The Direction Love Travels (Editing in process)

(A book based on the future 2016) Nichole Styles is on her way to her annual summer vacation spot to see her brother Harry and his Four friends. She has done this every summer since she was little. This year she brings her friend Bella Salvator with her for her 18th birthday and her 6th summer with the guys. She had been in love with Niall since the day she met him. Will she get to be with him? Or will her many secrets scare him away? Will she be able to live with her secrets, or will she tell them all? Bella falls in love with Harry.. And Louis..and both have a thing for her. Who will she choose and what will it cause? With secrets to keep hidden, decisions to be made and love to be expressed, This summer may just be the most interesting one yet.


5. Igniting the Flames

Bella continues to look at herself in the mirror critizing herself when someone knocks in the door. "Bella? It's Louis. Are you awake?" Louis says from outside the door. Bella looks at herself one more

time and sighs. She walks to the door and opens it. Louis is standing there with blood shot eyes and his usual striped shirt and navy blue capris.

"whats up?" she asks leaning in the doorway not letting him in.

"i just wanted to apologize for earlier. I kinda just exploded and I wanted to let you know that i've realized that i was being stubborn........... and i have absolutely no problem seeing you guys together." 

 Bella can see that he's holding back tears and feelings. She can tell that this isn't want he really wanted to be saying. Bella looks into his eyes and leans in kissing him slowly. Louis hesitates but kisses her back closing his eyes. Bella slowly pulls away and opens her eyes looking up at him. She turns around and shuts the door. Louis stands there in awe. Bella leans agianst the door smiling letting out a longingful breath.


Niall smiles and lets go of her. "I still remember that time you stole my red crown SnapBack and wouldn't give it back to me" he says doing his hair in the mirror. Nichole moves out of the way and smiles

"That was like 4 years ago..." she pauses "I still remember that time you were dating Demi, I was so jealous I made a fake twitter and sent her hate.." she says with a laugh.

Niall continues to do his hair trying all different styles. "oh god Nikki.. you would....That was seriously the worst mistake i have ever made, she was the most annoying girl i have ever met."

Nichole thinks for a minute. "How about that time you and I first met and i kicked your ass in fifa" she pauses thinking off all the summers they spent together.

 Niall looks to her. "That was only because i let you win!"

Nichole smiles. "mhmm sure you did"

 Niall smiles and returns to his hair still trying to decide how to style it. "Remember summer 2012 when you were sick the entire time? i felt so bad...darn hair! I don't know how to wear it! It's not cooperating today!" he says.

Nichole walks to him "here let me help."

Niall smiles and bends down to her hieght. Nichole laughs and runs her fingers through his soft silky blonde hair. She moves pieces of hair around focusing hard on making his hair look good. She styles it to the right. When she's done she kisses the top of his head and smiles.

"okay now take a look." she says. Niall stands up and walks to the mirror. When he sees his reflection he smiles.

"thanks now I look hot" he says looking in the mirror. Nichole giggles. "you're always hot" she says.

Niall laughs and then swoops her into his arms and kisses her cheek. "and now you're my prince charming."

Niall smiles "And you're my princess" he says as he sits on the bed pulling Nichole on his lap. Niall leans in and kisses her putting his hands on her cheeks, pulling her into the kiss. Nichole turns putting both legs on either side of him so that she Is facing him, keeping their lips locked. Niall continues to kiss her slowly. He lays down on the bed pulling Nichole down with him. Nichole smiles against his lips and kisses him faster and with more passion. Nichole pulls away and looks down at him and smiles then returns to kissing him. niall gently holds her waist kissing her with love and passion wanting more of her but knowing he wasn't allowed to, not yet. Nichole continues to kiss him but pulls away when nialls phone vibrates.

"sorry" he says grabing his phone and checking it. niall groans and nichole gets off of him and sits besides him.

"what wrong?" she asks. niall looks at his phone.

"its twitter, some girl keeps writing dumb stuff and tagging me in it" he holds the phone out to nichole and shows her. "see."

 nichole reads the tweet. "some girl just took him from me like that how could you do this to me niall i thought we had something lol" she reads. nichole looks down the page at alll the tweets @horanmakesmehorany tweeted. "what kinda name is horanmakesmehorany?" nichole laughs.

niall makes a weird face. " i know right! it scares the crap out of me the names people have on these sites." nichole and niall laughs and go throughout twitter laughing at all the names people have.

" oh look at this one! PaynesforLiam!" niall laughs nichole points to another one. "ooh lady erection from one direction. thats gotte be the most ridiculous one!" nichole laughs.


  louis walks away from bellas door still in awe. he walks to the kitchen and takes out a bowl of cereal and milk. he takes his bowl to the table and eats it spacing out and thinking about bella. liam walks up the stairs and sees louis staring into space. he sneaks up behind louis and scares him . louis jumps up screaming and spills his cereal everywhere.


liam bursts out laughing very hard and louis takes out his spoon.

"ya shouldnt have done that my little liam." he says smiling sinisterly. liam jumps up when his eyes land on the spoon,

"okay louis im sorry no need to use the spoon, put it away before you hurt somebody" he says as he slowly backs away.

louis shakes his head. "oh liam youre such a silly little boy" louis says stepping closer to him.

liam is abolutely terrified, he puts his hands infront of him. "no louis please im sorry i wont do it agian! put the weapon down!" he says. louis steps closer.

"you spilled my cereal, you deserve this." he says. liam begs for mercy.

"no louis please!!" he screams turning his head and closing his eyes as louis steps closer pointing the spoon at liam.

louis laughs and turns back to the table and cleans up the mess. liam stands up and takes a deep breath.

"so louis, what were you thinking about when you were sitting there all spaced out and what not?" liam asks.

louis turns to him. "nothing, why?" louis replies. he grabs a dish towel and walks back to the table about to wipe the table with it but liam stops him.

"louis no!" liam grabs the towel from him. "dont use the good dish towels to wipe up milk!" he says folding the towl back up. louis laughs at niall.

"oh sorry daddy" he teases.

"just go ill clean this up." liam groans. louis shrugs and walks away.

     bella sits back down on her bed and listens to her music and opens a book. "its probably best if i stay in my room today so i dont start any more fires" she thinks to herself. bella tries to read but her thoughts keep distracting her. she puts her book down. she goes into deep thought and blocks out her music comparing louis's kiss to harry's. louis kiss was strong but harrys was filled with passion and love. bella disects their kisses in her mind. she comes to tears as she realizes both guys are everything she ever wanted. choosing one is going to be hard. choosing one means one of them will be hurt and broken hearted, bella wouldnt be able to handle that, live with the guilt in her heart.

     niall pulls his phone away when he gets a text. "oh let me get this" he says holding his phone so nichole cant see it. nichole doesnt think much of it and stands up

. "im gonna go see bella" she says kissing his cheek. niall nods keeping his eyes glued to his phone.

"okay babe" he says. nichole walks to bellas room

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