongue out at the both of them. they started laughing at me.. those jerks... my phone was buzzing in my pocket. i pulled it out and unlocked it. 2 from mom and the other from alex... i sighed and clicked on my moms message..apparently my dad has to go to his managers house for dinner and i have to go... i groaned and clicked on alex's message. 2 simply words.


"who is it from??"  lou said looking over my shoulder. i quickly locked it. "no one, just my mom". he looked like he didnt believe me. i just my eyes at him and hooked my arms through jesse. "bye lou lou!" he pouted and waved. we walked to science and sat down in our usual spot. i saw a head of curly hair walk in. he saw me and smiled. he came up to the desk next to mine. "heyyy!" "hey there curly" i said with a smirk. "wow, like i've never heard that one before" he rolled his eyes. "nothing but original!" as class started,

i ended up putting my head down on my arms and spaced out. i felt someone staring at me. i turned my head and saw that harry had a look on his face, he was looking at me with a concetrated look. i snapped my fingers in front of his face. he blinked a couple of times "wha-what?" i laughed and shook my head. wow. yesterday. he wa acting like a complete jerk now her i am buddy buddy with him.. damn british people are confusing..


**Harry's POV**

they look so much alike.. i just.. i just cant get over it..  i waited for her when the bell rang. when she got up to leave, a backpack strap caught her leg and she fell. face first into the floor. i couldnt hold back my laugh. she looked up from the ground and glared at me. i held my hands up in defense. he friend hepled her up. i think i heard her call her jesse before. Riley dusted herself off and huffed out of the room, her face was as red as a tomato. i stifled another laugh. she walked so fast out of the room, when i walked out there was a crowd of people. i pushed my way through. "YOU NEED TO BACK AWAY FROM HIM!! HE'S MINE!" damn.. girl fight... sweeeet! "what the hell! he's a person not property! we're just friends! THATS IT!"

i knew those voices... shit! i shoved people out of my way. i saw Riley backed up against a wall. tanya was in her face. i ran up and pulled tanya away from her. "what the hell harry?!" "tanya stop!" "HARRY WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO TANYA?!" i turned to a pissed louis.. great. he ran up and grabbed tanya from me. i walked over to riley. she looked a little shaken up. "are you ok riley?" she nodded and gave a small smile. louis and tanya were talking. tanya looked pissed the whole time.. she stalked over to us and stood in front of riley. she brought her hand up and smacked riley across the face.


**Riley's POV**

the left of my face stinged and burned. i screamed and dropped to the ground and held my face. i looked at my hands. there was some blood. harry pulled tanya away from me and louis rushed over to me. "OH MY GOD RILEY ARE YOU OK!? WHY ARE YOU BLEEDING?!" he moved my hand away from my face. and looked at it. he grabbed my hand and pulled me up. he walked into the bathroom, and came out with a damp paper towel and a dry one. he sat me down on a bench and looked at my cheek. "why is it bleeding?"  "one of her rings cut your skin" he grabbed the damp paper towel and started to clean off the blood, he bit his lip in concentration. it made him look child like... adorable. he then took the dry paper towel and dried it off.

"there.. that should do it" he said with a hint of a smile. i smiled up at him. he frowned at me. "im so sorry...." "louis its fine, its not your fault." he kept his head down. i put my hand on his back and he looked into my eyes. his eyes were a deep blue. "well. its... what your second day here? and you get slapped and pulled into some bullshit drama." "louis. its fine" i tried giving him a reassuring smile.  i stood up and held my hand out.. "come on lou lou, lets go to class"  he smiled up at me and i pulled him up to his feet, i dropped my hand started walking.


-2 hours of boring school later-


i waited in the student parking for my mom, she pulled up and i slowly got in the car. "dont forget sweety we have that dinner". great.. that means i have to dress all dressy...EW. as we were driving my phone was going off. i had 5 texts and 7 missed calls. damn... all from alex... i looked at the messages.


1st- why wont you call me?!?


2nd- what the hell riley?!


3rd-  your being a bitch.. what the hell?!


4th- seriously.. answer the fucking phone


5th- im starting to get fed up with your bullshit.


i stared down at my phone, in complete shock. i've been gone not even a week. and he's acting all crazy.

i replied.


alex.. whats wrong? i havent done anything? i dont get why your calling me as bitch?! i also dont understand your whole thing about "bullshit".


and i hit send. my mom was focused on the road. once we pulled up to the house there was still no reply. im not gonna let him ruin the night. as a walked up to my room so i could get ready. i turned my phone off and threw it on my bed.


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