Looking for Love in all the wrong Places

Mary feels like Harry of One Direction is her dream guy and searches all over for him when she finally meets One Direction Mary wonders if that's what she really wants.


3. Secrets Revealed

"Hello love, I'm Harry Styles I couldn't help but notice you while I was eating lunch""uh uh um I'm.. I'm Mary... Mary styles uh I mean Mary Bell I know who you are I am a huge fan" Emma slowly backed away "I'll be back later I'll give you two some space and Emma slowly walked away." "So you're a fan o One Direction" "definitely and you're my favorite"" why thank you love would you like to meet my lads come around 7:00 at The Blue Plate? You can bring your friend!" "I would love to! See you then!" Mary ran to find Emma and told her everything! The girls ran back to the hotel showered and got ready for their meeting with One Direction! "I wonder if Zayne will be interested in me?" asked Emma (the girlfriend of 1D don't exist in this story). "I can't believe harry knows my name!" the girls walked down stairs when all of a sudden reports and cameras where all around them. "How long have you know Harry styles?" "Are you and Harry dating?" asked by one reporter. "what are you talking about?" asked Mary. They then showed Mary the pictures of Harry and Mary talking on the street. From that point Mary knew everything was going to go downhill.
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