The Passionate Fighter

The teenager who had narrowed his dreams down to martial arts is going to experience martial arts beyond human limits. No one said anything about human senseis, so don't expect Hugh's martial art training to be humanly...


4. The New Start

Moments of my life flashed trough my mind like pages being turned rapidly from a book. I visioned the long blood thirsty claws digging in to my chest and my blood just urging to escape from my damaged body. But it didn't happen, my eyes were shut tight expecting a brutal inhumane murder but nothing. In fact I couldn't notice the weight on my stomach no more. Nothing was sitting on me. I open my eyes slowly...

I see two figures, rapidly exchanging blows and kicks. The movements were extremely too fast form the human eye. I don't think even a slow motion playback would be useful. My vision was still blurry from that take down but it wasn't hard to figure out who was fighting. Ben wasn't the ideal person to be fighting such a thing, but he was good at keeping up with him. I'm starting to doubt if that speech Ben gave to me was false. I think it was time for me to realize that it's the truth. But it was still so unbelievable. I don't know how Ben is so calm knowing the fact that a Greek mythological is not actually a myth. I finally got on my feet steadily, it felt as if it's been years since I've stood up on two feet. The two of them were still at it. Ben seemed to be overpowering as I study the fight more. The Laelaps,if that's what it is, started to appear more tired and out of breath. Ben was winning.

Miraculously, Ben had managed to get the Laelaps on it's knees and then Ben started to interrogate him.

"Who sent you?" Ben questioned.

"I'd prefer to have a Dogs death rather than exposing my Master." The Laelaps spoke. IT SPOKE! I now seriously started to doubt if all of this was another bad dream.

"Have it your way." Ben held the Laelap's claws and dug it into its skull. The Laelap didn't appear to hesitate, this was all weird, awkward and unbelievable all the same time.

The Laelap had dropped to the floor like paper as Ben turned away and started walking towards me. I wasn't so sure if I should talk to Ben today, so I started to make a runner. I was scared, terrified that Ben might attack me as well and he was just acting nice all this time. I ran and ran but I didn't hear him call out to me. This got me more worried, I took a glimpse behind me, and to my surprise he wasn't there anymore. Even the dead Laelap's body was no where to be seen. I think Ben took him somewhere. Relieved, I look ahead and was startled, Ben was there. In front of me. How did he get there? Wasn't that a bit too fast for a normal Human to run? 

"Boo!" He shouted sarcastically. He burst out laughing. "How'd you like my performance?" He winked.

"What are you?" I asked, confused.

"I am nothing but a mere Human." He smiled.

"So how did you move that fast? And how did you defeat that monster? Is your name really Ben? Are you seriously a Human?" questions were just flowing out my mouth like the Niagara Falls.

Ben didn't say nothing, he just grabbed my hands and advanced forwards.

"HEY, WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU'RE TAKING ME?!" I screamed at that particular moment. He put me in a car, and drove me out my street and into the main street. I kept shouting at him, where he's taking me and why. But he just wouldn't say anything back.

We stopped at a large door with huge blocked fences surrounding this strange building. He got out of the car and I too got out, for some reason I thought it's safe to be around him. 

"This. This is another world, another life that you will start Hugh. It will indeed change you, for the better or the worst I am not sure. This is your decision to make. If you enter you will be protected from many other monstrous creatures that lurk in the surface of this Earth. However, if you do not enter, I cannot be there every time to save you."

"I don't understand?" Now I was confused beyond Human expectations. What did Ben mean to say? There's more of where that came from? Shall I go in or not? Will it benefit me? I wanted to escape from all these questions racing in my mind. "I'll go" I said reluctantly.

Ben smiled a sly one. "This will be fun." He open the heavy huge doors and what I thought would be strange turned out to be beyond my expectation. Forget my expectations, I'm thinking the entire Human race's expectations...

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