The Direction Love Travels (Editing in process)

(A book based on the future 2016) Nichole Styles is on her way to her annual summer vacation spot to see her brother Harry and his Four friends. She has done this every summer since she was little. This year she brings her friend Bella Salvator with her for her 18th birthday and her 6th summer with the guys. She had been in love with Niall since the day she met him. Will she get to be with him? Or will her many secrets scare him away? Will she be able to live with her secrets, or will she tell them all? Bella falls in love with Harry.. And Louis..and both have a thing for her. Who will she choose and what will it cause? With secrets to keep hidden, decisions to be made and love to be expressed, This summer may just be the most interesting one yet.


13. Morning Madness

     The next day arrived like in princess movies. The birds were chirping happily.. the sun was shining brightly and there was not one cloud in the sky. Kaylynn woke up in the shack still in Niall's strong arms. She recalled last night as the most magical night if her life. She had never imagined she could feel that good. She kissed Niall's cheek and grabbed her phone. 8 missed calls from harry. She bit her bottom lip nervously. Harry would freak if he found out about what had happened last night. She put her phone down and rested her head on Niall's bare chest. She listened to his heart beat steadily and closed her eyes, slowly drifting back to sleep.


Bella awoke that morning with tears in her eyes. How could she have been so foolish enough to not hide her scars. Now Louis knew..and he wants the reason. Bella knew deep down inside that she has definitely made a big mistake by telling him she'd stop. She knew in he heart that she couldn't stop cutting. It brought her too much pleasure. Louis was silly to think that he could replace the pleasurable feeling of the razor blade. She got up from her bed. All this thought about cutting was making her anxious. She grabbed her box and took out a razor blade. She held it to her skin and closed her eyes. She pressed down on the razor slicing into her skin. She felt the warm blood ooze down her arm. She let out a pleased smile and opened her eyes. Her heart beat faster as yesterday's memories slowly slipped away.

Louis woke up late. he couldnt get himself to fall asleep with so much on his mind. "why does bella do that to herself?" Louis just didnt understand what could cause anyone such pain that they would hurt themselves to even it out. he go out of bed and opened his laptop on his desk. he opened up google and started researching bella's bad habbit.


    Harry paced around his room anxiously. Why hasn't Kaylynn answered her phone? he must have called about a dozen times. he starting thinking the worst possible things. "maybe she's so sick that she cant reach her phone... what if shes in the hospital.... what if she ran away...did she....maybe she...killed herself...because she didn't want to die from the monster inside of her..." he ran his hands through his hair and tried calling Niall's phone. he was sent straight to voice mail. "fuck!" he shouted as he slammed his phone down on his dresser.


     Niall woke up to find Kaylynn asleep on his chest. he smiled and brushed his fingers through her hair. he remembered what had happened only hours ago. it was perfect. never had he ever felt good..  His heart felt full  and alive. he felt as though Kaylynn was the only thing he was missing in his life, the only thing he needed. something deep down inside told him he had to do something before it was too late, before he lost her forever. he promised himself he would do it soon. he reached for his phone and turned it on. a missed call from harry. he started to get nervous.

"whats up? you called?" he texted harry preying to god he wouldn't freak out.

    harry jumped up as his phone went off. he replied to niall's text in a panic.

"where are you?!? where's Kaylynn? is she with you? is she okay?!?" harry freaked out.

Niall tried to calm him. "everything is okay, calm your four nipples. lol" he replied trying to make him ease up.  

harry didnt even smirk. "niall where the fuck are you guys? this isnt funny..." he replied.

niall looked down at kaylynn and back at his phone. "the clubhouse..." he replied.

kaylynn awoke and smiled up at him. niall smiled back and kissed the top of her head.

"harry's getting nervous... we should probably head back.." he said softly.

kaylynn's smile faded as she nodded solemnly and got up slipping on her clothes.

"we're coming back" he replies to harry as he too gets up and dresses.  

harry looks at his phone and sighs. he hated to be the bad guy but he had to protect his little sister.  


     After hours of researching the depressing disorder, Louis felt like he knew enough and had enough with it. he closed his laptop and let out a long sigh. he got up and walked to bellas room. he knocked on the door. 

    Bella jumped up startled by the knock that interrupted her thoughts and in-another-world feeling. she looked to her arm "ummmm hold on a second!" she shouted as she cleaned her wound quickly and tried to clean up the "scene of the crime". but she didn't have enough time. louis ran into the room and gasped at the sight.

"BELLA?!?!" he shouted both in anger and surprise.  he grabbed her wrist and examined her fresh cut. "why the hell did you do this to yourself?" he shrieked.  tears streamed down bella's cheeks.

"i...i...i..." she began, she couldnt answer. she began to sob and pulled her arm away from louis, covering her face with her hands. she slowly slipped down and sat on the bathroom floor, leaning against the bathtub.  she pulled her knees to her chest as tears streamed down her face. louis sat down beside her.

"im going to help you get through this, and to do that i need you to communicate with me, tell me what you feel." he spoke calmly and steady. Bella continued to cry.

"do you even want to get over this? or are you gonna cut yourself forever?!" he said a little harshly.

bella remained silent. she didnt want some one coming into her life and telling her what and what not to do. the truth was, she enjoyed cutting herself. she loved the feeling it brought her and she didn't want to give it up.  "louis please... just stop.. okay?" she begged.  

louis shook his head "im not letting you continue to hurt yourself like this! its not right!" he exclaimed 

"im not hurting myself! if anything im making myself feel good! you don't understand! it feels right! even if its not the right thing to do, it feels so good that i don't want to stop! i never will because i don't want to! I LIKE CUTTING MYSELF!!" she exploded.

 louis let out a loud angered breath. his face grew cross. "you're insane.... i just spent hours looking up this shit! its all in your fucking head! its a physiological disorder!"  he shouted angrily. his voice echoed through the bathroom.  

bella looked up at the ceiling as if the words she would reply were written above her. "try living with the weight of your own parents death on your shoulders and then come back to me on that.." she replied with a straight face.

louis's harsh expression softened  "what do you mean?" he asked sincerely.

Bella hesitated, "when i was 16 my parents died in a car crash, i was driving the car. It was raining, they were drunk. I lost control of the steering wheel...the car tipped over.... i watched my parents die...and it was all my fault" she explained looking distant as the flashbacks of the accident played through her mind. a tear escaped and fell down her cheek.

" so sorry..i didn't know.." he began. bella stood up and walked away from louis not saying another word.

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