The Direction Love Travels (Editing in process)

(A book based on the future 2016) Nichole Styles is on her way to her annual summer vacation spot to see her brother Harry and his Four friends. She has done this every summer since she was little. This year she brings her friend Bella Salvator with her for her 18th birthday and her 6th summer with the guys. She had been in love with Niall since the day she met him. Will she get to be with him? Or will her many secrets scare him away? Will she be able to live with her secrets, or will she tell them all? Bella falls in love with Harry.. And Louis..and both have a thing for her. Who will she choose and what will it cause? With secrets to keep hidden, decisions to be made and love to be expressed, This summer may just be the most interesting one yet.


2. Life is a Roller Coaster With It's Ups and Downs

     As the group finally arrived at the theme park, one by one they filed out of the car. As usual, they were mobbed by crazy fans. He boys fought them off until security came to their rescue. They had done this for almost six years now. It had become a routine, anything else to happen would be unexpected.

     "So much for going incognito." Bella laughed as they made it safely inside the gates. The group chuckled.

     Nichole reached into her backpack and pulled out hats and sunglasses. Niall snatched his favorite green Celtics SnapBack from her hand. 

     "Mine." He demanded as he placed it on his head with a smug smile. He took a pair of aviators as well. 

     Zayn, Harry and Louis took their sunglasses with a beanie, while Liam chose the snapback. 

     "I don't know about any of you but I for one am not stepping foot near any damn roller coaster so I though I'd just make that clear." Zayn said as he stepped forward. "I want to make it home safely to Perrie, and we all know that roller coasters are the number one cause of death. I will not make Perrie a widow.

     Bella stepped beside Zayn. "I'm with you Zayn. I hate coasters." 

     Nichole laughed. "Okay pussies. I'm hitting up Sky Rush. Who's with me?"

     Harry gave his little sister a scolding look. "Nichole, I don't think that you should be riding anything too crazy, I mean, well, because..."

      Nichole shot Harry a look and he shut up before he could finish. Zayn gave Harry an odd look and hoped he would give a reason, but Harry was quiet.

     Niall stepped to her side. "I'm going to stay with Nick and hit up the craic coasters." He winked at Nichole with a cheeky smirk.

    Liam pulled Louis towards himself. "Lou, you're coming with me."

     Louis laughed and looked up to his much taller friend. "I guess I am."

     Harry smiled towards Bella and then around to his group of friends. "Alright, I'll go with Zayn and Bella. We will meet back here around, uh, let's say five since it's only about eleven now, okay?"

    Everybody nodded as the went their separate ways. Harry reluctantly watched his little sister walk away before following his two friends.


     Harry,Bella, and Zayn made their way to the game booths. Harry smiled and took Bella's hand as he lead her over to a game.

     "I rock at this one, let me win you something." He looked down at her.

     Bella smiled up at him. His deep green eyes took her words away, all she could manage to do was nod.

     Harry smiled and paid the operator. The man handed him five rings.Harry tossed the first four, obviously missing each time. He threw the last one carefully. It glided through the air slowly before landing on the brass colored bottle in the middle. Harry raised his arms into the air and cheered. The man handed Bella the new IPod Harry had one. 

      Bella laughed and held it tight in her hand. "Harry, this is really nice and all, but this is, like, an IPod Touch 10S, I can't accept it." She handed it to him.

     Harry shook his head and opened her hand, placing the box back into her hand and closing her fingers around it. He kept his hand over hers. "No, it's for you." He smiled.

     Bella smiled and blushed deeply as Harry held onto her hand still. "Well, uh, thank you." 

     Harry nodded and continued to smile. They said nothing, they kept the gaze into each other's eyes.

     Zayn tip-toed over to the two and smirked playfully "Aww how cute! Harry's got a crush."

    Harry and Bella jumped up at the same time both startled. Harry blushed majorly and smiled bigger as he looked down and chuckled.

     Bella laughed and pulled her hand away and held the IPod box more firmly. She looked down as well.


     Niall and Nichole waited in the hour long line for the roller coaster.

    "I'm dying." Nichole laughed, but she meant it more than she thought she did. She wiped her forehead clear of sweat.

       Niall chuckled. "Yeah this sun is brutal." 

     Nichole laughed and looked down a bit and then along the line of people, she was out of words to say. Niall cleared his throat and leaned against the fence that divided the parts of the line. His muscles flexed as he used his arms to support him.

    Nichole couldn't look away from his arms. She traced their contour with her eyes. She bit down on a piece of her lower lip. Niall looked straight ahead, finding only boredom in the wait. He looked to Nichole, finding her bottom lip tucked slightly in and her eyes staring at his flexed muscles. He chuckled. "Nichole?"

