The Passionate Fighter

The teenager who had narrowed his dreams down to martial arts is going to experience martial arts beyond human limits. No one said anything about human senseis, so don't expect Hugh's martial art training to be humanly...


2. Lost

Mum and Dad were helplessly lying their on the floor lifeless. They were dead. There was a puddle of blood around both of them, and the blood was still overflowing. The mysterious monster was nowhere to be seen. He was just too fast, how was that even possible? But most important of all, my parents were DEAD. Who's going to cook for me now? Who's going to wash my clothes? Who's going to nag at me and shout at me for not doing the chores? All of these thoughts were going through my mind at this time. I was left alone in this world, lost forever.

It's been three long years since my parents have left me. It was a lazy Monday and I forced myself out of bed to get ready for another disastrous day at College. I got dressed in my uniform and fed myself small portion of cornflakes. I gulped every last drop of milk the bowl held, and then got ready to jog to college. I started intense fitness training since the incident with my parents, I had to get ready for the killer in case I ever saw him.

College wasn't amusing at all, Maths had almost got me dying out of boredom. But, thankfully I'm finally making my way home. It was a lonely walk to my house, since my parents passed away, I seem to have forgotten the definition of socializing. I like it better alone to be honest, I would rather concentrate on getting stronger than to distract myself from my target. I remember I had thought to myself that college would be a life-changing thing, and yes it was. In a negative way.

"Please leave me alone!" A young person had caught my attention. He was surrounded by five "hood rats". I seemed to take no interest as I knew that in the end even I would be demolished along with the stranger. I reluctantly walked pass this scene and hoped the best for the soon-to-be victim. As I walked past, I started hearing "oofs" and thumps, I assumed the man was being dropped and kicked several times on the floor, I felt guilty for leaving the person behind so I thought  of being the superman here and helping him out. I turn back...

Five people laid on the floor, arms spread out and head turned, they seemed as if they've been slaughtered. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. The man who I was feeling sympathetic for, had me feel sympathetic for these five "hood rats!" I tried to scan for the stranger, but I couldn't spot him anywhere. He was quite quick on his feet I assumed. "Looking for someone?" a strange, thick yet bold voice came behind me. I turned around to find myself facing the man who had cried for help. "Erm, not exactly." I said, in a shaky tone. He gave me his hand to shake. I shook as according. "I'm Benjamin, Ben for short. And you are?" 

"Hugh." I replied. 

"You're probably wondering how I beat those five guys given the fact that I was outnumbered and looked a lot more vulnerable than I am." He sounded so much more confident than his appearance.

"I was going to call for help, I just was trying to save myself as well." I lied.

"It's okay, I would've acted the same if I was in you're position. Well I have to hurry so pleased to meet you Hugh." He scurried off.

I wanted to ask him how he managed to handle that group with such ease but it's a shame he was in a hurry. And there, for the first time in three years, I felt as if I was with someone close to me. I hoped I met him again. But I never knew the next time it was going to be a different approach...

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