The Passionate Fighter

The teenager who had narrowed his dreams down to martial arts is going to experience martial arts beyond human limits. No one said anything about human senseis, so don't expect Hugh's martial art training to be humanly...


3. The Mysterious Visit

Nothing more is better than having tea after a very awkward and unrealistic day on the way back from College. It was already night and it was time I called it  a day. I switched the lights off and as usual, dozed off straight away...

Blood, screams, shadows. I jolted out of bed as quick as I could. What was that? Why did I just dreamed about such horrific things? That was enough to get me awake and not go back to sleep. It was Six a.m and I thought its best for me to have a longer shower today as I could not snatch my sleep back from that nightmare. So I got undressed and headed into the shower and spot Ben from yesterday meditating in my bathtub!

"WOAH! Ben, what are you doing here, in my bathtub?" I burst out trying to stick my heart back in to place.

"Just having a peaceful break, what you doing here?"

" This is my house! What are you doing here, seriously?"

Ben got up from bathtub and stepped down on to the floor and proceeded towards me. He rested both his hands on my shoulders and smiled.

"I saw eyes that resembled a hungry Lion in you. I'm guessing there's something business you need to take care of?" He questioned slyly.

"That has nothing to do with you!" I reminded him.

He backed away silently and headed for the toilet door.

" How did you even get in here Ben?"

"Windows were open, I thought I might as well invite myself in." He smiled and continued out the toilet door.

"My parents...they were killed by something, someone. I couldn't protect them, I am useless. I'm just a living corpse at the moment, trying to dig for a motive in life." I opened up to him for some reason.

"You do have a motive, hunt that sucker down and finish him off. If you can't do it alone, I'll help you."

"Why? I hardly know you though?" 

"Help isn't given to only people you know, it's given randomly for the sake of humanity. And that's what I'm doing."

"Thanks but I don't think we'll ever find him, he was more like a monster than a human."

"It was a Laelaps."

"A what aps?" Now I was confused. I never heard of such thing.

"Laelaps is a Greek mythological creature destined to always catch its prey. And in this case the Laelaps was targeting your Parents. I don't know why, but someone probably ordered the Laelaps for the death of your Parents.

"WHAT IS THIS?! SOME TYPE OF JOKE? CUT THE BULLSHIT AND GET OUT OF MY HOUSE  NOW!!" I couldn't bear anyone talking such nonsense like that about my deceased parents. Its unbelievable how he went to such standards just for a joke.

Ben was gone now, I didn't stop him this time, I let him go. I felt furious but I had to calm down. I had my Shower and went in to the kitchen, took out something to eat and dashed upstairs to get dressed for College. Bath, check. Breakfast, check. Uniform, check. Now it was time to leave. I went down the stairs and I heard a soft yet shivering voice calling out my name. It must be Ben again being ridiculous, he already managed to piss me off and now he's already come back to add oil in the fire. 

"Ben, you again? I asked you to leave didn't I?" 

Before I could speak anymore I was on the floor and THAT thing was laying on top of me, it's enormous hands in the air with claws the size of a spatula, ready to attack. I closed my eyes and thought this is it...

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