Stole my heart

Mia and Mackenzie win a day with One Direction. Little do they know whats in store for them.


5. Crazy ex's


              HARRYS POV:

           Me,Niall. Kenzie, and Mia woke up and all the lads were up eating breakfast, "what, none for us?!?!" they laughed. The giggling got interrupted by a knock on our hotel room. Mia and Mackenzie opened the door.



We heard a knock on the door so me and Mackenzie got up and got the door. We opened the door and there stood 2 girls. One with Short blonde hair and the other with long brown hair.

"Where are Harry and Niall?" they said this in unison. They quickley invited themselves in when they saw Harry and Niall finishing up their breakfast.The blonde haired one walked up to Niall and asked why he wasnt answering her phone calls or texts. Then said nevermind and gave him a kiss. I was crushed. Hot tears began to pour down my face. He seemed to kiss her back



Just as the Blonde haired chick kissed Niall i knew Mia was devistated. She quickly began to cry. Then my attention quickly went towards Harry when i saw the brown haired girl kiss him. Me and Mia ran out of the hotel room crying. Me and Mia went to my house. We both just sat up their talking for a while before we suddenly hear the doorbell ring.



I felt terrible about the kiss, so did Harry. Me and Harry liked them so much we couldnt just end it like this so we found out where they lived and we drove to their house to get things straightened out. We shortly arrived at their house. Harry rang the doorbell.




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