One Direction Dream Dare

Olivia is just a regular 14 year old girl untill one extreme dare turns her world around.


1. The Dare.

Today was just like anyother Friday. I came home from a long day at gymnastics and take a nap before going over to hang out with Emily and Robin. Even though i have only known them both for under 3 years, it seems like a life time. We do everything together. So I go over to Emily's house to just hang out for a while. We manage to keep busy for a couple hours on her trampoline but we suddenly decided to play truth or dare. Me, being the practical one of all of us, always chose truth. As for Emily and Robin, the daring ones, always chose dare. After a while of the regular questions of 'who do you like' or 'who would you rather kiss' we ran out of questions. Then, as my turn came next, they had something more daring planned. I finally got up the courage to take a dare, noticing how they were running out of good ones, i thought i would get away with something easy. They sprang on this oppertunity saying they had to think of a good one, this made me scared. They finally decided on one after 10 minutes of whispering to each other. They looked at me, grinning cheek to cheek, this is when I knew it wasn't going to be any old dare. 'We know how much you loove One Direction...' Robin started. This got me scared since i knew neither of them were big fans, they tend to make fun of me in a play-full way. 'So... we have a special dare for you. At the One Direction concert on Tuesday, you have to...' Emily said. This got me worried. Finally, after they finished what they call a 'dramatic pause' before Emily finally continued. 'We should tell you first, we have a surprize for you. Since it was just your Birthday and you wouldn't let us buy you a present, we won something for you instead.' This was weird, they won me something? I have no idea what to expect, probably something plastic. 'We heard about this contest on the radio, to win something we know you really want...' I don't know where this is going, but I hope it's good. 'Just tell me already!' I shouted. Now I was impatient. 'We're getting there, we are just gunna say it.' 'We won you One Direction front row tickets with VIP passes! You can hug us now.' Robin said, sounded quite excited. I just sat there in shock for a second. Were they kidding? Because if they are they will be in trouble with me. 'Stop joking, this isn't funny. Now just get to the dare.' Then they did what any directioner could only imagine. Pulled out two tickets that, as promised, front row, along with VIP passes. They didn't say anything, just smiled, and all I did was froze with my jaw wide open. There were no words that could show my emotions. I felt like crying, even though I was happy. But panic soon hit me of what I would say to One Direction them selves. I finally pushed those thoughts aside and mananged to replay with a plain 'Thank you' soon followed  with 'I love you guys!' and 'You're the best friends ever!' Then I remebered the dare. "Wh-what was the dare though? This was a gift...' I asked hesitantly. 'We're getting there,' Emily replied. 'You can only go if you agree to actually do the dare, and we will know if you don't because Julia will tell us everything.' At this point, I would do anything to have these. 'Okay! Just tell me the dare!' At this point I was just so excited I didn't care what the dare was. No matter how bad. I kinda wondered why they said Julia will tell them everything, oh no, I'm gunna have to do my dare infront of One Direction. This was scary. 'We've decided that while you meet them backstage, you have to tell Niall you love him and show him you're Tumblr. Full of all those pictures of him and the other boys and read him all of your comments you made on each of them. Also, you have to show him all of your tweets you sent to him or any other of the boys. We have all of your Tumblr and Tweets printed out ready for you to give to them.' This was all so much to take in. All those posts, all those tweets I never imagined them to actually see. Would they think I'm creepy? Weird? Stalkery? or would they think of it as what they call 'Dedicated'. After all, I did spend so much time with this, they might as well see it. So i finally reasoned with myself and agreed before giving them both a bone crushing hug.

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