Stole my heart

Mia and Mackenzie win a day with One Direction. Little do they know whats in store for them.


7. Just the beginning


I hope Mackenzie heard Niall explain it to Mia. I hated talking about my ex. She was a crazy maniac. She used me for my money.

"Is that really who they are Harry?" Mackenzie asked with her beautiful green eyes. I nodded Then kissed her. I couldnt hold back my feelings any Longer.

" Mackenzie i know we have only known each other for 2 days but i think i really am falling for you." I said with a smile on my face.

"Really i felt the same way about you"

" Can we go out on a date tonight?" I asked hoping she would say yes.

"Sure. Why Not?"

"Great ill pick you up at 8." I said. I was so glad she said yes. I really want to ask her something.



I was so happy me and Harry are going on our first date. I couldnt believe he felt the same way about me as i felt about him. I was hoping tonight would be perfect. I was going to wear my sparkly black dress with my black heels. I heard the doorbell ring right as i  Got done curling my hair. I looked perfect. I then went to get the door. Harry stood there with a black  Tuxedo on. He looked adorable with his little bow tie.

"Are you ready to go love?" He asked with a smile.

"More than ever." I replied.


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