Stole my heart

Mia and Mackenzie win a day with One Direction. Little do they know whats in store for them.


2. Disney Land.


Mia was so pretty. She had beautiful blue eyes and long straight brown hair. She was beautiful. I am not sure if she could notice me staring at her.

"I think we should go ahead and get going!" Paul said.

When we got into the the limo i found a seat next to Mia and sat down. She looked at me and smiled. I coulnt help but smile back. " You have very pretty eyes" i said with a wink.



"You have very pretty eyes" Niall said with a little wink. My face automatically lit up and i said " thank you. Your eyes are beautiful Niall." I said with a smile. Niall smiled back and we both looked at Mackenzie and Harry. They seemed to be getting a long they were both laughing a lot.



I couldnt help but stare into Mackenzie's Beautiful green eyes with a smile. I channged the subject and said " Mackenzie i really like you and i was wondering if we could go out sometime?" Her face lit up and she said " sure" We then exchanged numbers. Next we pulled up to disney land. I helped Mackenzie out with our fingers intertwined. We rode various rides and it was then time to go.




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