The Direction Love Travels (Editing in process)

(A book based on the future 2016) Nichole Styles is on her way to her annual summer vacation spot to see her brother Harry and his Four friends. She has done this every summer since she was little. This year she brings her friend Bella Salvator with her for her 18th birthday and her 6th summer with the guys. She had been in love with Niall since the day she met him. Will she get to be with him? Or will her many secrets scare him away? Will she be able to live with her secrets, or will she tell them all? Bella falls in love with Harry.. And Louis..and both have a thing for her. Who will she choose and what will it cause? With secrets to keep hidden, decisions to be made and love to be expressed, This summer may just be the most interesting one yet.


17. Falling

Doctors rushed into the room early the next morining. They pushed the boys and Bella out of the room. Niall left reluctantly. Doctors removed her engagement ring and placed it on the far table. "we can't have you stopping the blood flow to your finger." he said. Kaylynn was too weak to respond. They sat her up And drew blood from her arm. "we need to run some more tests to see how fast the cancer is spreading" dr. Simens explained.

Kaylynn nodded solemnly and went to lay back down. But dr. Simens sat her back up. "we need to do ur exercises Kay" she said slowly. Kaylynn groaned. She stood up slowly as dr Simens pulled her off the bed. Her knees were bruised from her fall last night. Dr.Simens sighed and brought her to a seat in the room. She moved her legs around in positons that put kaylynn in pain.

She winced. "please just kill me" 

Dr.Simens shook her head. "stop saying that" she scolded her.

"I feel like Im being tortured to the death please" she begged.

The doctor didn't reply to her constant begging. She remained silent throughout the exercises while kaylynn pleaded for death. she escorted kaylynn back to the bed and left not saying another word.

     Kaylynn laid in bed peering at the ring on the bed side table out of her reach. She was really going to miss Niall. She began to cry but no tears were forming. She was too weak to cry. She reached out for her ring but the table seemed miles away from her hand.Remaining on the bed she reached out further and further. it was nearly in her grasp when she lost her balance and tumbled out of bed. she hit the ground hard.The room fell black around her.

     When she awoke she felt worse than she had ever felt in her entire life. She looked over to niall who was deep asleep beside her. Every part of her body ached. Her life support felt more like a torture device forcing her to stay alive and endure the never ending pain. She reached for the plug. She couldn't take another second of the pain and the sorrow. She was being selfish and she knew it. She knew that she should stay strong for niall and everyone who loved her...but having so much pain coursing through every inch of her body made death sound so peaceful and nice. Like she was looking forward to it.she grasped the wire with her fingers and pulled it out, the annoying beep. She laid back down just as Niall awoke and jumped out of his seat and took her hand.

"oh my god kaylynn!!" he yelled. Kaylynn sat up only to wince and fall back down. "relax princess" niall whispered. shee peered over to the table to see mr.fluffles and her diary. she looked at her hand and smiled. she was wearing the ring. niall kissed her hand. "im so glad your back....its been a while" he whispered.

kaylynn looked at the clock. it was 2:45 am. "i was out all day?" she asked.

niall shook his head. "three weeks to be exact.." he replied.

kaylynn's eyes widened. "wow" was all she could manage to say. she rubbed her dry lips together and then bit her bottom lip nervously as she felt the guilt arising.

he rubbed his thumb across her hand as he held it tightlly. "how are you feeling?" he asked sincerely.

"okay i guess" she lied. if anything she felt worse..she could practically hear deaths footsteps coming closer and closer to her.she felt cold inside.

niall smiled brightly. "see i told you... you're going to make it through this.."

kaylynn faked a smile and tried to sit up again as a year escaped her. she pulled him close and kissed him. her body felt numb now as their lips interlocked. the heart beat monitor began to beep faster. she could feel herself slipping away mid kiss. niall pulled away as the beeping grew louder and faster. "kaylynn?" he asked looking into her eyes. her pupils were dilated. she forced a faint smile as she gripped her chest tightly. she began breathing heavily and started tearing up.

"i love you so much niall im so sorry" she whispered.

niall began to cry. "kaylynn? i love you too....what's going on?!" he began to get scared.

kaylynn shook her head as tears streamed down her face. "i cant fight it anymore niall...i have to go..." She cried. Her sight became fuzzy and unclear. niall began to sob. the beeping became faster and faster as kaylynn gripped herself tighter. "please.dont.cry. forgive me please" she pleaded in pain. the beeping slowed down....drastically. kaylynn peered into niall's beautiful blue eyes one last time before the beeping came to a final stop and the room fell silent. her body became limp as she fell back onto the bed. niall pulled her lifeless body close and held her tightly crying over her dead body.

     Harry awoke to the sound of niall's sobbing. He ran across the room from the couch "oh god!!!!!" he cried as his sight got clearer. What a sight it was, Niall holding his dead sister close. He was rocking back and forth letting out sobs. Harry pulled her away and niall reached out for her begging and pleading. Harry placed her on the bed and began to cry. This Was it...his sister had left him for good. He felt horrible...the last thing he remembers her saying to himself was a big "Fuck You"

Niall pulled Harry into a tight hug. His tears wet Harry's shirt. Harry hugged him back tightly "Shhh mate it's gonna be okay she's in a better place now.." he said string to hold back his tears. Niall held him tighter.

"Its not fair.." he cried.

"It was her time niall it was bound to happen. Harry replied as Bella and the rest if the boys awoke.

Zayn took in the scene and immediately he knew what had happened. "Oh god!"he sobbed and ran his hand through his hair.

Bella burrows her head into Louis's chest and began to cry. Her best friend was gone.... forever... Louis held her tightly and he too began to cry. Liam felt sick to his stomach and grasped it tightly. Feelings were filling him up and confusing him. He started to feel that feeling again...that feeling from when he first cut himself. Tears streamed down his cheeks as he looked at her lifeless body. He knew that everyone in the room would never be the same again... Never...

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