The Direction Love Travels (Editing in process)

(A book based on the future 2016) Nichole Styles is on her way to her annual summer vacation spot to see her brother Harry and his Four friends. She has done this every summer since she was little. This year she brings her friend Bella Salvator with her for her 18th birthday and her 6th summer with the guys. She had been in love with Niall since the day she met him. Will she get to be with him? Or will her many secrets scare him away? Will she be able to live with her secrets, or will she tell them all? Bella falls in love with Harry.. And Louis..and both have a thing for her. Who will she choose and what will it cause? With secrets to keep hidden, decisions to be made and love to be expressed, This summer may just be the most interesting one yet.


9. It Doesn't Make Sense


     Harry continues to cry. "I sang for her you know. That song I sang at the audition, isnt she lovely, It was her song.. Our dad gave it to her." he wipes his tears. "I'm sorry I'm dumping this all on you..I'm sorry" 

Bella smiles at him and messes with his hair. "it's okay Hazza it's good to talk about feelings."

 Harry smiles slightly. "it's good to have somebody there for you and listening." 

Bella kisses his cheek. "I'll always be here for you." she says wiping his tears. Harry holds her tight and nestles his head onto her shoulder remaining silent. He felt her words were true, but something inside him felt uneasy.


     Liam caught himself starring into space and came back to the real world. He gets up and walks to his room slowly as he remained in deep thought. He sits on his bed and takes out his phone only to stare at it and put it down a few moments later. Danielle had not responded to him the enitre time they were here. He looks around the room trying to get his mind off of the conversation and the fight he had just witnissed. he takes a deep breath and closses his eyes drifting slowly asleep with a troubled mind.


   Niall looked into Kaylynn's eyes. "I'm sorry. I'm over reacting, but it's just so much to take in." he says as he rubs his eyes.

Kaylynn looks down. "trust me I know"

     Niall puts his hand under her chin and looks into her eyes. Kaylynn stares back as he leans in and kisses her slowly with tears still falling down his face. Kaylynn kisses him back matching his slow but passionate pace. Niall pulls her in closer lightly gripping her waist. Kaylynn wraps her arms around his neck and fasten the kiss. He matches the pace and places his hand up higher. Kaylynn reacts by smiling against his lips And pushes him down on the bed. Niall kisser her faster. They lay on the bed kissing Kaylynn laying on top of Niall. Kaylynn runs her fingers through his hair as the kiss intensifies. Niall pulls away and looks into her eyes, "I love you" he says moving her hair out of her face. Kaylynn smiles slightly and blushes. "I love you too" she says.  


     Kaylynn's smile fades and her face looses all expression. the only change is the color to he face. she becomes pale, and her eyes seem to have sunken in. within seconds, the once glowing happy healthy girl niall was holding in his arms looked as if she were on the verge of death. niall sat up and held her in his arms.


Kaylynn doesn't reply, instead she coughsup blood and her nose begins to bleed, her eyes rolled and her body went limp in niall's arms. he shook her lightly.

"kaylynn no please!" he cried.

harry appeared in room out of no where. he gasps at the sight. Harry takes kaylynn from niall and picked her up holding her tightly. "niall start the car we need to go to the hospital now!" 

niall doesn't hesitate, he dashes out of the room grabbing his keys. harry looks down at kaylynn and a tear falls down his cheek. he runs her to the car and lays her in the backseat. 

    niall speeds to the hospital. when they get there harry jumps out of the car without opening the door. He ran into the hospital shouting for a doctor. "Somebody please help!! my sister's dying!!"

doctors and nurses took her out of his arms as niall ran in through the automatic double doors. his eyes were wide and he was scared. the nurses placed her on a stretcher and rolled her quickly to the third floor. harry knew this floor all to well. he had come everyday with his mother and kaylynn for her kemo  therapy. niall and harry followed the nurses to the room. one of them told them that they had to wait in the waiting room. harry turned and started for it, niall stood there getting one last look at his girlfriend and then followed.

       after hours of anxiously waiting, a nurse walked out and called them in. harry looked to niall and they both stood up. when they got to the room, kaylynn was hooked up to an IV and looked evn worse than before. her eyes were closed. niall crouched beside her on the floor and helf her hand. harry looked to the nurse asking with his eyes for the story. The nurse sighed and looked over at kaylynn than back at harry. in a whisper she replied

"shes not responding correctly to the treatment. her body is rejecting it because the cancer is too far along. i give her two weeks.."

harry nodded and his eyes teared up.

"shes a fighter, that sister of yours. im surprised shes made it this far without treatment.." she continued. a tear escaped from harry's eyes. he wiped them away quickly with his sleeve. 

That's when Liam woke up.

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