    Nichole gasped and shook her head, obviously caught off guard. She put on an embarrassed smile and her cheeks turned red.

     "You like what you see?" Niall wiggled his brows and laughed as he stood straight again. They both moved up with the line.

     Nichole giggled and said nothing, she knew that if she did reply, she would have said the wrong thing. Not that it would be a lie, it would just start something that she shouldn't start.  

    Niall laughed again and kept his look on her. His lips held a slight smile. Nichole had never showed any signs of attraction towards him until now. It made him feel good inside to know that maybe his life long crush liked him too.

     Finally, after almost a two hour wait, they had their turn on the coaster. They walked off the ride and laughed, Nichole took her first step and felt the headache rush in. Her sight became fuzzy and she could not see straight. She stumbled over to the bench outside of the exit of the ride. She sat herself down and closed her eyes. 

     Niall watched her worriedly. He sat himself close beside her. "You alright there Nick?" 

     Nichole nodded and kept her eyes shut. She felt as if she were going to throw up. She closed her eyes tighter hoping the queasy feeling would go away. 

     "Maybe we should take a break from the wild rides." He suggested figuring it was something about the ride that made her sick.

     Nichole nodded. Harry was right, she shouldn't have gone on the ride. The queasy feeling only grew worse. She felt the vomit settle in her stomach. She got up and rushed to the nearest garbage and gagged. She threw up everything.

     Niall rushed over and held her hair back. "Damn Nichole." He became concerned. 

     Nichole wiped her lips as she was finally done throwing up. She stood straight, her face had gone pale, her eyes had sunken in. She had blood smeared across her mouth and hand, she had thrown up blood. 

     "Holy fucking shit Nichole!" Niall raised his voice. Nichole looked like an image of death, or something similar to it. 

     Nichole looked to her hand and sighed, wiping it clean on her jean shorts. "Please don't tell Harry, please. I'm begging you. I am fine I promise." 

     Niall didn't know what to say. He knew if he told Harry, he would take Nichole away like he had done the last time she was sick. Niall couldn't bare not seeing her for another year. He couldn't deny her begging pleas. He nodded slowly even knowing that keeping this secret from a best friend could start trouble in the future. He'd keep it a secret anyways, he'd keep it for her.

    "Thank you." Nichole said with a sigh of relief.She grabbed her water bottle and cleaned her mouth out with water. She spit the tainted red water into the trash and then drank clean water from her bottle. They sat until she regained her color and strength. 

    Nichole stood to her feet. Niall looked up at her and stood up as well. "You better now?"

    Nichole nodded and looked for her bag. "Aw shit I left the fucking backpack in the bag drop area."

    Niall chuckles. "Alright well we can go get it." 

    Nichole nodded and they started for the exit that they had just walked out of. A little girl ran down the ramp towards them, holding their bag in her small hands. She was very small and fragile. Her legs were bony as were her arms. She looked hungry and tired. 

     "Miss! Miss!" She called out. As she reached them, she was out of breath. She held her arm out with the bag. "You left this!" She looked about seven. She was awkwardly tall, but she was adorable. Her hair was in lopsided pig-tails, her dress was worn and faded, an obvious hand-me-down.

     Nichole took the bag from her and smiled kindly. "Thanks love."

      The child smiled. "Wowee! You're voice is pretty! You sound like One Direction!" 

      Nichole and Niall laughed and exchanged glances. "Thank you sweetheart." 

    Nichole looked behind the girl, and a few meters behind stood a tall drunk looking man with unshaved scruff. A blonde scrawny girl stood beside him. She looked to be in her late teens. She had coffee stains on her shirt. Nichole looked back down at the child. It was obvious that her home was not a safe one. She wrote her number on a ripped piece of the map and handed it to the girl. "You can call me whenever. I always answer. Even if you want to just talk." 

     The litte girl nodded and held the paper in her hand and putting it into her little Barbie purse. "What is your name? I am Allie."

       "I'm Nichole Styles love." Nichole said with a chuckle. Allie's eyes widened and she hugged Nichole tight and looked up to Niall as if to ask if he was that irresistible blonde from the boyband that she idolized. He nodded his head  with a laugh and he received a hug as well.


     As the time at the park came to an end, the group reassembled at the front gate. Harry looked to his friends and smiled. 

     "Well today as a fun day, now let's go party, yeah?" He smiled. "Lets go clubbing and celebrate Nichole's first day as an adult!" He cheered.

      Nichole chuckled. "Sounds fun. Let's do it.

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