I have had a very intense life. It's full of drama,horror,mystery,suspense, and much much more. I hope you enjoy! :D


2. When Thing Became Bad

Mike would abuse my mom physically and mentally. He put guns to her head.  He brought her down. He beat the shit out of her. But she was to scared to leave. She had so many chance but never used any of them until later on in there relationship. He would beat the boys. Tom would go to school in clothes that didn't fit. Nick got played by mind games he was the good kid one second and then the next he was getting beat or a gun to his head. Chris was the one who got tortured. He was put between 2 baby gates with 2 viscous dogs on each side. If he moved he got bit. He was thrown out in the snow in his boxers. Mike was a criminal in all sorts of ways. He was a child molester, a murderer , and much much more. He was an evil guy. I wish  I could throw him in jail for the rest of his life.

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