Stole my heart

Mia and Mackenzie win a day with One Direction. Little do they know whats in store for them.


6. Their Explaination

Harrys POV

She opened the door she stared at us as a tear ran down her face. Me and Niall felt so bad.

"Hi Mackenzie. May we come in? We would like to explain." Niall asked. He had this look in his face. I had never seen him like this before.

"I dont know. You hurt us. Both of you." She started to cry uncontrolably.

"Please Mackenzie. We really want to explain" Me and Niall begged.

"Fine" she led us up to her room.



Mackenzie walked in but with Niall and Harry.

"What are they doing here?" I asked. Niall came and sat next to me and grabbed my hand. I pulled away.

"What do you think you're doing? You just kissed another girl right in front of me. You obviously dont realize how badly you hurt me. Then you think that yall can say your sorry and everything will be okay? Well thats not how it works." I said. Yes i was rude , but i was falling for him. He crushed me.

"Mia, Were here to explain." Niall said.

"Whats there to explain. You two obviously played us."

"No we didnt Mia! Just listen. They are our ex girlfriends. We didnt answer their texts or calls because we meet you two. We didnt want to kiss them. They kissed us. Please dont be mad we really like you two." I shut him up with a kiss.




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